Packing for the trip

Mike sighed and started throwing things on the couch to sort for the trip.  “Seven days outside of a pod, gonna have to take more than one set o’ clothes, I spose.”

He had heard tell of this sort of meeting having folks for whom personal hygiene was a secondary concern.  “Not gonna be me.”  As he laid out the clothes he realized that, maybe, checking the weather of his destination might be a good idea.  “Ain’t no weather in space but I ain’t gonna be in space.”


He chuckled at the archaic units used and set them properly to metric before choosing outerwear.  His shirts were light as he knew that once he was inside at the convention the body heat would make things warm, quickly.

Dopp. Gotta check the bit and bobbles out to make sure I has it all.”  He spilled out the toiletries bag and checked off his list.  Pain killer, tummy remedies, shaving kit, soaps and deodorant, teeth, hair, less mentionables . . . . ”  The leather bag had been a gift and it carried all he wanted and a bit more.

“Comms.  Hmm.”  He checked and saw the local grid used a different power set than he was used to so he packed a power grid translator and some spare power cells.  “Music, podcasts, readin, camera, phone, chargers for the same. . . .”

He turned back to the clothes.  “CSM shirt, Geek shirt, warm climate shirts, nice one for formal events . . . after all, wouldn’t want to look slovenly when I met celebrities like Sindel.  Pants, shorts, bathing suit . . . cause I ain’t Roc.”  The clothes fit into the bag with one set in the other carryon.  “Never put all me eggs in one basket.”

Things flew into the two bags as he sorted, frowned, removed one thing added something else.  “Gotta leave a bit o room for bringing stuff back.”

He then checked his papers and transport instructions.  He had met people all packed and forgot the basic  travel documents and were turned back at the first security check point.  “I surely hope that ain’t gonna be me.”




Yes, I am going to Fanfest.  Yes, I plan on having fun.  Yes you will be able to see me on the stream speaking on the CSM panel.

I like travelling as light as possible but not so light I am a stinky guy in the crowd.

You want to pack light, pack smart but bring what needs to be brought.

And if you go to fanfest this year, find me, say hi.

fly it like you won it.



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2 Responses to Packing for the trip

  1. Catalina de Erauso says:

    Have fun, Mike.

    Eventually I didn’t voted the CSM as all my accounts still are unsubbed, and will stay that way for a while unless something dramatically good happens. You and Ali would had had my votes, though.

    Be ready to answer a lot of questions from people who fear to lose their favorite hobby now that casual highsec and lowsec industry are 2-of-6 devblogs dead. Highsec is so deprived of good content that every minimal move against it is seen as a massive nerf… And you are “the hisec guy”. 😉

  2. mikeazariah says:

    Oh I am ready, trust me.

    I just hope the other 4/6 comes out before fanfest. And I AM prepared.


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