OOC: Three guys

Jesters Trek is going dark, it is explained here

The celebration of his enemies started with a post by Dinsdale here

I was within a hairs breadth of posting on that thread but then I decided that I wanted to do it here.

Three guys, Jester, Ripard, Ross.  Related but distinct.

Jester wrote a blog.  It caused discussion often around the Eve watercooler and was read by more than one dev (that I know of).  It was researched and thought out and so damn prolific that it was scary.  I will keep the site bookmarked till he closes it down because I still go back and read some of his arguments/thoughts.  Not that I agree with all of them but they make me think.

I like thinking . . . maybe another reason I don’t fly with . . . nah

Ripard flies with Rote Kapelle.  He is a proponent of small gang PvP and he ran in an election and did EXCELLENTLY.  He managed to take one of the coveted top two seats in CSM8.  You do not get that by being nobody.

Ross is the guy I know the best.  He is a man with a beard, a willingness to laugh and listen and think about what he is listening to.  He is not going anywhere because he is not an in game creation.  I attended a summit with Ross, not Ripard or Jester.  We had running jokes and (along with Trebor) mocked the younger enthusiastic members of the CSM.  He is the one who has tired of writing so continuously.

Ross will keep playing the game.  He just decided to stop WORKING on the parts that were not as fun anymore.

I think he made the right decision, even if I will miss the blog.  I still have Ross to talk to on skype.  I’ll still get wind of his opinion, now and again.  So two of the three may go away, the important one remains.

if you don’t get why this makes a difference, read Malcanis’ article from a fe years back here

fly it like you won it


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14 Responses to OOC: Three guys

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    This is a very sad day.

    I am trying to equate the loss to a more real world analogy for how I feel, but I simply come up with emptiness and melancholy. Though my feelings and opinions on this hobby of Eve are well-documented, and I have been deadset against some of Jester’s views, I would check his blog several times a day for new posts, and loved his quality and intelligence of his work, and passion.

    But then I read the vitriol in the comments posted in that Eve thread I started, and I realize he is right about packing in the blog. Even if it is a tiny minority displaying their ugliness in that thread, it shows exactly the direction the game is going in that Ripard speaks of.

    A sad day for all of us indeed.

    • mikeazariah says:

      BTW I did not mean to imply you were one of his enemies or celebrating the cessation of the blog. Just that the thread became what it became.


      • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

        Yeah, I assumed that. Truly sad the comments being posted there now. I guess I could add up the precise numbers of posters being jackasses, and come up with a pretty small number, but why bother.

      • Anonymous says:

        For the same reason so many simply won’t post or even read the “official” forums.

        I’d question what value the “official forums” add outside a few areas that should be VERY heavily moderated.

        Now if only Chribba would add a single/corp/alliance ignore EVE Search…

      • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

        And naturally, ISD shut it down instead of cleaning it up. Same 10 people spammed it, ISD said I am lazy, shutting it down.

        I emailed him about it, no response.

    • Catalina de Erauso says:

      The GD thread has been a sight to behold, totally opposed to the comments in Jester’s blog. EVE community really is disgusting sometimes.

  2. Helena Khan says:

    Which is why I rarely, if ever, haunt the forums…

    I do wonder if the NDA and knowledge of whats behind the curtain is a part of it too. More to the point of the effort involved of not only trying to sustain that massive output, but having to self-edit to an extraordinary degree on top of it as well.

    A huge loss, which ever way you read it. Am very glad he’s continuing to play though.

  3. Jon Illat says:

    I am sad that he’s ending his blog. Though, would you be able to clear up a question I have?

    “Three guys, Jester, Ripard, Ross. Related but distinct”

    So, Ross is the actual human being behind Jester and Ripard, both of which are ‘just’ Eve characters? Is that correct?

    I read his blog now and then, some of his ideas are interesting, and make me think, but I never really paid attention to the different names used.

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