I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can play together all night. – Bill Watterson

Folding up comms and grabbing jackets the delegates who had attended in person exchanged plans for food and drink.  Mike regretfully closed the comms and found himself sitting in his chair in his quarters, alone.

On the desk beside him were the remains of late night snacks and drinks and he thought about cleaning up, until he tried to stand.  Sore muscles protested the long stretch of sitting and listening that he had endured and he staggered a little.  “Riiiight, I be cleaning this up, laters.”

Staggering to his bed he sighed.  “Rather be goin for a bite wit dem, but what the hell is a Texasborgarar?  Nonnis I knows.”  He sighed and tossed clothes to one side and sunk into the bed.  “Food sounds good, but laters.”

Some say dreams are the mind sorting out what has gone on and what is yet to come.  His was full of talk of languages and tournaments.  In the dreams they mixed to be dozens of pilots yelling at each other in a combat but none understanding what anybody else was saying.  Then all the ships lined up and paraded past him, each pilot mad about something but all he could get was the emotions as the ships swam in and out of view.

The ships faded and it was just the pilots floating past him, not corpses but spinning, like ships, leaving an after images resembling comet tails behind them.  A voice began to speak and the darkness of space gathered, dimming the light of the shining off of the tails.  Never specific, always general the voice spoke of philosophy and grande design. Deflecting and dodging questions as an inty would incoming fire.

“Sailing ships and sealing wax.”  Mike muttered to himself.

The discussions were far ranging and Mike kept hearing the voice of God behind him, saying he knew of this and had seen it before.  He saw two dark holes, empty eye sockets . . . tears fell from them as laughter floated on the wind.  Were the tears of joy or sadness?  He couldn’t tell.

The scene went black as light entered his own soul and deeper sleep, one without dreams, without portents, wrapped him and carried him into the afternoon.



Except for going out once to take my daughter to school I made it through the first day of sessions.  You should be proud of your people o electorate.  The seven who were present in body were supplemented by Ali, Sort, Trebor, James and myself.

The back chatter we had kept us going and moved us forward on some subjects.  We would listen and analyse, engage in side talks with other devs . . . things are getting done.

though some will dispute the last statement, secure in their belief that the CSM does nothing.

fly it like you won it


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14 Responses to Dreams

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Oh, the CSM does plenty. It just does it for the benefit of null sec.


    Seriously, thanks for being up at odd hours, and thanks for keeping us up to date in a completely different way than your colleague Ripard is. 😀

    Represent it like you won it o7.

    • mikeazariah says:

      /me chuckles.

      She done needs to git some learnin. So I has ta hitch up the polar bear ta the dogsled (canadian equivalent of a sports car) an git her thar fast.


  3. Noizy says:

    While I won’t go as far as Dinsdale, I am seeing some strange things from some of our reps recently. Like, does the CSM honestly believe that EVE is not an MMORPG? And that EVE would improve if CCP started taking out the RPG elements of EVE? That’s what I got from listening to the Town Hall.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Now this is an interesting take-away from the town council.

      I think the difference of opinions may rest in what makes an rpg. If it is the ability to choose your adventure than I challenge most other games to match it.

      If it is character classes and experience points then Eve never was.an rpg.

      Do I bring up lore in summit sessions? Yes.

      Which topic made you think Eve was drifting even further?


      • Noizy says:

        I don’t think CCP is making EVE drift away. It is that I heard CSM members wish it would. One big thing is take away a large portion of character development. Almost as if they wish EVE would be more like Star Citizen is promising, which I think is a bad direction for EVE to take.

      • Roleplaying is Considered Harmful(TM) by a lot of nullsec powers because sov nullsec especially (but PVP generally) is a min-maxer’s game, and roleplaying generally involves making suboptimal choices for flavor reasons–so instead you have spectacles like a FW fight a little while ago where the Minmatar loyalists showed up in golden laserboats, and the Amarr in bullet-spewing rustbuckets, because no FC is going to get hung up on some irrelevant detail like factional loyalty.

        The most extreme of them consider CCP’s lore irrelevant, championing the player-authored lore exclusively, despite small problems like the human interaction being limited to comms chatter and 1990s-looking text chat, and the scarcely more than tactical variations in the tales–because after all the the min-maxing, not much story remains.

        As a roleplayer myself I don’t care much for this line of thinking, but it is there and it is real, and there is a sizeable and vocal component who will shout down any attempt to bring lore back as intrusion into the sandbox by icky icky NPCs, or as irrelevant and a waste of time when you could be fixing sov, and so forth.

