True immortal

“So I met a very odd person, the other day.”  Mike added a bit more sugar to the coffee with a measured eye.

Scotty rolled his eyes.  “This ought to be good, what to you, makes a person odd?”

“An immortal, an old one, who has never died, never woken up in a vat.”  Mike nodded.  “A pilot who does get out of the hanger on a regular basis, just nobody has ever managed to pod them.”

“You meet lots of folks who haven’t died, yet.”  Scotty grumbled.  

“Not capsuleers.  Hell, some I know toss bodies about to go shopping.  The pod express is more than just an expression, I have heard a fleet member ask to be shot because it was too far to fly back to base.”  He sipped the brew and smiled.  “I haven’t gone that far though I once got lost in a wormhole and was forced to suicide to find my way back.”

“They may undock but I bet they play it safe, stay in 1.0 or 0.9 systems.”

“I thought the same but I did some checking.  Pilot has been active for more than 9 years and lived in Aridia.  Did an extended campaign through in the Great Wildlands and traveled a lot of Fountain and Syndicate.  No, it is not a person who hides but it is a person who is very very careful.  I am asking questions and learning a lot.”

“Learning, but will you use the lessons?”  Scotty grumbled.

“Probably not.”  Mike grinned.  “Application of good habits is a hell of a lot harder than knowing what they are.



How about you.  Have you rules you follow that keep you alive?  Have you managed to play ‘hardcore’ and not die?

One person once suggested a Hardcore Eve.  But the ability to make throwaway alts for 21 days kinda puts a kink in that suggestion, not to mention there is a mission that is meant to kill you in the New Player Experience.

fly it like you won it.


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7 Responses to True immortal

  1. varvaramajune says:

    For the most part, I can only say that the only thing that’s kept me from waking up to my friendly clone-bay update screen is pulling eject on a ship in duress and approaching deep structure, and warping my pod to the nearest instant-warp scannable site, planet, or sun.

    Obviously this assumes you either get out of a bubble or there is no bubble nearby.

  2. mikeazariah says:

    Funny, I always ride mine right tot the bitter end


    • varvaramajune says:

      Yeah, I don’t have the nerves to stay to the bitter end in a clearly-doomed ship…

      I DO stay in the ship once I’ve invested a shiny ISK into it though, or it’s a fleet fight with logi in it. In those cases I go down in to the bloody end hoping for a last-second intervention.

  3. cluny says:

    I generally play like I only have one life. One of the things I’ve always hated about EVE is that for all the talk about consequences, there is no consequence for dying (a couple mill isk is not a consequence).

  4. I get caught in way too many bubbles to have any hope of being like that. In my defense, they’re usually inflated around the fleet I’m in, and I’m usually listening to the FC’s commands instead of looking out for my own hide.

    The cost of each loss is higher, but then my ability to make ISK gets better and better, so it comes out in the wash.

  5. Pirate John says:

    Bubbles, instalockers and the occasional smartbomb camper makes it hard to move around alot without ever getting caught, atleast if you play to have fun
    But then again i guess fun is different to us all

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