Free Battleship? Nah

Mike closed the comms shaking his head.  Sometimes chatting with folks couldn’t be more surreal if they were trying.  “I just wanted ta help out.”

A newer player on the Angels channel had been asking about Amarr battleships and asked the question that made vets reoll their eyes.  “Which is the best?”

It had gone back and forth as the basics of each one was discussed and analyzed in relation to the low skill set of the pilot asking.  Mike grinned and said he preferred the Bhaal but it was only nominally an Amarr ship.  They settled down and the young pilot decided to keep training and mining so some day he could have the ship of his choice.

“Which did you choose?”  Mike asked, eyeing his assets in Jita.

“I will choose when I can afford one and have more skills.”  The reply came.

“Choose now and I could give you one to hold, focusing your training more.”

“I appreciate that but I think I will get it on my own, thanks.”

“Really?”  Mike eyebrows rose.

“Yeah, It will mean more that way.  Thanks for the offer, though.”

The channel quickly filled with comments from veterans willing to take the BS, whichever one, off Mikes hands since the original recipient had seemed loath to take it.  “Nah, I think I can find someone else for it.”



Honestly, the guy turned down a bs, his choice.  I think he will be someone who plays for a long time to come.

Ever get to the point where a single ship is no big deal?  I almost miss living hand to mouth, though not enough to give everything away, yet.  On the other hand I do have a promise from quite a while back to give a ship to commentators and so it is an Amarr BS going to Dersen Lowery (sorry if I spelled it wrong)  Dersen, please drop me a line in-game so I can set the contract.

fly it like you won it



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6 Responses to Free Battleship? Nah

  1. Thanks!

    … do I have to choose which one I want? If so, I’m thinking Geddon.

  2. I totally understand wanting to earn your own stuff the hard way. More satisfaction. I responded the same way in my first year when I was new.
    These days I would happily accept a gift like that but that is because I have already proven to myself that I can be selfsufficient (as long as you consider paying for more as one subsciption account with money ok and don’t insist that people plex all accounts. )

    I never thought I would succumb to begging for isk/ships either but I did just one week ago. (Angel project channel where I asked for some cheap ships to blow up in celebration of my birthday, you were there). Curiosity to see if anyone would actually give me something was also a motivation though.
    I also asked in Amarr local where someone was nice enough to contract me one exotic dancer.
    A stranger in EVE gave me my first birthday present.

  3. VNX says:

    Great story, i recently dropped i dunno, maybe 50 mil on a friend who was doing the trial for the first time. I remembered how much even a mil was back then, however a few days later he quit. Its always encouraging to struggle a little.

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