Mike tossed the bag to the corner knowing it would be a while before he properly unpacked and cleaned everything.  “Ah’ll gets to it when I needs it.”  He collapsed on the couch and slept.

Over the next few days he fielded the comms of transitional changes to the CSM, congratulations from his friends and supporters, and the usual traffic that a capsuleer receives.  The decision to remove officers from the CSM and become just a broad working party as opposed to a hierarchy spawned a lot of reaction and Mike took it upon himself to face one segment of the media, specifically . . . the forums.

This lead to other threads and other discussions and the one that got the most mileage and had the best open discussion was on the topic of voter enfranchisement.  Howe to increase voter turnout and whether it was even a good idea to try.

Congrats to all the people voted in.

It would be nice to see the number of people voting increased. With a little more effort I’m sure CCP could drum up more voters. Overall the process and the CSM seem to generally improve every year.

Just a few quick ideas off the top of my head. Some of them are real bad.

– big sign, always shown during the voting process on the launcher.
– in-game Email sent out to all active players
– something obvious on top of the forums
– flashy ads on the in-game billboards
– perhaps an in-game voting interface?
– perhaps a very minor incentive for voting? Fireworks, blue stained shuttle, forum title, etc
– perhaps improve the voting platform interface. Allow me to sort who I like and automatically link that list to the voting page. As I remember I had to keep tabbing back and forth between the platform page and the voting page.
– Oh yeah, Super-PACs lots and lots of Super-PACs. What use is all this ISK if we can’t attempt to influence the outcome. -Lady Zarrina

Mike had invited input and was glad to see a well written list.  Some of the points were viable, others less so.  For example he had met people who ignored the ‘launcher’ and bypassed it completely.  But then he had also me someone who was only a pilot one month out of the year and still considered himself a capsuleer.

They have done all these things in the past like popups and evemails and the populace whined and moaned about being spammed ingame and having to click away popups on the screens of their 97 isboxed ice miners, etc. -Gin Alley

Mike grinned picturing a fleet all having to individually unblock their screens from the infomercial.  “Yeah, dat might be bad.”

There’s a few things that CCP can do to encourage voting:

1. Send out an EVE Mail letting people know that the polls are open, and a second one as a reminder 48 hours before the polls close.

2. Put a short reminder at the character selection screen, again maybe once at the time the polls open and again as a reminder just before they close.

3. Have Hilmar do a video presentation (perhaps linked to either the EVE Mail or the character screen messages) of maybe 3 minutes, explaining why people should vote. The message should direct people to the CSM candidate forum so people who might not have looked at the forums before can easily see the various candidates platforms.

This message system would be a good opportunity to explain what positive, successful changes have been made within the game as a direct result of CSM/CCP collaboration and explain how the CSM is elected to represent people’s various playstyles. Obviously, make it clear that the CSM doesn’t set the game design direction, but act as a sounding board to try to make sure that when CCP come up with ideas, they’re going to get a good reception from the playerbase.

Or alternatively, do nothing and let us get most of our candidates on the CSM every year. That’s fine too. Arkady Romanov

Mike checked the alliance of the last and laughed, of course he was a goon.  But he refused to ignore an idea just because of its provenience.  A message from the ‘top’ might help.  Or it might be ignored unless there was a promise of eastereggs inside of it.

If you don’t know an election is going on, who is going to show up and vote?

And if an election has been held and no one knew about it, how are you going to present your results as official?

Marketing is the cornerstone of making something official in non tyrannical governments, where the order is just handed down.
Marketing as in by definition, getting the word out, about *something*. Getting people together.

Maybe I just chose the wording poorly, but if you cannot get the word out about public events going on, you have a problem with the general population recognizing the result (as official) or just flat out not caring.

That, and the general lobbying going on. Just had no other word that best fits this mold.

