OOC CSM8 We’re half way there . . . whoa oh . . .

Minutes matter.  Partially because we spend hours/days/weeks on them.

But more importantly because they let you know whether you voted right.  Who is working for you, for the game and who isn’t.

They are not to give you an sneak peak into the future, dev blogs and interviews and carefully timed ‘leaks’ do all that.  Oddly the most common accusation leveled against the CSM holds the least truth.  If we WERE just PR then we would talk a lot more to the players than we do.  Instead we are careful with NDA and keep our discussions with CCP quiet  to the point of you not even being sure we are doing anything at all.

Oh the occasional ‘attaboy falls our way but you don’t see the day to day.  The fact that our work in August has opened new lines of communication with specific teams and team members.  You don’t see any score card of who is there and who is silent.  We have a joking channel where we can shoot the breeze and that is fun but we also have channels and lines of communication that are serious and all joking is laid aside so work can be done.

And work IS done.  I haven’t the perspective of Trebor but he says that this is the most active CSM to date.  I take things like that with a grain of salt because I expect the same is said every time.  But I know what I have seen and I can tell you that quite a few of the players on the council with me have my highest respect.  Oh it is not all sweetness and light, there have been fights and harsh words between members.  Even I (yes, sweet little me!) can piss someone off at times.

We are past the halfway mark.  One summit and several townhalls down.  One summit to go and then some of us will be at Fanfest.  But at that time our term will have ended and you will decide again who should represent you in 2014-15.  So for the upcoming summit, keep your ears open.  Lobby for specific topics to be addressed.  Make the next townhall and let your voice be heard so it can be carried to CCP.

YOU didn’t get elected but that does not mean you have no voice.

Flip side of that is that CCP IS a BUSINESS.  You can ask but not demand.  But I have seen well reasonaed arguments work a hell of a lot better than tantrums both in real life and in this odd funhouse we call New Eden.



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