“Y’all see the news on the Sisters ship?”

The other two looked over at Mike as if he had lost his mind.  Scotty answered first.  “You own a Stratios and gave your Astr to some hotshot frigate pilot.  So what is new?”

“Nah, not the lil ships.  Their battleship they gots coming.  Lemme see.”  Mike fiddled with the comm on the table and brought up an image and stats.



Amarr Battleship Bonuses:
4% Armor resistances per level

Gallente Battleship Bonuses:
10% drone damage and hitpoints per level

Role bonuses:
50% bonus to remote armor repairer amount
100% bonus to remote armor repairer range
50% bonus to large energy turret optimal range
50% increased strength for scan probes
+10 virus strength for relic and data analyzers

Slot layout: 7H, 6M, 6L; 5 turrets, 0 launchers
Fittings: 11250 PWG, 680 CPU
Defense (shields / armor / hull): 8900 / 9950 / 9900
Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / cap/s) : 6200 / 1044 / 5.9
Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 92 / .18 / 56000000 / 13.97
Drones (bandwidth / bay): 125 / 500
Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 75km / 85 / 7
Sensor strength: 24 Magnetometric
Signature radius: 465
Cargo Capacity: 700

Ev whistled softly.  “Ah heard dem rumours dat dis was a’comin but man . . .  oh wait. It ain’t covert cloak?”

Mike shook his head.  “That is kind of the job of the black ops ships.  As far as I know the Sisters are not into black ops, just keeping safe and hidden.  What it IS for is ship rescue, I suppose.  That range bonus to armour reps along with the bonuses for repping.  Biggest logi boat out there.”

Scotty nodded.  “A group of them would make for a nasty spider tank set up.  Set out sentry drones then link up and sit back.  They got estimates on how much it is gonna cost?”

Mike grimaced.  “I am already to welcome at the Sisters they bring me my coffee just right when I show up.  After this I think I will have my own office.”  He touched a control.

1,000,000 LP
100,000,000 ISK

Discount Nestor (From the Sanctuary)
800,000 LP
80,000,000 ISK

Nestor Blueprint
600,000 LP
150,000,000 ISK

Discount Nestor Blueprint (From the Sanctuary)
400,000 LP
100,000,000 ISK

“Mon dat gonna be one expensive ship, dere”  Ev opined.  “Whatcha figure it sell for on the market?”

Mike squinted at the numbers and shrugged.  “I heard 800 mill being bandied about as a guess but I think they are shooting too low.  My guess will be closer to 1.3 billion.  But I don’t claim to be a math whiz, just a poor old pilot.”

“So how did you come up with the number?”  Scotty asked.

Mike sighed.  “I compare to the Startios market.  Right now it is selling for a shade over 430 million.  To get one ready made in highsec is 300k in loyalty points and 20 million isk.  So I subtracted the isk and said 410 mil for 300k lp.  With me so far?”

They nodded so Mike continued.  “So I do some simple division and get 1367 isk per lp value.  That is what doing a mission for the Sisters pays in hidden rewards.  I do a simple 3500 lp mission and I have earned  . . .”

Mike reached for his comm but Ev interrupted him.  “Mon, dat be 4.7 million.  You no learn simple math and you gotta use a comm for very little ting?”

Shaking his head Mike took his hand back from the comm continued.  “So if each LP is worth 1367 isk then a ship that is 1 million lp works out to be . . . ”  He looked over at Ev.

“Yeah, I sees it now.  1.4 billion might even be closer but then the market pulls might not support dat.  I guess dat why you be undershootin?”

Mike nodded.  “Market values jump and dip according to what it can and will bear.  I am sure I am gonna be getting a call from Caroline asking me what price we can agree on for the battleship. (Though I have heard tell she ain’t impressed with it that much)  But aside from that, what do you think of the ship?”



I am in the midst of plowing through another 45+ thread of the responses to that last question.  But just in case you prefer to respond outside of Eve-O, what do you think?

