Out of the Shadows

They knew each others identities and yet they kept the privacy screens running, the shadows obscuring the details and electronics altering the voices.  It was a matter of good trade-craft, a habit that kept them alive after all these years.  The room was silent, for the moment as they each read the scouting report.

“This is a special case.”  The voice sounded feminine but then . . . maybe it was not.  “The normal methods will not work.”

“Our methods are anything but nor . . . ”  An oily voice answered, only to be interrupted.

“The kill may be the same but this one will be in the spotlight.  This one will be under scrutiny, this one may be so well lit that there are no shadows to hide in.”  The first answered.

“The brighter the light,” A third voice said with a lyrical undertone, “The deeper the shadows that surround it.”

“We are unsure of the source, unsure of the delivery methods, unable to watch from the outside.  We need someone who can get in and stay in until the job is done.  They are all Gallente, through and through and we need to get one of ours in among them.”  The feminine voice was cold as it counted off the issues.

“A wolf may stand among sheep but they will all know it is a wolf.”  The lyrical voice whispered.

The oily voice slyly laughed.  “You already have someone in mind, don’t you.”

“We will need to ask a favour,  one we all know will be cashed in, sometime in the future.  SHE does not forget but she could get our team in, if we ask it of her.  Given that will be the chosen method of insertion I am sure you all agree there is only one possible candidate for this task.”

The room was silent for a minute and then they all started to laugh, except the oily voice who whined, “I don’t like owing HER favours.”


Frees comm chimed and she grunted, “About time.”

But it was not a summons for briefing but tickets for her and her tech back to the world she had just left a week before.  The encoded message she shunted off to Cory, the tech who sent back the translation a moment later.  %Madam will brief and coordinate%

Stunned Free looked from her comm up to Cory who shrugged and started to pack.  “More dance lessons?”


No major morals/lessons in this one, just starting a new storyline I have burbling in the back of my head.


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5 Responses to Out of the Shadows

  1. Jon Illat says:

    It’s got my interest. I’m looking forward to seeing how this storyline unfolds 🙂

  2. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Nice to see you have time to fiddle as Rome burns around you.

  3. I would like the last movement of Tchaikovsky’s Concerto please Mike. 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      I just listened to the last bit of it and decided if I could write a dialogue like that . . . . wow, just wow.


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