CSM Gallente Green

He watched the shuttle leave with some trepidation .  Dumped on a planet at the behest of the powers that be he soon found himself in the company of other capsuleers chosen to attend this summit.  A day to explore before they were to begin deliberations and they wandered about this land that only two of them had visitied before.  Food was found, significant sites pointed out.  They all laughed as Mike walked into the center of a thoroughfare to capture a specific image.

The meetings were not without their difficulties, technical and otherwise.  Remote communications were iffy and some of the distant observers were unable to participate at the level everyone had hoped.  The chairs swiftly became uncomfortable for pilots used to floating in goo but they pressed on.  (On the last day the Rote Capelle representative ‘appropriated a better seat’ from the sessions moderator, slyly.)

Wealth in space did not translate once on th planet and that actually became a topic of discussion, now and then.  Mike wondered if this isolation of the pilots from their own environment was a subtle dig or just an added level of security.  The organization that hosted them was actually bigger than he expected and very welcoming.  There were pilots Mike had known for years who now were part of it and greeted him like a lost brother.

His fellow councillors were a mixed lot and meeting them in this new way was a game in and of itself as they slipped into their roles so smoothly or added another layer of complexity.  The elder statesman was the target of many a dig from all around him, whether it be for his oft repeated pronouncment of how perfect was  the enemy of the good or being asked when he would start the campaign for the next council.  The young one who had run on the basis of representing new pilots showed a depth of experience that made the others listen when she spoke.

The representative of the wormholes was patient yet persistent in making sure that his people were not overlooked when sweepng statements were made.  The syndicated writer still managed to keep up with reports to the public while Mike would just go to his quarters to drink wine and then collapse.  The richest member of the council was less active in the proceedings than Mike had expected but everytime he spoke it was with gravity and thought and to the point. 
The member from the nationalistic groups was always passionate when he was making a point choosing each word with care.  Mike watched and voiced his own opinions often feeling like the least experienced in the group yet they would yield the floor to him when he chose to speak.

The most amazing thing about the entire process was the civility.  Even when there were disagreements and there WERE disagreements, they were expressed respectfully and with care to make sure both sides were allowed their opinion.  Their moderator agreed that this council was different from the ones that had come before, in a very good way.

There were times when they were frustrated not sure their objections were being understood or finding that they were arguing with the wrong person.  There were moments of shock and wonder as they looked at technology still to come.  It was work, make no mistake about that.  Mike had heard the naysayers proclaim this as a free trip and little substance.  On the last day, wiped mentally and physically from the tasks and work he had done he shook his head and realized that the wiser ones had been the people who said they would not run for an election because that much work shouldn’t be done for free.  They were closer to the mark than anybody else. 

The candidates had discussed the next election amongst themselves and that had been a time Mike kept quiet and to the back.  He had yet to decide if he would have a chance in another election and whether he would be able to do as much work as he had done this time, or more.  Continuity of the council would help it strengthen and grow more roots.  He boarded the shuttle back for home space still not sure of his own heart.  But he was glad to be going home.



Just one . . . like Soylent green, the council was made of people and so is ccp.  There is no shadowy cartel, no cabal.  People.  Since being elected it has been hammered home again and again that I am not good at the game at all.  People on the other hand . . .

fly it like you won it while I fly home


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19 Responses to CSM Gallente Green

  1. Kethry Avenger says:

    You type out relatively frequent reports, in an interesting fashion. We will see how you do in the minutes what your positions are, but my guess is you are moving up on a lot of people’s ballots, including mine.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Minutes are going to be interesting, in a tightrope walking sort of way. We recorded the sessions so the CSM will have the benefit of rewind in addition to paper notes and typed as some of us did (I used a small book) The CSM8 discussed who will be running in the next election and who will not. I stayed quiet then as I have not yet decided nor can I see that far in the future.


      • Jester says:

        Even those that think they can see that far ahead can’t. I don’t see how there’s any way anyone could say for sure if they’re running or not yet.

  2. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    You have betrayed a big group that got you elected: Incursion runners. The Marauder bullshit is flat out awful for them, and you let it go without screaming blue murder.

    Further, the “casual players” you apparently represent were fucked with the ice belt mechanic, and high sec ore mining is tanking because of the huge buff in the null sec mining belts. I can only wait to hear what is going to be said when T2 industry is removed from high sec on your watch.

    • Helena Khan says:

      Thank you for sharing your opinion Dinsdale. And in such a polite manner too….

      I can’t wait to see how your prognostications pan out, especially since you seem to think all of the eve player base is utterly incapable of adaptation.

      Life is change. Deal with it.

    • Noizy says:

      I’ll admit I hang out in low sec in part because I don’t have to worry about suicide gankers in the belts, but is ice mining really that bad in high sec? I have a new player in my corp who has switched from high sec asteroid mining to ice mining because it’s more profitable.

      • Helena Khan says:

        In high sec you can reasonably expect that the belts will get mined out, esp in EU and American time zones and/or weekends. Apart from the fact that they’re no longer an infinite resource as far as a singular static belt goes (though they are infinitely renewable), there is little difference.

        There are pros and cons as far as the belt always spawning in different locations. It’s a very minor inconvenience to have to open the scanning screen (if not always on) to locate them. They might also have gone when you log in. On the pro side, logonski traps are bit harder to set up…

        In the longer term, it will be interesting to see if the buffs to low/null sec (ice) mining drives down or holds the prices down in high sec, either by importation or by the ability for low/null to be more self reliant. Some of the hard core economics wonks could probably give an indicator.

