“So, how were the sessions?”  Scotty grinned and leaned forward as though waiting for some juicy secret.

“You know I signed . . . ”  Mike started, in a tired voice.

“NDA, yeah yeah.  I didn’t ask what they were about, I asked how they were.  Are you going to make all of New Eden happy?”

Mike sighed.  “Ever been to a buffet?  All you can eat and a huge spread of choices?”

“Sure, tons of times.”

“Ever been to one where you liked every dish being offered?”

Scotty scoffed.  “Of course not.  If there are lots of choices then I am sure to find some things I don’t like as well as lots of things I do.”

Mike nodded.  “When you come away from the buffet, do you bitch about the things you didn’t eat or revel in the things you did?”

Scotty opened his mouth and then closed it, nodding.  “I see where you are going with this.  All those sessions were the buffet.  But residents of New Eden are prone to . . . “

“Yup, even if they don’t have to eat it.  We made and looked at lots of things, something nice for everyone, I reckon.  But when the news comes out each person will focus on all the stuff they don’t like as opposed to the good for them things and they will blame the waiters.  We’ll hear questions about why we made shellfish when that time could better have been spent on pastries”

“You being the waiters?  Your council?”  Scotty asked.

“Oh we help and maybe I am stretching the point a little but we take orders and relay how they folks want the steak done but we don’t get to set the menu.  That comes from elsewhere.  But people tend to blame whoever is in front of them and waiters take a fair amount of grief as a result.”  Mike shook his head and grinned.  “Thing is, I do get a chance to look in the kitchen and talk to the chefs.  Maybe keep them from adding too much garlic or not enough pepper.  I try to make sure medium rare ain’t still mooing.  They been known to ship a few things that were a bit too raw, before.”

Mike leaned back in the chair and grinned.  “How was it?  It was a lot of work by a lot of people.  HUGE turnout by the delegates and well attended by the powers that be.  Thanks to one guy we called ‘Bro’ we should have news of what was done out much much faster than last time.  In short?  It was good.  But most folks will be mad about something”



When the minutes come out will you focus on what you want or what you didn’t want?

Do you honestly EVER expect an expansion in the future to answer just your concerns and make the game perfect, just for you?

Yes, there are things coming I don’t like.

Yes there were times when I disagreed with other people on BOTH sides of the table.  Odd phrase since the table was an oval.

And yes, after all of this . . . I think I will run again.  CSM9  I mean, what sort of an election would it be without me?  Eh?

fly it like you won it



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8 Responses to Buffet

  1. Helena Khan says:

    Indulging that quixotic element again Mike?

    Glad to hear it 🙂

  2. varvaramajune says:

    I know who I’m voting for CSM9 then! ;D

    On the order of expansions, I generally don’t mind until I try, cause half the things that are talked about are just numbers for me until I experience them myself!

  3. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    I will not be voting for you again, even if you are the nominal “high sec” candidate. You are useless. The changes that have come down the pipe recently are huge nerfs to high sec, yet you give us this “buffet” tripe. You should be posting up with screams of anger, and pushing as hard as you can against the fringes of the NDA.

    And given what you have said, that clown from Rote Kapelle has implied, and the gloating from the goons, the summer release is the coup de grace for high sec as we know it.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Posting screams of anger is not the way I do things. It is not the way things get done, for that matter. But I hope you find someone worthy of your vote, just the same.

      Yes, I expect you will find something to be angry about, once things start being announced. But kindly let me know if there is something you like, as well?


  4. Easy Esky says:

    I’ll give you another go, with an alt or two. someone has to “keep the bastards honest”.

  5. Catalina de Erauso says:

    EVE buffet is just old. Same ingredients cooked the same way, over and over. They may shift the silverware, paint the walls a different color or bring a different menu each now and then… But then you get into EVE 2014 (New!!) and find how it’s the same old place, for good (but old) and for bad (and old).

    I’ll be eating elsewhere until the buffet doesn’t looks like some mess I’ve been eating for years…

    • mikeazariah says:

      Funny thing is, I know exactly what you mean. On the first day a buffet is an exotic surprise but as the days go by even minor variation is not enough to take to a new level. Ennui can be a killer for games, as well.

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