When you stop growing you start dying.

She answered with trepidation.  Every time that he cvalled it meant expenses for what was now an alliance.  Sure enough . . .

“Heyas, I gots a little gfift for you to send along.”

“And the compensation for the gift will be from . . . ”

Mike grinned that damned happy smile of his that seemed a permanent fixture.  “Well Lighstar footed the bill for the ship, I just slapped it together.  He was even kind enough toi include the materials as well as the BPC.”

“I am sure he hand-writes his gift cards as well.  Thoughtfullness noted.  To whom will the ship go?”

Mike consulted a side note.  “Zand Vor.  He gets a Strat I have in Amarr.  I’ll send it along to you and then you can send it to him, alright?”

“Strat?  A . . .wait, you mean we are gibving out a 400 mill ship?  What is the occasion?”

The grinned widened.  “Cause we can.  ‘Spect the ship to you within the hour, just sign for it and then as soon as we confirm name etc, I’ll greenlight you to continue the transfer.”

While I have you here, so to speak, I have a few questions.”

“Fire away.”  He leaned back.

“Do you wish to grow?  Before you come up with some smart alec Gallente come back, I mean the Corp and the Alliance.  We could recruit, bring more faces in . . . ”

“Aaaand run the risk of some sort of corporate skullduggery.  I sometimes marvel at the fact that you haven’t . . . ”

There are ways of keeping things safe and growing at the same time, sir.  If there was no way to protect yourself then Alliances wouldn’t exist.  The danger comes with trusting people you do not know with more than you are willing to lose.”

“No, it comes from letting someone in who knows more than you do.  I have seen way too many losses where the owner THOUGHT he was protected only to have some shares skullduggery yoink the operation out from under him.”

She nodded, slowly.  “I understand that.  But if you decide that you do want to expand or give some corporations an alliance banner to live under . . . please let me know and I will begin research into proper protocols and protections.  Just becauser it is difficult does not mean it is impossible.  The question remains.  Is growth part of the agenda?”

Mike blew out a breath and thenm opened his mouth to answer . . . and hesitated.  “I don’t rightly know.  Learnin is never a bad thing, so start your research.”

“As you wish.  No other question, for now.”

The comm line closed and both ends were silent as they replayed the conversation in their minds.  Each wondering what was going to happen next.



The title quote is William S. Burroughs, or Edgar Rice , one of the two.

Yeah, the draw has happened.  Zand, you may want to confirm name in evemail and I will have the contract set.

I don’t know what the next ship given out will be.  But I hope to get one more out before Christmas.  And then do something special for that annual event.  No idea what.

I want to know more about Alliance UI and keeping from losing everything to an opportunistic spy, thief, whatever.  OR I could stick to the rule, only trust people whom you can find and punch in the nose.

Zand, fly it like you won it.


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4 Responses to When you stop growing you start dying.

  1. Zand Vor says:

    I’m here! Sent you a reply this morning. Thank you sir!

  2. renton61 Altol says:

    I want a strat please

    • mikeazariah says:

      well the last one was given out but there will be another one coming in another draw, keep your eyes open . . .

      that being said, I am not handing them out like Halloween candy


  3. Lightstar says:

    As our csm rep i’ve a request for you mike… I’d like you to petition ccp to include “hand written gift-card” as an item. *grins and ducks”

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