OOC CSM8 Good ideas Bad ideas

For you youguns who never saw Animaniacs . . . This

33)  Fake wormhole, blows up when you try to use it

34)  Mineral transport, moves objects  from jet can to designated station or pos in system

35)  Drone assist disruptor.  Returns drones to control of the owner until deployable is removed from the field.  Slowcat fleets would hate this

36)  Passage log.  Notes any ship that travels within a set distance of the deployed structure.  Could be used for intel at a gate or as buoys for a ship racetrack.  I like the idea for the racetrack but man, the intel that it might gather elsewhere.  put near a POS and see how often it is visited.

37)  Power station.  Awwww, yer not cap stable?  cozy up to this little beauty.  Handy for pos bashes and other long investment cap issues that are stationary.

38)  More thievery units.  PI POCO, Fuel from POSes, Stront from POS’s, ratting bounties.  Anywhere there is an exchange of funds someone wants a piece of the pie.

39)  I was honestly waiting for this one . . . a Death Star.  Yup someone wanted a ship/deployable that can shatter planets.  My predictions (a) not gonna happen (b) the would be no planets within the year.

40)  Camera deployable.  When twitch i8s integrated a very small hard to find camera would mean the world to some folks so they could do home videos of themselves and their fleets.  But oh the opportunities for exploitation not to mention the increase in bandwidth in big battles as everybody and their dog started taking pictures.

41)  Bomb stopper.  Finally a use for Defender missiles.  Load and drop and it fires on any incoming bombs until empty.

43)  Tidi creator.  Why, by all the gods, would you want the game to go slower?  Aside from making people cry.  Oh wait, do it around the perimeter of a trap to keep response teams from arriving in a timely fashion

44)  Pets.  Little things that orbit you.,  mini rifters etc.  a halo of corpses.   NEX material?

45)  Someone expanded on 35 with a relative ship disruption.  A structure which disables the functions “keep at range”, “orbit”, “approach”, “assign drones” to other ships so that everyone has to fly on its own like it should be and not anchoring up on one person who will move everyone and go afk.  Add fleet wing and squad warp to that list.  Man that would be the first thing to go if put on a field.

46)  Pleasure hubs.  Bars, casinos, exotic dancers.  The stuff dreams are made of.  Of course if you dock you are STILL LOCKED IN YOUR QUARTERS!  huh puff, dammit.

47)  Wormhole effects generator.  Gives normal space some of the rules some wormhole systems have.  Look up black hole and get back to me on that one.

48)  Wide scanner.  A belt, a system, all the moons, ask and it tells you.

49)  Pony cans.  Spare fuel for a POS that automatically feed into the main fuel bay.  Less tending, once loaded.

50)  Fire ships.  You deploy and it explodes for AOE if it is shot by you or the enemy.  I would assume there would be placing limits to keep from doomsdaying a gate with 30 in a domino pattern

51)  Tax evasion module.  If placed near a POCO it allows you to bypass fees from it.  POCO owner gets a notice that smuggling on that planet is taking place.

52)  Chum deployable,  Attracts NPC pirates. No restriction on how close it can be to another deployable.  Yeah, this one would be abused to death by null and hisec bears.  No, I don’t think it will fly.  Yes it would be a botters dream deployable.


The list keeps growing and I keep going through looking for the good ones.

Seen any here you like?  Or ones that will give you nightmares?

fly it like you won it


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12 Responses to OOC CSM8 Good ideas Bad ideas

  1. I don’t think a camera deployable will have that much impact on load. And there are ways to decrease/limit what small impact it will have, for example have it function the same way that a ships camera drones work, ie not interactable, then the server doesnt need to make any extra calculations for it. I would also make it rather large, say 100m3 in cargohold, to discourage (is that even a word?) people from just carrying one. I would also limit it to only working when you are on grid to prevent people from flying all over the place dropping them.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Although there IS somethjing to be said for having a camera on the other side of a gate.

      • Oh yes, definately. An alliance I used to be in earlier this year had the idea of making some alt accounts, training them straight into cloaky frigates then parking them cloaked in a system to watch local and gates, then stream the feed via twitch, with the live stream password protected. Was quite a nice setup tbh

  2. Deth Delkanara says:

    Hey, let’s make long range deployment and force projection even easier than it already is with #37. It’s bad enough that people Gevlon Goblin and I am sure others use the fuel tender Guardian to top off a capitol ship after jumping to move them faster, this would be even more of a nightmare.

    The loads of make people fly and participate in fleets instead of being F1 orbit monkeys suggestions should alert CCP to a fundamental problem with fleet mechanics. Just like drone assist, it’s too easy to just AFK fleet fights and they bear no resemblance to anything a real life fleet or formation of anything would do and it is all because of the crap mechanics and power disparity of fleet fights. Hey, would would happen if it became known that some of the major fleet fights were just a bunch of guys in matching fits using ISBoxer. After all, you don’t need to do anything more than a mining fleet, move to x or y, target a, fire.

  3. Myxx says:

    49, yes. making my life a little bit less sucky is always welcome.

    48 – no, thats do-able by players by actually shooting probes at moons, scanning starbases down and taking scans of belts. it doesn’t take that long. this is just an idea for the lazy.

    46 – yes, whenever they get around to expanding incarna.

    41 – yes, and give defender missiles a better chance at not being useless while you’re at it.

    50 – the massive explosions some people will create for the sake of hilarity are amazing. Yes, just for entertainment alone.

    36 – yes

    34 – will be abused as all hell by miners who can already be mostly lazy with an alt doing the hauling. so no, bad idea.

    39 – lol no. for the obvious reasons, of course. its pretty in films and trailers, but the degree to which this will be abused is not something to laugh at.

  4. mikeazariah says:

    re death star. Oh I don’t know. I giggle every time I think of it.


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  6. draekas says:

    45 seems like a great starting idea for a new section of space they can open up. Not tied to a module/deploy-able, but a function of the space itself to disrupt ships inside it. Blaim it on some strange background radiation or something for the lore. Be an interesting start to making some new “terrain” to play in.

    WH space has no gates and other unique features that change the game play there to distinguish it from the rest of the game. Having an area of space open up through the whole space colonization thing that takes away the basic organizational shortcuts might be very interesting.

  7. perlecs@gmail.com says:

    My name Joe….and I am a filthy nullsec miner. (crowd replies)
    Being an industrial type one of the greatest pains are the interaction between Hulks, Orca, Rorq and movement of Ore between ships and hangars.
    Why CCP, …oh Why ?
    1. is the Orca ore hold bigger than the Rorqs….make the Rorqs the same size. (drag and drop)
    2. Why cant I open the Ore hold to the fleet ?
    3. Some form of an Auto Open for fleeted bays … so whenever the Orca/Rorq are in range the “Fleeted Bays” automatically open for the Hulk pilot … maybe expand that range to 5000.

    4. Allow the import and export of PI products from the POCO to the Spaceport WITHOUT having to be in the system !

    Thank you all at the CSM and CCP .

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