OOC Diamonds in the rough

Now I don’t want you to think that I am mocking the thread on deployables.  I always appreciate the enthusiasm of some players to offer ideas to enhance their game but there is that niggling idea of balance and as the thread moved into the teens there were discussions of how one idea might be abused or another ‘never happen’.  On the other hand this means that browsing through could go faster and a few more shone in the volcanic landscape enough that I picked them up and checked to see if they were diamonds in the rough.

17)  Go fast deployables.  Everything from personal jumpgates to bonuses for people on grid all the way to wormhole generators.  Some make sense, some are asking for non alliance oriented transport systems.  Some scare the living daylights out of me as I consider the potential griefing.

18)  Go slow deployables.  Oh these had a HUGE span and the same type of fears attached.  From stasis tower types (consider that combined with a bubble) through to the ability to shut down jump gates for a period of time.  Along with the covert cyno no goes and wormhole blockers/closers.

19)  ‘Pacifist’ style.  Portable shield generators or combat boosts without the combat ship.  I am curious about these because they ARE doing something a normal ship cannot but the back of my head tells me a lot of coding would be needed to keep from having new ‘station games’

20)  Beacons of various visibilities (fleet, corp, alliance) so that you don’t need a scout for ‘warp to safes’.  This one I actually see as reasonable.  But then bookmarks drive me crazy.

21)  Local jammer, yes I recall I mentioned this in the last post but this variant was deserving of its own mention.  It doesn’t shut down chat but spam it with preset garbage to cause it to scroll to the point of being unusable.

22)  Cloak.  Yes a cloak for a group of ships, an area of effect.  Yeah, no way I can see this being abused . . . .

23)  Warehouse/hanger.  Have a set of ships and an access list of who can take from it.  What with the sma droip fixed those would be FUN pinatas to pop.

24)  Decoy stargates.  Look just like the real ones on the overview.  Either you know where the right one is or take you best guess.  This could make for a real home field advantage.

25)  PI syphon to go along with the other one in existence.  Makes sense but the process would only rob when used . . . I see it as being less easily explained.

26)  Some requests for industry deployables, research and manufacturing lines made me scratch my head.  Wouldn’t they be a really vulnerable way to place stuff you are working with?

27)  Automatic miners.  This one makes me frown as I see it as killing complete lines of ships and one of the most maligned professions in the game.  I don’t want to see minig replaced, I’d love to see it upgraded and made interesting, not removed.

28)  The person who seriousl dis;likes the anti cloakers proposed a counter.  Mobile telepresence   Creates cloaked chat relay to in space ship and target system’s “local” (for user they have a chat window “local (System Name)”, for people in system the toon shows up in chat). Has range of two systems. Self destructs if toon leaves range or leaves space (logs off, docks). Can not be scanned down, does not show up on D-Scan.  The last bit is what truly makes it way overpowered . . .

29) Dust viewer.  A deployable satellite that lets you watch battles on the planet below.  And be ready when they call in the pain.

Two quick fun ones . . .

30)  Fireworks base.  Spins with five launchers shooting off the fireworks for a full display.

31)  The combined VO-LT-RO-N modules.  Deploying any 5 modules from this thread in proximity has a remote chance of having the modules combine to form a giant robot. Sadly no one has Giant Robot – V and it attacks everything in sight.

32) Concord jammer.  Doesn’t stop them but slows their response time even more.  Well you know who this is for . . .

Damn another 16 come and gone and there is still more for me to do.  I guess  this means there will be another in this series, tomorrow or the next day.


A few of mine

*one of mine to mess with folks, it was not there because I hate hearing people cry*  Pacifist ewar deployable.  Increases lock time by 100%.  Yeah, no way you would see this in belts where miners worried about ganks.

Anchor chain.  Once deployed and anchored a ship hooked to it cannot be bumped.  Useful for titans and miners.  But you must unhook before attempting to go to warp.  You are still vulnerable, then.

Sorry, I am still giggling about the voltron

fly it like you won it.



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3 Responses to OOC Diamonds in the rough

  1. Myxx says:

    re: 26: A bunch of stations in highsec need more R&D and production lines. it can take seriously long times to get any me/pe done on blueprints, never-mind how long they can be used up for. subjecting people to using the awful starbase mechanics to put labs up seems a bit wrong. so, its that, or redo starbases already (holy shit, god forbid CCP has to bite the bullet and re-work the entire thing?!) to make them not such a pain in the ass to use. Redoing the way people interact with the industry window could be content they put into stationside interfaces. So instead of a bunch of typing and pressing buttons on a dated UI, they could do something else with stationside stuff. perhaps create an office space to manage all of these things via a control console.

    or, y’know, a yurt for industrial players could work too, in the mean time.

    number 30 has potential to be fun, and the anchor hook for ships is something I like. other than that, a lot of these things seem to be things you should be able to deploy inside an occupied personal deadspace pocket (cough)

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