Seconds Leaked

Winter Summit Seconds (because minutes take too long)


Day 1


Tournaments/CSM localization


Drinking game rules are distributed, game of Hide and Seek in CCP offices ensues.  PGL is not found for three hours.  Session declared successful.


Feature Plans . . . Red Solo Cup vs Shot glasses are debated hotly.  Final decision is that it depends on the alcohol and not the security status of the player.  Ripard throws his hands up in the air in frustration being firmly in the RSC for lowsec camp. All agree that carebears should be issued sippy-cups.


Lunch is declared to be ‘liquid’.  Ripard is allowed to keep his Red Solo Cup.  PGL is found and declared the winner of the first session.


Team Super Friends is initially a disappointment to Malcanis who misread it and though supper was being delivered early.  He changes his mind after they introduce the new concept of “ignoring cups all together and just drinking from the bottle.”


Nullsec Session: Mynnna distributes the Orders that he brought with him from the Nullsec Overlords, secret handshakes ensue.


Eve features update: Discussion of the Orders from previous session is ended with a direct memo to the Art department to commence designs of wizard hats for the Nex store.


Day 2


Secret Project “Echo” plans are proven true as yodelling in the great white canyons occupies the first hour.  Dolan demonstrates the ability to yodel the alphabet while revisiting breakfast.


Secret Project “Foxtrot”: Mangala leads the Devs in a merry dance session perfectly choreographed in the ‘Orders’ from the day before.  All dance to the tunes with half the attendees wearing red shirts and the other half, blue dresses.  Sala finds his dress compliments his complexion and asks to keep it.


Secret Project “Golf”: “Good idea!” shouts Hilmar, making an appearance in very expensive pants and a set of clubs worth more than some properties in downtown Reykjavik.  The meeting adjourns to the links where all the CSM members find that they are to be Caddies.

Day 3

Secret Project “Hotel”: CSM stays at the hotel for the entire day to rest up before resting up for the flight home.


Happy 1-4-14

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6 Responses to Seconds Leaked

  1. At least CSM cadddies have their own secret handshake to practice while sipping from their cups.
    I imagine all CSM members with plain wooden bowls except Mynna who drinks from the Holy Grail.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Did you not see Last Crusade? The wooden one is the Grail, the rest died horribly, soon after. Notice how few of the second summit are incumbents in the CSM9


  2. Chris says:

    Cartels. It’s Nullsec Cartels.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Or Cabals, they all blur together as groups who don’t talk to me


      • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

        Just love the smugness when some group is completely unassailable in the game.
        You can put out a comment like this because the null cartels DO run the game, and clearly dictate every change in the game.

        What might actually be true is that your voice is ignored by the cartel’s and their dev’s. But that would mean that you are actually a champion for the new player or casual player. Given how screwed an Algos or Vexor pilot is with the drone skill changes, and how utterly screwed T2 sentry drone users are with skills AND a huge nerf in performance, you are indeed either a null sec cartel member pretending to play a high sec game, or, as said above, your voice is completely ignored when the cartels decide on game changes.

      • Rammstein says:

        So, let me get this straight Dinsdale, in your minds there are two groups: nullsec cartels, who don’t use sentry drones, and casual players, who do?

        *drops mic*

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