OOC: Marathon, not a Sprint

I have run is 5 Elections, damn if I didn’t manage to get elected last time but if you take this as the bible of winning you need a lot more help than I can provide.  But if you want some lessons that were learned the hard way . . . . read on.

Step 1)  Decide that you want to run.

Steps 2-11) Change your mind

Step 12)  Post candidacy thread in Jita Park.  (Mine is here)  In I suggest you include: Who you are in game.  Game experience.  Who you are out of game and why that would ever matter.  Highlight things you feel are important.  Try not to promise to MAKE CCP LISTEN or Changes you will force.  (Because it doesn’t work that way)

Step 13)  Wait for a reaction from the forum folk.  It usually comes in one of a few flavours, listed below.

  1. You are ignored with only the podcasters tossing a desultory invite to be on one of their interview shows
  2. You get all your buddies in your corp to +1 and ‘gonna vote for him’ with absolutely nothing else asked or said.  Keeps you bumped but that is it.
  3. You get a few well thought out or probing questions from curious or potential voters. (These I love, it gives you a chance to shine)
  4. You get someone who has decided that you are BAD and they proceed to try to derail your campaign, have you banned from the game and hunted down like the rabid dog you are.
  5. You get actual endorsements from people that other people will listen to.  People who give good reasons to vote for you and not just ‘+1’  HOPE and PRAY for this to happen
  6. You get tempted to use an alt to make ‘3’ happen.  If there is ANY chance you will be caught . . . don’t.  Forum warriors are very very adept at spotting alts.
  7. Derailment.  Some other issue takes over what was supposed to be your campaign thread and three pages are spent talking about some single game issue and not actually involving you in the conversation.

Step 14)  Campaign trail.  Talk to your corpmates, your alliance, people in fleets you fly with, channels you are a regular in.  If there are no people in any of the above cases who the hell do you expect to vote for you?  Remember those podcast invites?  Take them up on it.  Get your name out there.  Become Known (or better Known)  Fill out various voter match polls.

Step 15)  Network.  With the STV vote (see link below) you do not have to be first on every ballot but you need to be on a lot of them.  Connect with other candidates you think you can work with.  Cross endorse.  You encourage your people to put them on a ballot and they will do the same for you with their supporters, you both win.

Step 16)  Don’t give up.  Even if you lose.  Trust me on this more than any other step in this list.  If you brought forward issues, if you engaged in debate, if you got people to vote . . . you made a difference, win or lose.

All through the process:  Do Your Homework.  Read, peoples threads, dev blogs, Features and idea, summit minutes.  Listen to podcasts, radio shows, twitch streams and tournament commentators.


  • Learn how STV really works
  • Read election analysis of CSM8 final results (many versions if you have the stomach for it)
  • Read the CSM White paper (although its connection with current reality is tenuous)
  • Know what you know and what you need to learn and do NOT depend on a sure thing.  Only a few candidates have that luxury and if you are one of them then you probably didn’t even bother reading this far down.

Good luck

fly it like you won it


oh, and if you can have your people add my name onto their ballot?  That would be great. Mike Azariah

oh, and I would love some comments or questions on my Forum thread.  Or below is fine, too.

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8 Responses to OOC: Marathon, not a Sprint

  1. Noizy says:

    You shouldn’t link to that Wikipedia article. It just confuses everyone and didn’t really explain how it worked in the last election. You should change it to mynnna’s explanation instead.


    I still hate the process, especially since CCP basically told people that if they didn’t fill out all 14 slots that they were wasting their votes. The real waste of a vote is 1) not voting at all or 2) even worse, voting for someone you know nothing about and are just filling out all the slots because you don’t want to waste the slots.

  2. Well you will be in the top 3 of my 3 ballots this year. Just curious what do you think you need to keep CCP honest about over the next year?

    • mikeazariah says:

      Same thing that worked this year (partially)

      Calm discussion and encouraging those CCP devs who have yet to learn the benefits of working with the CSM to get on board the train. For that we need another WORKING CSM. Not some people doing a good job, not most making some effort., you need all hands on deck to show that WE are taking this seriously from our side.


  3. mikeazariah says:

    While I agree with both your definitions of wasted as well I think ‘overvoting’ is also a waste. If you only needed 2000 to get inb then 3000 votes in the old election meant that 1000 voters did not actually have a true say in the election, just were part of an endorsement of the winner.

    Amd I agree that Mynnna did a great version of the STV system as well. I regret NOT finding the australian animated explanation of STV which explained it well as well.


    • Noizy says:

      I’ll just have to disagree with the belief that the margin of victory in an election represents wasted votes. While the backers of the STV don’t like the endorsement value of a margin of victory, I think it is valuable as a snapshot of people’s views when the election took place.

      • mikeazariah says:

        Oh I agree with your snapshot concept, after all . . . that is how Mynnna and Ripard were chosen for the sure thing trips, top two in initial votes. But the extra votes after they were elected gave that snapshot AND cascaded down to other candidates so they served to give your instant info and still each one counted for someone.


  4. Tim McLennan says:

    Actually the top two vote getters were found by rerunning the election but with only two positions available, so for that election second and later votes for the elected CSM were more important than in the main vote.

    While you have 14 slots on your ballot, having choices in the earlier slots is far more important than the latter ones, and even CCPs analysis of the election result noticed this. In fact, if you modify the code to re-run the election but limit the ballots to just their first two choices then you get exactly the same members for the CSM.

    Overall you’re right though. Candidates should be getting players to vote. They should also be telling players to concentrate on who they have in the early slots rather than worrying about who if anyone is at the end of the ballot.

    On average, a ballot with 5 candidates on it was about 97% as effective as a ballot with the full 14, and one with only 3 choices was 92% as effective as a full ballot.

  5. In my experience, the sure sign that you are a serious candidate is that you are getting trolled in your campaign thread.

    The sure sign that you are a real contender — and have what it takes to be effective on CSM — is that you handle the trolling with wit and grace, and use it to define your positions.

    Have fun in the elections, Mike, and I’m rooting for you.

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