Touching down touching base

It was a quiet time. The battle for systems was not currently as close as it had been when she talked to Andre. That was OK, though, because it gave her a chance to get a feel for the local politics before the real work began.

She had not chosen to land in the capital but a secondary city on the coast. The sea wind carried the scent of salt and treated woods. For all the starships in space people still used the old methods, old materials, less dependence on off planet industries would give the locals a measure of freedom. Free smiled, that was a philosophy she could understand.

She went straight through the spaceport dives and into the city proper. The delineation was easily spotted as steel and synthetic materials gave way to buildings of stone and wood. Businesses had signs hanging on hooks protruding above doors. Moving through the streets with no route in mind she eventually found a small hotel and booked a room on the second floor. Good trade craft as it was harder to bug or tail someone who did not have a set path or plan.

Just the same, she swept the room for devices and put on a background scrambler before opening a channel to her tech support. “In place. Nothing to report, yet. What news from the battlefront?”

He glanced off screen, checking notes. “There may be some changes soon. What remains of TEST has joined on the Caldari side. Depending on who you ask this could mean a big push coming or just watching Gallente forces killing amateurs.”

“So, I had better get acclimated quickly.” She nodded. “Local markets? Anybody trying to move slaves?”

He paused then shrugged. “Any that come up he buys.” Tilting his head to one side he asked. “You are sure he is clean?”

Biting back her angry retort she hesitated “Track a sale. I am betting anyone he bought will still be on planet. No contact and try not to leave tracks. When you get me the….”

“Done.” He grinned. “You’re right, he has a small group living on planet. The operation is listed as a fishing cooperative. But everyone there is listed as assets .”

“Perfect, now we start to break some rules.” Her smile was predatory.

He looked offscreen again and shrugged. “157 minutes after landfall, no where near your best time. What do you need and how much punishment am I facing if we get caught?”



Personally, I wish TEST all the best in their new endeavor. But you know GOONS, the transition will be rough. Proud nullsec entities don’t always succeed when presented with new rules and situations. I have heard that often enough from laughing wormhole folks.

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