OOC Layoffs

I won’t get into the huge arguments about what it means.

Just I have lost a job before and I REALLY feel for those who lost theirs.  In respect for them and for those left behind, that is all I really want to say.

May you all land on your feet and continue running.



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4 Responses to OOC Layoffs

  1. Deth Delkanara says:

    I am about to lose mine for a number of reasons. We all can feel for those let go and wish them speed and luck to move along the path of life. May you all find fair winds and smooth seas ahead.

  2. Helena Khan says:

    I recently had to let my entire staff go when we lost a tender rebid to a global provider. Luckily, they were almost all able to transition to the new supplier.

    tl;dr I know EXACTLY how management at CCP is feeling right now. And it ain’t pretty.

    So, if anyone out there is feeling like putting the boot in, I’d like to share this public service announcement:

    Pull your bloody head in!


  3. Helena Khan says:

    Should’nt post when sleep deprived and stressed. At a hospital atm. Was trying to say that everyone would be hurting. Wasn’t taking a potshot at anyone in particular and certainly not you Mike.

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