Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black– H. Ford

Mike idly swiped through the images of the ‘new’ ships paint schemes and then looked down at the comments about them.  He sighed heavily.

“You know better than to read comments.”  Scotty said, looking over his shoulder.

“I do, but I alwasy have this faint hope that tomorrow will be better, people will be able to engage in a conversation without resorting to name calling.  Or better yet, read news before screaming about said news.  I mean it says right here . . . ”

we will begin gathering data  that will help us make your larger dreams of ship “skinning” come true!

Mike pointed demanding.  “What part of beginning to gather data makes the general populace think that all colours and all styles are in a box, ready to go?  It is a clunky . . . ”

“You don’t have to tell me that.  I am in the hangers watching that jerry-rigged system at work.”

“Clunky . . ” Mike pressed on, “mismanaged PROTOTYPE.  But if the idea takes off then there will be streamlining and more options made available.”

“Have you seen some of the things people want to paint?”  Scotty asked.

“I have.  All I can say is some people feel a true need to overcompensate for their personal shortcomings.  Others . . . .well who the hell is that rounded feline?”

Scotty snorted.  “You going to do it?  Paint I mean, not overcompensate.”

“Maybe once, as a vote for the project to move forward.  But I am looking forward to things in the future . . . Alliance colours, logos, hell even sponsorship for tourney vessels.  It is a renaissance time coming for art in New Eden.  Very Gallente.”

“Even if our ships do all look like . . .”




Honestly, 34 pages of discussion on a test bed of something everyone has been asking for?

fly it like you won it


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4 Responses to Paint

  1. Helena Khan says:

    Awwww come on Mike, you know full well how vocal the playerbase is. They have an opinion. And are most certainly not afraid to share it. Even if it’s a half-cooked opinion because the item concerned is in beta…

    I’m really looking forward to ship painting in any case 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      Actually I LIKE that they have opinions, but so many people refused to process what they had been told and jumped right off of Assumption Cliff like little lemmings.

      The worst, in my opinion, were the people who saw it as a money grab. You can pay for it with Aurum, you can buy Aurum for isk. It is no more of a money grab than selling rifters. Except for the key difference that there is not a way for a person to produce paint jobs that are customized.

      That last idea makes me happy and horrified. Some people I would love to see do ship artwork, some already have done a ton of it (caldari prime poby club) but I really really don’t want to see crayon and mspaint penii orbitting Jita.


  2. People complaining about a money grab seem to forget forget that the ships don’t bestow any ingame advantage, nobody is forcing them to spent money and other players will put the painted ships on the market for ISK.

    I thought it was almost a shame the police comet was only available by running incursions and not for aurum as well.

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