The CSM elections have been called an ego trip for a bunch of self important players of the game of Eve.

Yes and no.  No, I didn’t run to stroke my own ego, if I had I would have quit by now, having lost 4 times running.  I wouldn’t run again because having run and won, for once the smartest thing to do would be go out on a high note, not to another loss.

But I won’t lie to you.  It does boost my ego when people have nice things to say about me.  Isn’t the same true for you?  Election time causes a lot of talk about the candidates and who they are, how they have done or what they will do.  And I read that.  and I think.  is that me they are talking about?

When I was younger I used to play floor hockey (no ice) as a defence.  I don’t think I ever got a goal and I hung my head in shame every time they scored a goal against us because they had gotten past me. I know what being on a team means.

CSM8 was a great team.  Hell I accidentally made it onto an all-star squad.  It isn’t what I did it was what WE did and oh we did a lot.  Some of it was beneath the surface but we worked often and hard.  I didn’t score many goals and I hung my head in shame when we were slow on minutes or missed a chance to make things better.  But then we picked up our sticks and we kept playing.

This was supposed to be the part where I list all the endorsements I have received.

decided against that

If you want, you can find them.  But I AM proud of a couple of special things.

First and foremost. How many of the incumbents are heavily endorsed.  As a team we excelled and you all recognized that.

Secondly, how many diverse groups even mention me.  I mean seriously?  On the goon ballot?

but most of all . . . that a lot of people take me for what I am, what I would like to be . . . a nice guy to talk to.

Not a lofty goal and not one I set out to achieve but I cannot think of anything better I would like to be known as, in this game.

So win or lose, end of this month.  I will keep writing, keep answering mails, keep playing.

That’s it, no lesson, no asking for anything,

fly it like you won it

If you go to fanfest this year, find me.  Say hi.  They will probably make me wear a tag or something.


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6 Responses to OOC Ego

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    You consider yourself part of a “team”, when at least half of the CSM is intent of destroying the gamestyle you espouse, and treat anyone who plays that style with complete contempt? These people are your enemies, not team members. Or are you not really the champion of high sec and casual play you state you are?

    • mikeazariah says:

      I do consider myself part of a team and I know you will find this hard to believe but I was not treated with contempt or condescension. I sometimes opposed ideas and we debated them, sometimes in the backrooms, sometimes in front of devs.

      Champion? No,

      Representative? Yes

      Do some changes benefit one part of space more than others? Yes and that will continue to happen. Sometimes Hisec wins, sometimes Null, Low and WH get their turns as well.

      If you expect me, one man, to manage to turn an entire game on its head and make Hisec safe and the best place to be in all of New Eden . . .

      ain’t gonna happen


      But I do represent, just the same.

      • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

        I don’t expect you to stop the null sec cartel machine, any more than one can stop the tide from coming in. But I would hope you would not be so sanguine about it, and attack these people for what they truly are.

        As for high sec “winning”, the ONLY 2 changes that I can think of in recent memory are the Ishtar/ Domi range boost (which helped the whole game, and then, ultimately led to the wrecking of the Omnidirectional and Drone assist) and Incursions (which have been constantly nerfed ever since).

        I cannot think of any other change that benefited high sec.But please, prove me wrong and list them, especially in the last 12 months.

  2. mikeazariah says:

    Ok, off the top of my head? The Mobile Tractor unit. Ghost Sites. New Player training sessions (held in hisec). Sisters of Eve ships that Mission runners could cash in on. Scanner changes for the explorers.


    • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

      Sorry, I should have qualified my question. Changes that benefited high sec exclusively, or perhaps the most. And while the training sessions are of huge benefit, no doubt, that is not a game mechanic. But if are responsible for getting those sessions started, well done.

  3. randommcnally says:

    Not to totally detract from the love fest you have going on here, Mike, but I would just like to say that I think you did a fine job and the ringing endorsements from the CSM 8’ers just verifies it. Good luck sir! You have my #1’s and those of my little HS indy corp.

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