Who to Vote for (pt 2)

“So you has this list of whatchoo looking for.  You gonna tell me who you voting for?”

“Kind of.  I am going to sort them and then you can pick and choose which is most important to you.  First set is the proven workers that I enjoyed working with. . .  CSM8 incumbents.  That would include

Ali Aras– Arguably The hardest working incumbent running and a great person to work with.

Mangala Solaris– Solid man for the job, Represents RvB well.  Knows his larger gang combat and leads the Ganked roams now and again.

James Arget– I watched him fight for wormholes every day in the summit and never take on a tone other than professional and patient.  He represented his constituents well.

Mynnna– Now he does not need my endorsement as his own people will probably make his election a sure thing but I would be remiss if I did not include him on my list for the effort and the knowledge he brought to the council.

Then come the people I would like to see in from all walks of the game.  The ones who have shown that they care and will keep fighting to make it better.

Xander Phoena–  We have been teasing him since last election that he had to run this year, that or suffer the doom of having to do the interviews again.  The man cares about the game and is very good at communicating his concerns

DNSBlack–  Solid guy who will go above and beyond to make his point but can speak at great length on the mechanics and changes to the game

Jayne Fillon–  Best representative of the public small gang community.  Bombers Bar and Spectre fleet.  A steady worker in a thankless job.

The above three tick all my boxes for having the work effort and the passion for the game and the depth of experience.  After them it becomes a matter of diversity.”

“You on some affirmative action kick?” Ev looked dubious.

“Nah, I want a diverse group in the council so fewer things slip by us.  So I want people from all parts of the game.  Null was easy as Mynnna is already up there.  I suppose the other one, Sion, will be elected as well but I know little or nothing about him.

Lowsec reps.  I am torn between Sugar Kyle and DjFunkyBacon.  Both represent different aspects of low with DJ on the FW side and Sugar the low Residents.  Hell, I’d love to see them both get in.  I have listened to both their interviews and came away impressed.

Wormholes- Already have James up there but another one wouldn’t hurt.  The Chitsa did a great job last time and he will be hard to replace. Proclus Diadochu is recommended by Trebor and he is someone I trust (as long as I keep an eye on my drink)

The other part of Hisec.  Now I do consider myself to be the only PvE carebear in the race but not everything that goes on in hisec is peace and light.  There are the ‘content creators’, those who gank, scam, wardec and they have a right to play the game as well.”

“Wait, you are endorsing someone who would hunt you?”

“If I say I want diversity I mean it.  Psychotic Monk impressed me when we did a panel recently and I think he is someone willing to hear both sides of an argument.  Communications box is checked.

Steve Ronuken is a great person for creating content on the outside of the game.  3rd party apps as it were.  His activities include a lot of industry and mining and I am sure he is far more efficient at it than I am since I just ‘dabble’.”

Mike sighed.  “14 on a ballot is a lot of folks.  By my count I got up to 12, 13 if you include me . . . and I am kind of in favour of voting for me, as well.”

“So who is your last?”  Ev grinned.

“Everybody needs a wild card.  I leave it to the voter to find theirs.  Same goes for order.  The last election I stayed in the race based on the number of #1 positions on the ballot that I received.  If you are voting . . . well the placement means everything.  Those first elimination rounds are tough and the 1st slot votes keep you in long enough for the trickle down from other votes.  I didn’t beat my opponents so much as I outlasted them.”

Ev grinned.  “I’ll ‘member dat, come election day.”



No I won’t tell you what order to vote in.

I will ask that you put me at or near the top but after that it is who you like, the above are the ones I plan on voting for and a wild card I have yet to decide upon.

If I need cheering up, tomorrow I will collect a few endorsements like I did a year ago to show a few others approve of what I do and what I have done.  But there are good odds that by the time you get to reading this, the polls will be open.

I beseech you, vote.  Even if it is not for me, Vote.

fly it like you won it



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6 Responses to Who to Vote for (pt 2)

  1. Lightstar says:

    We’ll, I’m impressed with what you’ve done and achieved over the last year, so I’ll be votin your way.

    Does my vote have to be hand written?…

  2. Kethry Avenger says:

    Since when ah
    get back to this game I love to train sp in I will be in lowsec, my top three in order are.

    Sugar Kyle

    Mike Azariah

    Steve Ronuken

    but many others above will be on my list.

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