So Much to Learn

Mike thumbed the comm remote to silence the broadcast.  “Why is it,”  he asked her, “that there is so much opinion and so little news?”

Free shrugged.  “People who wanted to keep secrets learned a long time ago that the best insurance is to control media.  But the public wanted their information so they shifted the focus, slowly, until news was done but the ‘news’ was full of fluff and nonsense.  I have no idea when the last real informational newscast was done because everybody has an opinion and wants to tell it to you”

“Yeah, but sometimes I would just like to see an overview of what is going on in New Eden.  Latest tech news, who is shooting who, that sort of thing.”  Mike slouched down, moping.

Free looked over at him and said, in her best imitation of his aunt.  “So, you broken or what?  Tu wants sometin done you go an does it, no?”

“Oui Tan . . . stop that.  Spend a couple of weeks with her and you . . . ”

“And I start talking sense.  Something you shouldn’t need to be told if you had paid attention growing up.  How many ‘casts have you been a part of, last few weeks?”

“Including interviews?  Maybe 4 or 5.  Why?”

“Knowing you, it was all friendly and you enjoyed yourself, right?”  She looked him in the eye, smiling.

“Well, yeah, most of them are good guys, I chat with them on the side, now and again.”  Mike shrugged.

“Then do something you don’t do, very often.  Ask for help.  Make your own news cast and get the technical from those who have gone before you.  Even if you were in direct competition with them I bet they would lend a hand but you aren’t.  You want something different so MAKE it.”  She was almost yelling by the end.

“Make it?”  Mike leaned away from the tirade then repeated himself a little louder.  “Make it.”  He grinned.



And so I made the first pass at recording, last night.  Had a few available casters listen and give tips.  Special thanks to Ninja Turtle and Lanctharus.  I have been ‘assigned’ some research and some more technique tips for recording (not to mention a few subtle prods to get a better mic)

No, you won’t hear that one nor will I make another for a week or so.  But I was happy with the initial project in a similar manner to my wife being happy when the garden is dug in but nothing is growing yet.  You don’t have a product but you know it can be done with a bit of care and attention.

My favourite thing about it?  I kept it under ten minutes.  So even if you hate it it will be over soon enough.

fly it like you won it


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  1. WHOA WHOA WHOA! Short podcasts are MY bailiwick! Back off! 😉

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