The Ghost of Kry

Mike was quietly relaxing when one of the ‘special’ comm channels chimed.  It was the man with three or four names.  “I am putting up the names of incumbents confirmed to be running.  Have you started campaigning, yet?”

“Aside from saying I was running?  Not really that much, still early, ain’t it?”

“Let me ask you a question.  Did you manage to make all the contacts and touch all the bases you wanted to, last time?”

Mike nodded, smiling.  “Yeah, you got me on that one.”

“If you are going to run, run.  Don’t wait for the starters pistols echo to fade.  Start early, run hard, stay ahead of the pack.”  The comm channel closed abruptly.

“Who do you think you are, telling me what to do, Kry?”  But he was talking to himself.



In back channels rumors of who will and will not run are already being made.  CSM8 folks are declaring whether they will run again.  Jester/Ripard/etc is keeping track over on his blog.

One thing, for openers.  Some folks are trying to fit each person into a slot.  ‘This is the wormhole candidate, that is the goon’  Then they point at me and say ‘He is a role player’

Now I write this blog in character.  I do take or refuse missions based on my personal opinion of them, no slave runs.  But I have no wizard hat and when I was at summits I avoided using thee and thou, most of the time.

I am a hisec player.  I am a casual player.  I do some industry, some market stuff, I fly missions for the Sisters or Feds and when I want to blow things up I fly with Bombers Bar or Spectre fleet.

I hit the forums on a regular basis paying specific attention to General discussion, and the Jita Park sub section.  I have attended every damn meeting of the summit (live or telepresence) except those where I had to run my daughter to morning classes, so maybe half of three of them, I missed.

I play the game, my way, but I recognize that there are other ways to play.  I laugh at the trolls and sometimes even feed them a straight line.  After almost a year of seeing behind the curtain and I still am optimistic for the future of this game.

and I will need your vote (except Dinsdale, I already excused him from voting for me)

but the rest of you, the race has started and I am going to run it

fly it like you won it


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15 Responses to The Ghost of Kry

  1. Helena Khan says:

    There is no excuse for Dinsdale….

  2. Deth Delkanara says:

    As last year, you will be on my voting card for all my accounts. However many remain when it comes time to vote.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Ominous last line, there, but a lot of people have been trimming their acct totals.


      • Deth Delkanara says:

        Null is dying due to the blob paid for by years of neglect and passive income far out stripping expenses. I rent in null to have fun and screw off in Eve since my times online suck so much ass due to my rediculous work schedule. I can’t be relied on because of that so I can’t join a WH corp and the WH project the corp of one of my toons has doesn’t work for me either. Missioning is now something I am so tired of that it makes my eyes bleed to grind standings when I have too. Incursions take practice and some time commitment and my life situation stinks for that. So, likely going to trim some unused/whatever alts and consolidate some accounts to save money since I am not using them.

  3. Catalina de Erauso says:

    You had my vote last year, and you will have it this year too if I am subscribed at the time. 😉

  4. You have my votes, sir.

  5. Silinde says:

    You were my # 1 on all my accounts last year, and I had my friends vote for you as well, and you will be again. With what ever accounts I have left that is.

  6. Easy Esky says:

    to start a meme: I mine and I vote. you can adopt this as a theme song.

  7. I will of course be voting for you, I will probably still be subscribed even though for the last couple of months I only log in to change skills. Case of the Bitter Vet I think….

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