That’s why democracies make for such strong capitalistic models. But I think we’re getting off topic here. :D- Darin Vanar

Mike shook his head.  validity of results due to a low turnout WAS part of the topic.  He frowned wondering if he could drag that old piece of mathematics out to determine what a minimum random sample size was needed for a sample to be valid.  But then he remembered that the ‘random’ would be eliminated by the fact that this was a self selecting sample, not random.  Not to mention the fact that he would need to use numbers not readily to hand.  [edit: Yes, I am trolling/teasing you]

How can anyone even say nullsec versus hisec or lowsec as though those broad labels matter as much as secondary or tertiary labels? Does a highsec industrialist have more or less in common with a nullsec industrialist or a highsec ganker or a highsec mission runner? These are labels thrown around in an improper manner. I’m not saying representation is perfect, but just because someone may live in one place or the other doesn’t mean they don’t have more in common than a simple geographic label would imply.

Seriously, we’ve got to find a way to get past the myth that nullsec hates highsec “carebears”, espcecially to the point that nullsec candidates are seeking to destroy it. Without hisec, nullsec wouldn’t operate very well and vice versa. -Dirk MacGirk

Which is/was the biggest argument against labels.  Much as people asked for ‘who are you’ labels on the ballots to ‘make it easier’ a man or woman was not one thing.  Highsec did not mean you did not know how to shoot.  Null did not make you a rabid PvP pilot.  The span of styles was too wide for simplistic labels to have any meaning.

Mike had been a part of these debates for a while.  He still held that education was a major issue and that too many pilots were not even aware of the issues or that the election even existed.  “Ya cannot fight apathy IF they don’t even know that there is sometin to be apathetic about.”  he muttered, closing the comm.



I enjoyed the thread that these came from.  here

If you want to chime in there or here, feel free.

What can we do to increase INFORMED voter turnout?  Make the election more representative?

fly it like you won it



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4 Responses to Voters

  1. Noizy says:

    How to improve turnout? Well, Dolan seemed to believe that it was the responsibility of the candidates to turn out the vote, so the drop off was their fault for not campaigning hard enough. But with the STV system the blocs benefit from low voter turnout. Therefore, they have an incentive to suppress voter turnout.

    So, assuming that lowering the amount of CCP participation in advertising was a Dolan thing and not a CCP corporate thing, here are two ideas…

    1. Try to get better outreach to the non-English communities. I heard that the Russians boycotted the election this year. One of the reasons that Sugar Kyle did so well is that she was translating her campaign info into other languages. Seeing how well she did, it seemed to work. Also, maybe if CCP would get a Russian to be the CSM coordinator interest would pick up among the non-English speakers. Oh, wait…

    2. Scrap the single-transferable voting system and go back to first past the post. I know this is EVE Online and thus players are a little more hard core. Players will spend hours upon hours researching topics that give them an advantage inside the client, but anyone who expects a significant percentage of players to do so for the CSM is fooling themselves.

    This is supposed to be a game where we have fun. It was bad enough when we only had to pick one candidate to vote for. Now we’re being asked to pick and rank 14? Yes, I know that you don’t have to select 14, but even just picking 5 is a lot more effort than one. And the tools just aren’t there to help players wade through everything. Don’t even get me started on VoteMatch, since it has some biases built into it. It’s awful.

    Sorry this turned into a book, but you asked.

  2. mikeazariah says:

    I did, and thank you for answering.


  3. suzariel says:

    I really like some of those suggestions. In particular, I think having an in-game voting interface and incentives for participation would be huge. Maybe everyone who votes gets one freebie and they’re entered into a drawing for PLEX or rare items.

    I guess some would say that low participation is better, and that people who don’t care enough to go log in to the main EVE web site don’t deserve to vote anyway. But I disagree. I’d like to see more people voting.

    I think something more neutral than Vote Match but controlled by CCP should be baked into the application system. When you apply to run for CSM, let’s say you fill out a questionnaire (radio buttons, mostly) that shows your positions on issues of common interest to players, and you have to answer in full. Then when people are looking for candidates to vote for, it’s more apparent which ones are a match for their interests.

    To me, Vote Match is okay, but something candidates are required to fill out would be better. If someone’s serious enough about being on CSM, they owe it to the process to let people know where they stand on issues lots of players care about.

  4. mikeazariah says:

    Actually we, the candidates, did fgill out the vote match questionnaire as well. Thing is, it is hard to boil a complex person down into a one sentence description.


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