Who to Vote for (Pt 1)

“So, mon.  You knows who I should be votin for?”  Ev leaned against the Scorpion and smiled at Mike as he swung down from a weapons inspection.

“Yes . . . and no.  Are you even allowed to vote?”

“I has me ways.  Who you tink be best for me, eh?”

“Ah, now there you said the magic words.  ‘Best for you'”  Mike looked back up at the battleship behind them and smiled.  “If I run a quick mining mission and take that ship out to do it in, what would ya be sayin?”

“That you should be sharin whateva you be smokin.  Because you ain’t clicking all the right butans anymore.  Ya don’t be going and takin a ship like dat out for minin.”

“Exactly, and you cannot find one candidate who is the right one.  So you look at what you want, what you need, and then you pick out the right one for the job.  But like armor and shield and an engine there are  a few things any candidate ought to have for them to be worth your vote.”

“Like what?”

Mike held up a hand and started counting off on his fingers.  “One, work ethic.  Do you know they will actually do the job and keep doing it once they are elected?  Two, time.  Is their life and situation conducive to the commitment of time they say they are making?  Three, communication.  Can they talk/write/comm, whatever.  They have to be able to talk to CCP in a way that will make the powers that be listen.  They also need to be able to do the same with the people that they say they represent.  More importantly than either of those, can they listen because that is also a part of the communication skill.”

Ev nodded.  “So those be the basics, what are the speciality parts?”

“Ah, now this is where you need to use that thing between your ears as something other than a sponge for alcohol.  The special is what you need and how you think.  If a pilot flies in lowsec, for example, then they should be looking at the lowsec candidates.  If null . . . and so on.  But that doesn’t cover it all.  There are lots of styles of play in different security spaces so you need to find the one you think will do what you would do, in office.  Sadly this may mean a bit of research as you should listen to a podcast or read up on them to see if they do have similar views.”

“You be thinking that voters are gonna make an :effort:?”  Ev laughed loudly.

“A man can dream.”  Mike muttered.  “Then comes the last ting.  All this, up till now was to figure out your first vote, the numero uno position.  Buy you can vote for 14 people, in order.  If a candidate is too far down too many lists then he may have support but not make it through the ‘passing on’ of unused votes and be eliminated.  Last year I stayed in based on the number of first place votes I got.  I kept in the running where others fell to the wayside.  But those votes were backed up by second, third, fourth round choices as well.”

“Well that be easy.  I just vote for all the people in my type o space and job done, no?”

“No.”  Mike shook his head.  “You want a variety of voices in the council.  You want all parts of space represented.  If all folks are thinking the same way then that is like a band where everybody plays lead guitar.”

“I saw a show like that once.”

“So once you got your top choice and maybe a number two or three spread the rest of your votes out over the other parts of space.  Cast a wide net and see what you catch.  Look for depth, in the council and in each member you vote for.”


“Are they serious?  Do they have passion about this or did they toss their hat into the ring for ego?  Do they think about questions or try to answer the way they think the voters want them to?  Can they take a side and stick to it?  A candidate with depth is worth three who are just there because it ‘sounds cool’.  A council with depth will discuss, refine, WORK.  Which is what you want.  Hell it is what I want, too.”

“Pity all dat takes :effort: and so most won’t bother.”

Mike sighed.  “Most won’t even bother voting, let alone doin the research.  But we get what we earn.”



This is the list I will be applying when I make my slate of recommended.  I already have a lot of names on it, it is filling in the other ones, which means I listen to podcasts, read threads.  I hope to have my recommended done by the Tuesday that polls open.


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2 Responses to Who to Vote for (Pt 1)

  1. Noizy says:

    I think you just convinced me to shorten my list of candidates.

    When you mention :effort:, you’re not kidding. So far I have listened to 32 of the 41 podcast interviews that I know about and 1 of the 3 CSM panel discussions conducted by the Declarations of War podcast. Those totals don’t include all of the candidates who didn’t make the official candidates list. I’m still busy updating my list because the Cap Stable podcast is conducting candidate interviews through Sunday and they have published new interviews over the past couple of days.

    The sad part is, with so many people putting in the effort to educate people about the candidates and issues, I’m not sure how many will learn that all of this material exists.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I meant to post the links to podcasts and threads and forgot before I hit the post button. I actually think the links are deserving of their own post and I will be doing that tomorrow.


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