        As far as the ice interdiction or ganking goes, heavily tanked T1s have significantly lowered the overall risk. A procurer with T2 fittings, no implants, rigs or fleet boosting can still exceed 50k EHP with good skills. Thats about 20-25 million on the hull and fittings. The standard catalyst gank boat comes in at about 2.5…

      • Noizy says:

        @Helena – Then that explains it. He’s in Chicago but usually can’t log on until after midnight local, which puts him in the Australian TZ.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Funny, I must miss the fleets of Marauders in incursions. So I fail to see how that change is a massive shift in their part of the game unless you mean it will have some train into them to be immune to ECM and even tougher when the bad waves come . . .

      Ice changes hurt casuals? No, I don’t see that either. I’d warrant that they hurt bots more being less permarunning.

      Hisec mining is tanking . . . do you have numbers for this, any citation at all or is this anecdotal? Now I will admit Goons are having fun with their interdictions, miner bumping still happens but the buffs to ehp of miners has shifted things as well.

      If I disappoint you . . . sorry, I just don’t see the same issues you do, here.

      My watch is not yet over, so we will see how the screams come


      • Easy Esky says:

        Ice can be off putting because of the four hour re-spawn timer. It is common for the ice anom to mined out within 20/30 minutes. (faster if a isboxer shows up). Then it means should you casually login during the 4hour interval – then you will not be doing what you intended. Also note that ice mining is more efficient with a harvesting rig and/or implants. Neither of which lend themselves to casual re-tasking to ore mining. It is only a minor inconvenience and should not really impact a player with an adaptive attitude.

      • mikeazariah says:

        The casual player MUST be able to adapt. To pick up tools and do whatever comes to hand and is nearby


      • The irony being that the interdictions and the bumping tend to keep material prices up, and the EHP buffs tend to push them down. The effects may be slight, but they’re there.

        As for Incursion runners, I imagine that the rebalance of the pirate battleships and T3s will probably be far more contentious with them than the Marauder rebalance was. But then, I think most Machariel pilots are resigned to an incoming nerf.

      • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

        Really? Guess you don’t run in many armour Incursion fleets. One of the most effective doctrines is a static 9 Paladin/2 Oni fleet. That doctrine is very likely ruined with the changes to Marauders. Even today, we could see our site times nerfed due to the lack of range of the webbers.

        And yes, how does the guy who comes home from work in the North America TZ, has 45 minutes for supper, realizes all the ore belts have one cycle left in them, and wants to ice mine, supposed to do? The ice belts are popped 30-40 minutes after spawning, and then the next one spawns in 4 hours. Guess that causal player is history, with missions his only option for a 45 minute session.

  3. Easy Eaky says:

    Leave it out Dinsdale. industry is to high-sec is what call centres are to India. Why the hell would null get involved with low pay and poor appreciation? the prime figures of Goondom have tarred Industry for so long with brush of carebear. Null ratting generates a easier and high isk return compared to ABC. If Spodumain was the success story of Odessey, by now CCP would have trumped this with charts of proof. The so far lack of evidence indicates null mining has yet gain attention.

    Goons have generated their own failure through proving the superior success of tech1 meta through out their fleets. At a time when they should be insinuating to the player base to invest in tech2 utilisation; their voice has been silent to the butchering of the heavy assault cruisers. Why would anybody use a Deimos compared to say a Brutix? For a quarter of the price and less than half the skill time, the DPS and tank can be matched. Whatever hull bonuses are offered in the HAC – the additional slots on the BC class to can be fitted to approximate. What there should have been from day one was something unique to this class. As with Recons or Logi – there are good reasons to use these tech2 variants. But for assault there is nothing.

    Then there is this: “We also believe that designing them for a very specific activity doesn’t fit the emergent nature of EVE, and as such we wish to expand their use to PvP as well.” from CCP Ytterbium. Complete tripe when industrial ships are all about ultra specialisation. Or Recons or Logi or Freighters.

    Section 18 is a scandal. Mike I will take you and rest of CSM to task here. The CSM needs to have one solid voice at the table with CCP. You would know the agenda in advance. You knew who was going in advance. And its a strong guess how many of the reps would feel about each issue. So why was it not discussed in advance? Plus the lack of prep from CCP indicates; rather than the assumed satisifation or support for the missioner play style, the lack of any action is due to apathy?!

    • mikeazariah says:

      I am still lagged so the section 18 reference I do not recognize. The agenda we knew in advance differed only from the public one in a few titles and who we would be talking to. Nothing more. I’ll deal closer on the missioneer stuff in the minutes and posts upcoming (as much as I can)


      • Jester says:

        He means the PvE session. I numbered the sessions from 1 to 24. 18 was PvE. And having one voice before CCP is an excellent way to be berated for only bringing one viewpoint to CCP the way CSM6 sometimes was. For each topic, we gave CCP a majority opinion, and quite often there was a minority opinion or two as well. CCP appreciated it, and said so.

      • Easy Esky says:

        Perhaps I need to explain.

        Firstly: what I noticed with the battleship rebalance threads was almost universal that the feedback was PvP orientated. My own interest there was because this class is the prime ship of Level Four. Which is interesting in itself: is this because PvE players were overall satisfied with the rebalance or it this an indicator that this type of player is unrepresented on the forums? I believe it is the later.


        I am sure you know this one, Jester – but maybe Mike missed it.

        What I would add is that, since the “victory” over Incursions, the suit again being fitted and pinned on Missions. And it is the usual set of voices rehashing the same concerns that are daily posted on Eve-O.

        – missions pay too much
        – insufficient risks to the missioner
        – reduce the independance of the solo player

        So, I am keen to hear how CCP have viewed the current status of missions. Whether they plan on changing and what direction this rebalance would take. Based on the history for Incursion, I remain alarmed at a possible repeat treatment to missions.

  4. Redlack says:

    Keep it up mike I’m glad you made it there

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