The Crowd

He wasn’t far from the station and, given the release of the news, he figured it would not be a violation to visit, now.  “Been a long time since I see one of the sisters.” he said as he fit a mission ship in Jita and set a course for Osmon.

“OK, maybe I not de only one ta figure this out.”  Packed was putting it mildly.  The undock of the station was a hug of activity, Navy Domi’s jostled for position next to Ravens of various flavours.  The comms were alive with updates on gank reports and complaints about tidi.

He was well enough known to get an appointment quickly and soon was off on a hunt for a pirate.  Ships charged him and died as a result.  Drones or missiles or both met them with predictable results.  It took time but he chased her through the gates until she lost her temper and came at him.  He admired he base as angel, blood, serpentis, and gurristas batteries fired upon him until he got close enough to return the favour.

Reorting back meant fighting through the traffic, again.  He docked and took a second mission and then looked at the progress he was making.  50 mill to the good but only 10k in appreciation for the sisters and they did not like his corp well enough to allow him to set a clone in the station.

He sat down in the ship to do some math.  The sound of the bustle of the station faded into the background as he compared tasks.  “Nice ting about missions be that I don’t have to wait for a fleet.  I can do them at my own pace and time.  Downside is they do git fairly standard quick like.  I does want one o dem Sisters ships when they come out but I am not sure this be the smartest way to go about getting them.”

He looked at his notes.  “Now I could just spend some time in incursions earning up Concord favours then swap them later at a discount for Sisters.  The isk comes quicker and there be folks to chat with buuuut . . . I have to chase the wild goose to wherever it goes and no surety that I will get a slot when I shows up.”  He looked at the choices.

“Maybe later I come back, when it not so crowded.”  He hpped in a shuttle, leaving the ship in the Sisters station as a promise of his return and headed for Jita.



Sometimes it is not just the isk but the activity you do to get it.  I am social so I like being in fleet, chatting with folks.  But I surely want those sister ships when they show.

Time to give another ship away. comments.  I should write more but I am finishing off another session of minutes right now

fly it like you won it


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30 Responses to The Crowd

  1. evehermit says:

    I am currently setting up some high DPS Dominix – to be used to take down a few Empire POCO after the next expansion is released. I have the parts to build my replacements already. Not for profit – just for the interest of it. I plan to run Sister’s of EVE missions in-between as well. You can tell CCP must have got a few things right with their announcement, given the rush of immediate activity.

  2. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Well Mike, you have utterly failed as a representative of the causal player. The ruination of high sec ice mining and ore mining was not on your watch, but the handing over of high sec POCO’s to the null sec cartels is. I have already posted elsewhere that high sec stations are on the null sec cartel menu as well, maybe by the summer release, but likely next winter when I think about it.

    The fact that you have not been screaming murder about this after it has been posted, telling everyone how bad an idea this is, and being so blase about it, indicates what you really think about high sec, especially the casual high sec player.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I have done PI and as a casual sort of person I bypass pocos and just launch from the surface. Will the big organizations try to take the pocos, say along the jita corridor? Probably. But can they hold them and will it be worth it. Especially given that they are almost always under wardec of one form or another.

      Failed? Maybe, but not in this respect.


    • Noizy says:

      This actually may be good for the high sec player. One of the things I’ve noticed is how much lower the POCO taxes are in low sec compared to high sec. If the taxes wind up lower, then its a net plus for the people living in high sec. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • mikeazariah says:

        That is a counter possibility that folks will claim some for their own little tax haven for them and their friends


    • You’re missing a significant variable: The thing that allows nullsec alliances to control far-flung moon resources is the easy and powerful force projection in nullsec. In high sec, you have no capitals, no cynos, no jump bridges, and swarms of NPCs who will do their level best to blow up your ship if you forget that you’re -5.4 with their faction. And then, for all that extra effort, you gain access to the poorest PI resources in the game.

      That’s not to say that none of the sov holders will bother with high sec PI. Some probably will. But high sec logistics essentially requires that they’re tactical about it. I think there will be more issues with certain systems that are densely populated with industrial corps than there will be with Goons, or NC., or -A-, or any other nullsec power.

      • I forgot: You can’t even monopolize those resources, because unlike in sov null, owning the POCO gives you no claim on the planet. Someone else can drop extractors right on top of yours, deplete the resources you’re extracting, and launch their goods into space on a rocket. Or, they can be stealthy about it and put their extractors on the other side of the planet from yours, and launch goods into space. If you set your tax rate reasonably, they might even use your POCO and give you free money. The point is that it’s a whole different game than PI in nullsec, or moons anywhere.

      • mikeazariah says:

        This does not keep large nullsec from having an effect on hi, just a bit of limitation for them


      • No, as I said, some will. But there’s no analogy to the nullsec moon hegemonies, because the tedium/reward equation is skewed much more heavily toward tedium in high sec.

        I expect the Goons to have a considerable presence around, say, Jita.

    • Pirate Johnn says:

      damn you mike everything is your fault
      even me being hungry is probably your fault

      blaming mike is way easier than sitting down and thinking about what theese things actually means

      • mikeazariah says:

        and I apologise, being a good canadian and all.

        I think I will make chocolate chip cookies this afternoon

        and finish another session


  3. Zand Vor says:

    I just started getting into Incursions after trying my hand at other PvE activities, and have to agree, playing in a fleet just is more fun than anything else ive done.

    With the new deployables though, a small gang WH Sleeper farming actually may be what im looking for, chance for some excitement along with good rewards.

    We shall see! 😉

    • mikeazariah says:

      not to mention the trolling of big organization with passive income, Planting leeches/syphons is going to become a bit of a hobby.


  4. I really should get around to running some SoE missions, but I’m too busy playing GTAV atm to even log in, perhaps when I get my new PC set up in the next week

  5. satyrwood says:

    I will be curious what the new deployables will do to the landscape. I just had a quick glance at the bullet list, but do we have details on them yet?

    • mikeazariah says:

      Not aside from what has been said on the twitch stream though I do hope they give you guys more, soon. I know the questions we asked when told about them gotdown to facts and figures right quick.


  6. Malcolm Shinhwa says:

    If its a grind i won’t do regardless of the shiney. Missions are all grind to me. Currently shooting sleepers is entertaining and at times terrifying (like when Penny logs on) . I’ll just buy one of those sexy cruisers in dec or jan when the price is stable.

  7. Deth Delkanara says:

    Finish the minutes. Seriously, why doesn’t CCP, who is paying a lot of peeps to fly around, put them up, developer time to talk to them and so on, hire a damn stenographer? Two days of pay or hell, a week of pay for the transcription would be a HUGH PR coup. Then, notes done, go through them in a week or so as CSM to add anything else or whatever, maybe 2, then hand them over to be redacted for NDA items. Heck, you might want to consider a Kickstarter among Eve to pay for the dang person for a few days. I bet there are a lot of peeps that would kick in 5 bucks to have minutes done faster.

  8. mikeazariah says:

    while handy our format for recording is video, not mp3. we record the screens they show us, who is talking with closeups, it is freaking awesome in its own way


  9. Silinde Telemnar says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on those SoE ships.

  10. Lucretia Mortis says:

    This sums up missioning, for me atleast, in a nutshell.

  11. I know you are on it already, but for constancy’s sake; I hope podded corpsicles show Mechanical Arms, when in space. I know it’s not a priority, but that sort of detail should not be beyond reach – see what I did there?
    In other news, I’m cheering you on with you minutes articles. I hate to see you lagging behind Jester and Trebor. :snarky grin:

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