Starting roster

Even when he was not ‘on comms’ Mike monitored the background chatter of the delegates as the once who were to be corporeally present moved into position.  The usual exchanges/gripes about size of rooms and the difference in scents a real planet has compared to the filtered air of a station.

As they arrived some tried to find eateries to meet at so they could begin to assign faces to names.  It had been a close call for a couple of them as to whether or not they would make it in time at all, to the summit.  But they all seemed to get through and now were asleep, or chemically adjusting to the difference in time slots.  Mike checked his own chrono and sighed.  He would have to be getting some sleep soon if he was to make the sessions remotely.  He skimmed through the list of people attending the session in person and nodded to himself.

Mynnna- First of the two repeat attendees for the CSM8 sessions and the representative of the Goons as well as one of the higher level economic giants.
Ripard Teg- The man had so many names Mike usually just rotated them.  The other of the people that had been to the summer summit and that he respected.
Progodlegend-There is a fine line between passionate about a subject and just being belligerent.  Mike was not sure where PGL was in relation to that line.
Malcanis- Communications with the electorate took a lot of forms.  One of them (forums) was a place where Mike and Malcanis crossed paths often.  Mike often thought of the meetings as the old paradigm of ‘good cop, bad cop’ but even when they differed in delivery they often were on the same side.
Sala Cameron-  One of the Pandemic Legion pilots and a huge supporter of null sec.  Mike had not had many dealings with Sala though he had attended several of the summer summit by telepresence
Mangala Solaris-RvB representative and someone whom Mike had chatted with once or twice but always in passing.  Mike was looking forward to seeing how he contributed at this summit.
Chitsa Jason- Chitsa was present at a lot of Summer Summit by remote and, though he claimed linguistic difficulties, was quite articulate.  He would be the wormhole go-to this session

The list of sessions was shrouded in secrecy and the titles of the other sessions was vague enough to make them almost as difficult to foresee.

“Will see soon enough, I ‘spose.”  Mike smiled and lay down for a nap.  “May not be totally in sync but I do my best.”



You prep and think through the game plan but expectations seldom meet with the reality.  Each council is a different mix of personalities and skills.  I have no idea what this mix will bring.

fly it like you won it


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2 Responses to Starting roster

  1. Don’t forget the support tug!

    • mikeazariah says:

      I haven’t but, of course, I cannot just yell it out in every session until they boot me. If it arises I will, though.


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