“So let me get this here straight.”  Mike leaned back as the shuttles lifted others up to the interbus station.  “I has to let folks know what has happened here, these last few days but I cannot give dem any kind of details because NDA.”

“Exactly.  The kicker is that they want all of the details and will start asking for them tomorrow.”  The liaison smiled.  “The longer you take the more they will blame you and the less they will like whatever you offer.  Better, yet, if they are too long they will complain and if they are too short they also will complain.  Before you ask, no, nobody knows what the perfect length is and we think it may be unobtainable.”

“I signed up for dis.”  Mike sighed.

“And now you get to try to deliver on what you signed up for.  After all, you have people waiting to see how well you have ruined their portion of space, betrayed their principles, stolen food the mouths of orphans.”

“Yer enjoying this, aren’t you.”

“Very much so.  I sat through all of the meetings (well, most of them) working hard not to laugh.”  He smiled widely.

“I know, I watched you work.”  Mike flipped a comm image over and smiled back.



“I worked hard!”  The liaison sputtered.

“I know, I know you did, but I never can resist the chance to tweak a nose.  Right, tell them everything but say nothing.  Be detailed,vaguely, but concise.  Do it fast but for gods sake don’t make it look rushed or make any mistakes.  Anything I missed?”  Mike asked.

“Oh, one last thing, we will need to see your version of the minutes before they go public and if we take our time in reviewing them, you get blamed.  Just one of the added benefits.”

Mike chuckled and looked around.  “In an odd way I will miss this bit of planet.  But the exchange rate is murder.”



I won’t bore you with holiday snaps of the Golden Circle or other sites I saw.  The oddest thing about Iceland was how at home I felt.  Being a coastal person helps, I suppose. (and Canadian)

I am working on my first set of minutes, still, when I can focus my brain.

The minutes will be . . . interesting.  Already I am getting flak from some people.  Others, might appreciate the work that has been done and the long road ahead (I have seen the road map and it is not as blank as the one pic Podside has would have you think.)

prize ship at the end of the month

fly it like you won it


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11 Responses to Minutes

  1. “Already I am getting flak from some people.”

    About what? From other CSMs about your version/interpretation of the minutes?

  2. lightstar says:

    So far I’ve managed to avoid being lumped with any minuets from any meetings, and thankfully my boss doesn’t know my alter ego. But I feel for ya, watching a colleague get rinsed over them, they never struck me as fun!

    So how many ‘must haves’ did ya cave in on? *ducks*

    • Zand Vor says:

      Without giving details, was there any one thing that shocked or surprised you the most?
      And conversely, any one thing you are excited/cant wait for?

      • mikeazariah says:

        Shocked/surprised me the most? The time we were given by the folks who hold the power. The fact that it actually felt like we were being listened to. We may not always get our way but we were listened to.

        Looking forward to? One thing I cannot tell you about that may/will change the game for a lot of people. The one thing I can mention that I am looking forward to is the extra meetings as more teams are coming on board with talking to us and letting us take part in their planning process. We worked hard for this result but it is nice that it is already bearing fruit.


  3. Start with essentially a transcript. Record everything. You will edit first for clarity, removing the ums and ahhhs and the people talking over each other, as well as the unfunny jokes. (the funny ones you leave in.)

    Raw transcripting takes roughly an hour for each 15 minutes of footage, so allow yourself 4-5 hours a session to get it all written up. Than start grooming it into something readable.

    Most importantly, do not self-edit for content while you transcript. Let CCP strike with the black pen of the NDA. If YOU self-censor because you ASSUME that CCP may not want it shared, you risk holding back valuable detail that the public may want to know and that CCP may not be care about.

    Same goes with statements by other CSM-ers: get it all in the minutes, if they have an issue, let them bring it up in the review. But don’t hold back because you think what someone says isn’t important enough to record. You can write your blurb summaries later, or let the public do this themselves. But your primary responsibility should be to get us much detail out of those meetings to the public as possible, not to risk leaving something out because you’re trying to cater to those that want a brief version.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Good advice, thanks Hans. And for those of you who don’t know, Hans was at a LOT of the meetings as well wearing his Dusty old hat (size 514)


  4. Your pictures reminded me there are more CSM members as the ones that blog actively and we read about all the time.
    Korvin has been on multiple CSM’s and was invited to the summit as well so I assume he must be doing something right besides being russian. His name doesn’t often come up though and he has no blog that I know of. What does he bring to the table in viewpoints, knowledge or personality?

  5. Mike, is that really you? are you sure it’s you. Re read the rulez pinch your skin and make sure you’re not pretending to be something you’re not. Then give the rulez guys a slap for causing a mass identity crisis. Listen to them meep; “I don’t know who I am any more – I don’t know who I am any more, CSM save me, who am I? I don’t know but I’m angry and outraged that the great gamers have scammed me out of my reality. … And so the drama unfolds.
    Forgive me but I could not let this moment of hysteria pass without comment on The most sane of EVE Blogs.

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