OOC: So YOU want to be an Important Internet Space Politician

This is addressed to the non-incumbent candidates for CSM9 and for anybody thinking of running.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for considering representing the players or your group of players in this grande experiment called CSM.  Some of you have a clue what you are getting into, others of you . . . not so much.

Time.  Treasure it now.  Keep it close and enjoy the moments with nothing to do.  CSM is like water, it flows into whatever openings you have and fills it.  Then it spills over onto the rest of your life.  I live in Western Canada so the timezone difference means that most meetings are at 7 am, local time.  I am lucky.  Other members had the frustration of missing meetings because they had silly distractions like jobs, children, school.  For the summit that I did not attend in person?  I telecommuted, up at 1 am and napped after the ‘day’ ended, 10 am local time.

But, maybe you won’t let it rule your life.  Maybe you will give it a couple of hours a week so it does not even interfere with your game-play.  You can make that decision.  Just hope other members are around to pick up your slack.

Responsibility Real and imagined.  People will be mad when you don’t force the changes they were sure would ‘fix’ the game.  Any change that does get made will have happened in spite of you, not because you helped.  Any change that happens will be a massive nerf to someone and you will be ruining the game for them, (no you cannot haz their stuff) and they are unsubbing their accounts because of what YOU did (or didn’t do)

The Real responsibility is that the Devs DO ask for feedback but they are on a bit of a schedule and work Iceland office hours.  If you want to help then you have to be timely, available, and able to get down to specifics.  You need to be able to present your arguments without shouting, in lower case.  Reasoned arguments covering all the possibilities.  This is why we have 14 members, someone is almost always up and we span the gamut of play-styles so there are experts and there are the people who say ‘what about us?’

Upside Look, for all that it will be a thankless time hog you may have noticed that I am one of the people running again.  You get to make a difference in a game you love.  Deal with some very smart players, devs, gms, management.  I don’t know how you feel about the chance to go to Iceland but it IS there.  For me that was 14 hrs in the air (7 each way) and I really did have a good time.  You get a years free sub for one account.

You get a chance to be heard in the game you have decided was your hobby.  Take it outside of computers for a moment.  This is being on the national board for a hockey organization.  (Yes, I did mention I am Canadian, right?).  You get to peek under the hood of this monster and tweek it some.  THAT is cool.

The next post, I will talk about the campaign itself.

feel free to comment below

fly it like you won it


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3 Responses to OOC: So YOU want to be an Important Internet Space Politician

  1. Catalina de Erauso says:

    I am now curious, what difference have you made? Not meant to be snarky, i want to mean that as you stand for casual players, so I ask what has your tenure meant for CSM 8 and for casual players.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Fair question. When changes are proposed we each see it through our own lens. So when, behind closed doors and at summits, CCP shows us details of upcoming plans I am the one who uses the hisec and casual play lens.

      I bring the small guy viewpoint to the table. I was active in PvE discussions, in balancing and industry. I fought for keeping SOME drone assist in the game to help the incursion runners (and won)

      Casual play is an interesting play-style for the game. So many things take a time commitment that us short timers have difficulty doing. Worse, a lot of the ‘short commitment’ gameplay is the worst. PI, Invention and manufacturing. These are not ‘fun’

      I worked in CSM8. On the minutes, on communication, in BOTH summits, in weekly meetings and on a day to day basis. But you shouldn’t take my word for it. Ask other CSM8 members. I will stand or fall by their recommendations.


  2. You can score a second free account if you know the trick — which I have told you, and which you (after you get re-elected) can pass on to the adorable newbies.

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