Me, I like it but then I do fly a MJD sentry Domi so this is right up my alley.

fly it like you won it


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12 Responses to Nestor

  1. Helena Khan says:

    50% scan probe bonus… niiiiice. Thats the strongest bonus out there iirc. Dual boxers in high sec might want, esp for the potentially lucrative 4/10 combat sites. A good drop or two will pay for the hull most likely even if it is used solely for scanning.

    Actually, that does raise a wee bit of a question… did people look at it from the top end and how it might unbalance things? i.e max skills, plus scan bonus mods, plus virtues plus rigs?

    How about warfare link side of things – esp armor? Warp speed is the same as a standard battleship?

    Haven’t looked at the forums so if that is already covered….

  2. Araziah says:

    Whereas the stratios and astero aren’t uncommon sights in low-sec, I think the nestor, due to the low mobility, lack of a cloak, and high price tag, won’t see a lot of action outside of high-sec. I’m sure incursion runners will have a fun time with them, either as supplemental logi or for spider tanking (for more damage).

    Wormhole space might see quite a bit of use as well, but for PvE activities. The more well-off corps in w-space would probably not balk as much at using them in dangerous scenarios.

  3. mararinn says:

    I fly sentry domis, this battleship scares me. Why do we need another high-end drone battleship? We already have the Dominix (and navy version), Armageddon, Rattlesnake. Convert the 10% damage and durability bonus to a drone speed bonus and I’d be happy with this ship’s role as heavy logistics.

    As it stands, the Nestor will be a better drone boat than either Dominix, which is perhaps a little rude 🙂

  4. Helena Khan says:

    Oh, just another thought, why not a sisters command ship. The warfare link bonus could be for scan strength, speed, deviation…

    • mikeazariah says:

      Or even new skills. Logi or warp strength. Survive and get out of dodge command ship.



      • Helena Khan says:

        Perhaps a faster response too – either increased warp speed or reduced to time to initiate warp..?

        I would point out that both of our warp modification ideas would no doubt be subject to a certain amount of abuse, esp in large fleet engagements…. I can hear the (somewhat justified) screaming from the anti-warp stab crew already as well…

        Perhaps an increased fleet warp speed for deep space transit instead? Looking towards the future expansions in that case.

  5. When I saw the remote rep bonus my first thought was regarding our wormhole with cataclysmic variable. However, don’t think I want to fly a slow battleship hull with that price tag outside of high sec.
    Same thing with my marauders. They would be awesome running nullsec anomalies but I have to think very carefully before I actually do this and just generate some expensive lossmails.

  6. Lukas Rox says:

    While the math behind price is correct, I disagree a bit, because you’ve assumed the less cost-effective version. Pre-built ships are less effective than building the ship from BPC.

    For Stratios built from BPC the ISK/LP ratio is closer to 3,000 per LP

    • mikeazariah says:

      I kind of chose to undershoot the value. I know there are dozens of different values per LP for the sisters depending on what you cash in. I think I shorted it by a fair amount.

      optimistic to the end


  7. anon says:

    I wonder if this will become the standard logi boat for elite armor incursion fleets. It has sufficient grid to fit a full rack of large remote armor reppers and remote cap tranfers, and the 50% bonus means it will only need four large reppers to exceed the repair output of a 5/1 Guardian, leaving three high slots for remote cap transfers. Unlike a Guardian, it will also be able to deploy five bonused sentry drones, and have better tank. So it will be strictly superior to a Guardian, except for cost. So only question is whether it’ll have sufficient cap to power everything.

    • mikeazariah says:

      That has been discussed in the thread and the answer is mixed. Some say it will be too expensive but those folks probably have not seen what incursioneers fly on a regular basis. I am waiting for the final tally and see what fleets like TDF say once it is out and real.


  8. Zand Vor says:

    Nice looking ship and interesting ideas for usage.
    But disappointed we don’t have a pirate/faction rail platform. How do u even bonus for rails without making a ship good for blasters too?

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