OOC CSM ‘he likes us, he really likes us’

CCP Rise dared the fates and went onto the ask me anything of Reddit.  HERE

It is worth reading because there is a lot of great stuff in there but I want to pick out the one bit that pertains to the CSM.

Q:  Hey Rise, loving Rubicon so far! Two questions:

1) What has your experience been with the CSM? Specifically:
1.1) Have you found their input and feedback to be useful?
1.2) Can you give an example of the kind of contact and communication you have with the CSM?


A: Rise

1) I love the CSM. This is the only CSM I’ve interacted with, so I’m sure the experience may vary, but it has seriously been invaluable. In my 8 months or so here I’ve seen them prevent or predict several whoopsies by us and they’ve helped guide design on almost every major feature. 1.2) We have a chat channel with the CSM and many devs which is busy around the clock. We constantly go to the them for feedback on design work, they constantly come to us with concerns or developments from the ground in EVE. We also have a private forum for longer discussions on feature work or long-term projects like the crowd-sourcing the CSM recently did.

They work really hard and I love them. Even progod

Nice to be noticed.  See, WE cannot say stuff he does in that forum.  If you are looking for where the game is going then that is the place to go, that and anything by CCP Seagull or Reid. What you get from US is answers to questions, when we can and our own opinions on specifics plus you have us take things up the ladder.


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