Mission for the Sisters II

Mike was running the preflight on the Crow when Scotty called on the comms.  “So, where you off to now?”

“More I hear bout the Sisters ships a comin the more I want ta be first in line for them, so I am off to do a few favours.”

“In THAT?  You’ll be working for them forever to be favored in a ship like that.  NOBODY runs missions in a Crow.”  Scotty was laughing.

“I do.  But not in this case.  I leave my big old mission ship in the station where the Sister chats with me.  Easier ta commute in something small and fast.”

There was a pause.  “I see your Navy Scorp is still here, you change what you run missions in?”

Mike grinned.  “Everybody and his dog is out running missions for the Sisters, so many that they actually upgraded a couple of the agents to handle the flow.  Now that is not something they do everyday.  Anyhow some gankers figure the bling mission ships will all be gathering in one place . . . not that the Navy Scorp is bling but it looks like it might be.  A plain ole Domi, on the other hand . . . ”

“You?  Back in a Dominix?  I thought you hated those things because they felt so slow and clunky.”  Scotty taunted.

Mike grumbled.  “Well they DO.  But this one is a bit different.”

“What, put a microwarp drive on it?”

“Better.  MicroJUMP drive.  Then rigged it for long range targeting and loaded two flights of sentries.  I start hitting them at 101 km out.  A lot of Blood raiders never even scratch my shields before they are gone.  I go through an acceleration gate and try to see what the lay of the land is.  IF nothing is in my face but out at the 30-40km range I drop the Gardes and let them sweep up the trash.  If it is an ambush well then I look to see where I go next and estimate an isosceles triangle.”

“A what?”

“The one thing with the MJD is that it only jumps in a set increment.  So you visualize a triangle with two equal long sides and one short side.  Set your course so when you jump you are at the apex and the return jump will put you right on your destination, the next gate, for example.”

“And you do this while they are shooting at you.”

“No, I do it while they are getting over the shock of seeing me and trying to target.  Sometimes I am gone and missiles pass through where I used to be.  Then I stop, drop the Wardens and sit back.  Even works with the tricky ambushes that happen now and again, though I am beginning to see those coming.  NO mission is ‘just go pick up something from the warehouse’ without there being a chance of something being really bad about to happen.  So you approach the warehouse with one finger on the MJD.  If suddenly the sky is filled with red, I am GONE.”

“Speaking of which, preflight done so you may be gone if you wish.”

“Roger that.  Stoke me a clipper, I’ll be back for Christmas.”  Laughing Mike closed comms and the Crow shot out of the station, pivoted and headed for the stargate in the distance.



I Know, I know, I said that I would be better served to do incursions and convert later but Sisters missions are more suited to casual play, 1/2 hour and I might bang off one or two.  Incursions would kind of like more of a time commitment, (even though the fc’s are very patient with me)

Already seeing some tentative fits for the Sisters cruiser floating around and speculation as to what the first ones will sell for.

Well, Dersen got his ‘Geddon.  No free ship, on this post but there will be more coming (although not always that size)

fly it like you won it



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10 Responses to Mission for the Sisters II

  1. bobfenner says:

    I haven’t even fitted an MJD to a ship yet. May have to have a play. 🙂

  2. mikeazariah says:

    I gotta admit, the windup and the hop are a cool effect and with a bs crossing that distance to get a new shooting perch is so nice.


  3. Easy Esky says:

    Lanngisi is next door to Nakugard – a system populated with ninjas and other villainy.

    As for the MJD – love this thing. Enter mission site, point straight up or down, JUMP! Using sensor boost with range script (add auto in high for +3 locks). bring ship to stop – release the hounds under 25% throttle. Apply target painter and go to town. Clear the field, recall hounds and MJD to the next gate or mission objective. Release some salvage drones while waiting out the cooldown of the MJD. Not the fastest run times – but not stressful run times either.

    two sentry large rigs

    3 x drone aug II (bling to blackeagles for more drone reach)
    1 large shield rep
    1 x auto II

    2 x cap rechrg
    F-90 plus script
    painter II

    3 DDA
    large arm rep
    kin res
    therm res (flavor to mission)

    5 x warden II
    5 x bouncer II or garde II
    5 x hogb II
    5 x salv
    5 x armor maint small

  4. mikeazariah says:

    a variant on what I use bvut yours is probably better. I did say why I choose not to bling, though.

    dens of iniquity and all


  5. mararinnRinn says:

    One catch with the MJD + range approach is that you are sacrificing your ability to smash things quickly and get the heck out of Dodge.

    Although it might not suit the solo, casual, time-for-a-coffee-between-missions capsuleer, I have had wonderful success in two-ship fleets of two T2 Sentry RR Domis. I often fly in a threesome with a missile boat of some kind (Drake, Tengu, soon to be CNR) to take care of targeting (my Tengu can target out to 100km) and webbing small things up close, but with a decent selection of drones the elite frigates are no issue. Fit a web to one Domi, target painter to the other cry “havoc,” and let slip the drones of awe!

    I have also been eyeing off an Eos to replace one of the Dominixes, so we can have long-range webs on one ship (thanks to the Skirmish – Interdiction Manoeuvres link) giving the Federation web the ability to get hold of those frigates and cruisers that love orbiting at 15km. Again, the Eos ends up sacrificing DPS to provide other utility.

    And then I look at the CNR which with my skills has significantly higher firepower than a RR Dominix.

    Fast, Cheap, Easy. Pick any two 🙂

  6. Zand Vor says:

    Probably will be committing my Golem to mission running status and swap to either my HAMgu or a Rokh for Incursions, even though I just got the Golem and my gun skills are dismal. I’ve used the MJD in my SNI running missions and had a blast with it, the triangle trick works great. Post-patch I’m REALLY tempted to take the Golem into more dangerous space and look for anoms to blow up with it 🙂

  7. mikeazariah says:

    just be aware that things like the golem draw ‘attention’


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