“Haven’t seen you around in quite a while”  Scotty pulled up a chair.

Mike nodded.  “Had to get away from it all for council duties.  Summaries and all that.  Now I am back, on and off, working on a few side projects.  Made it over to the protests the other day.”

Scotty frowned.  “The Kihar Elokur ones?  I heard it was peaceful until the verdict came out.”

“It was, oh there was a lot of shouting back and forth on the comms but in the end the courts had their day and served out what needed to be done.”

“So you were pro-Elokur?”

Now it was Mikes turn to frown.  “No, I was there to support the system, not a side.  People were trying to make it into a racial thing and taking sides on the basis of what their heritage was.  I just wanted the courts to run their course and bring out the facts.  THAT was the biggest thing.  I know a lot of people were taking side without even knowing more than the briefest outline of the case.  They could not name the Gallente dead, describe the wounds or manners of death.  All they knew was three Gallente and one Brutor and they started taking sides and chanting based on that and that alone.  Everything else was rumour and supposition.”

“There is a lot of that going around.  People don’t trust ‘the system’ anymore.  They try to take the laws into their own hands or force the system to act in the way they think will be right.”  Scotty nodded.  “But sometimes any system needs a reboot or a boot in the ass to get things moving again.  Seen it often enough in the Hangers.”

“Have we changed subjects?”  Mike raised an eyebrow.

“Maaaaybe.  I know you cannot talk about all your hush hush stuff but generalities are always safe.”  Scotty smiled.  “Well, safe-ish.”

Mike sighed.  “Ever work with an older docking system, the kind that might lag half a second when things got busy?  Or remember your first assignment?  If you went back now and tried to get anything done with those systems you would be pulling your hair out over half second delays.  THEN things were considered wicked fast and state of the art.  Peoples levels of patience have changed.”

He looked over at the waitress and nodded, she reached for the pot, shook it and smiled in apology while setting up a new batch.  Mike grinned.

“I am not saying that it was done on purpose but the last two ‘bombshells’ were both released at the same time on news-cycles.  At a time where immediate response was impossible.  It was the same thing with the Elokur incident.  People wanted justice NOW not when the court could get to it.  People are realizing that their time is their most valuable commodity and so they have this ‘entitlement’ to immediate satisfaction.  If something happens at a critical time OR if it is bigger than a yes or no answer then they get irritated because of the delays.”

“So we need more courts?  More people at the switch at all times?”  Scotty asked as he watched Mike lean back looking off at the waitress, serving other folks while the coffee brewed.

“No, if you want things done right then you wait, sometimes.”  He waved a hand at the waitress.  “She could have brought me instant coffee with ‘waved water’ in less than a minute.  It would have been fast but it wouldn’t have been good.  She knows I like things done right and I ain’t gonna berate her for the time it takes to make it right.”  Mike sighed.  “But most folks, they don’t want it right.  They will swill instant coffee as long as it is here, right now, and then complain about the taste, after.”



Nice to be back, sorry about the unannounced hiatus.

Yes, things need fixing and lots of folks behind the scenes are working on that.  But like a poster in the autoshop used to say:  Fast, Cheap, Right.  You can only have two of the three.

fly it like you won it



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3 Responses to Justice

  1. Frying Doom says:

    Sometimes the ‘System’ works so slowly, there is bugger all people left to hear the verdict and the wrong verdict just because of a legal loophole can result in a riot worse than a summary admission of guilt.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Yup. But either you have faith in the system or you fight to overthrow it. In keeping the faith worthy of that trust the system in place cannot choose selectively when the rules should and should not apply based on external judgments.

      If one of those loopholes if found then the rules need to change but hasty actions seldom results in the best solution. Giving in to a mob mentality as they bay at the doors for summary judgement is the WORST thing a system can do because, at that point, they have handed tacit control of the rules to whoever shouts the loudest. In my experience loud does not equal right.

      /me grins

      we are talking about the elokur case, right?


      • Frying Doom says:

        No I was referring to Quafe LTD vs Super Cola.

        You summed it up well with “In keeping the faith worthy of that trust the system in place cannot choose selectively when the rules should and should not apply”

        Quafe had the rules in place, frankly they should have just followed them rather than worrying about changing their rules to make more money, especially as Super Cola will end up taking most of their customers as their altering their rules of manufacture made quafe taste like crap.

        With the system moving so slowly handing down a decision, as to whether Quafe has to follow its own rules of manufacture or whether altering them for a short term cash boost will be allowed. Quafe will have to down size again as the bad press it is spreading all of the time.

        A lot of people will swallow Super Cola before they will drink New Quafe.


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