      • Noizy says:

        @Dersen – I’m not even thinking about actual RP. I’m thinking about actual elements like attributes which you use to help develop your characters. That’s been a big part of what got me hooked on EVE, and it seems like the CSM wants to abolish it.

        Think about it. An MMORPG without attributes? Whoever heard of that? If I were a new player, I’d see that and walk away.

      • I think there are two questions: first, how you handle attributes when a computer is the ref, because they’re both inflexible and easy to exploit, and second, how relevant are attributes in the first place, especially in a game dominated by min-maxers? How many people rolled Achura for the plusses, and because the penalty to charisma hardly matters?

        Or, look at the muscle attribute, cleverly hidden in the character creator, which affects exactly nothing more significant than your portrait.

        If attributes meant more in actual game play, as they do in RPGs, you could make a better case for them. But EVE isn’t much of an RPG in that sense. It’s almost purely skill-based rather than attribute-based, and eliminating attributes would just make it purely skill-based. But making attributes matter more in-game would require a vast amount of effort.

        I’ve played other games–MUSHes, generally–where attributes were also tangentially relevant at best, and so I don’t really see this as a big deal. In EVE, “your” attributes are your skills x your current ship’s attributes, and that kind of flexibility is quite nice.

  4. rischwa says:

    @Noizy it seems to me that you don’t remember how the start for someone new to eve is.
    I find the skillsystem abysmal from a game design perspective.
    You have to wait for weeks, before you can try something out, e.g. exploration and if you don’t like it then, well …
    I remember when i was new and joined a small scale corp in curse, i didn’t even stand a chance against the fucking frigate angel rats in the belts and then i had to wait for weeks (which is a VERY long time, when you are new and excited about the game) until i could fly a ceptor and be of some use in our fleets.
    You loose engagements even if you bring a “counter ship+fit”, because less skillpoints hurts you on so many levels. Less DPS + less tank makes you loose twice as fast. You have less speed, worse weapons/modules = less DPS, less tank, less cap, less range etc.
    After over a year of _focussed_ skilling for subcap (strictly for BC and smaller) pvp i just gave up and bought a char with more sp. The difference between them even for something like assault frigs is imho ridiculous.
    I haven’t seen a convinicing argument against the idea of making the core skills matter less.
    Most seem to go along the line “I have suffered, now you have to suffer, too”.
    This is a mentality i despise, because it obivously only leads to more suffering and that even without anyone really benefitting from it.
    The core skills don’t even provide some kind of useful progression, because every PVE+PVP char just needs them.
    In my opinion a progression along the lines of ship classes/types, weapon systems etc. makes for a much more motiviating progression than having to train the next set of skills which give you a 3% boost for xyz, because not having them will (in combination of all those little skills) just make you suck at everything.

    • varvaramajune says:

      I personally agree that something should be done about those first few weeks of pure skill grinding…

      I’ve had to go through this three times in the last 4 months, once with my new main and then 2 more times with real-life friends that I convinced into joining EVE.

      I flat-out had to tell them that it takes about a fair month of optimized skill training in order to be at a not-utterly-fails-at-space spot, and this is considering that I set them up with EVEMon, a plan for them to follow, and at least +3 implants as fast as I can get them…and there is still a sizable portion of the new players who don’t have that kind of support.

      Even then they want to just go ahead and train into ships without core skills, and I have to point them back into the grind with 1400mm artilleries in order to finish their first skills…I think it would be kinda awesome if CCP could do something in general for that, because as it sits it takes about a month just to get off the ground, from what I’ve experienced at least.

      • varvaramajune says:

        Woops mine A.D.O.S (Attention-Deficit Oh Shiny!) caught me again, forgot to add that personally I would love a visual skill tree like the DUST players have, that way the can actually see some form of natural progression and overall structure of the various trees as they improve their skills…I am aware that that would probably not be a full solution but it’s a right step in that direction from my perspective.

    • Noizy says:

      @rischwa – I think I see the problem. I never experienced a time early on in playing EVE where I had to wait weeks to train a skill. And I started playing when the learning skills were around. I quickly got myself into EVE University and flying around in T1 frigates was normal. The only “waiting around” I had to do was when I started flying Ruptures and slowly skilling up. That was actually fun trying to figure out how to get the most out of my ship with the skills I had.

      From your description, we played totally different games. Makes me glad I have never tried to live in null sec.

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