Scotty came in and asked.  “So what was the emergency you needed me for?”

“A lack of bias.”  Mike held out a hat made of tinfoil.  “I am drawing a name to win a ship and I don’t want to be accused of favouritism.”

“So some lucky devil will win a frigate?”  Scotty reached for the hats contents.

“No, frigates are for rvb, they need all the frigates they can lay their hands on for their birthday celebration.  Thats in october but I was already out mining and handing the proceeds over to them for making into more frigates.”

Scotty paused, hand over the hat.  “How many they looking at getting?”

Mike shrugged.  “I think they are shooting for a hundred thousand.  Fitting them is gonna be the real issue.  But that is beside the point.  Draw.”

“So it’s not a frigate, am I safe in betting it is not a destroyer either?”

“If it will speed you up . . it is a megathron, now draw.”

Scotty grinned and dug into the hat, rustling the slips of paper about before grasping one and pulling it out.  “Should I read it?”

“Yup who gets the ship?”

“What sort of name is Rkik?”

I dunno, but I will see about contacting him so I can deliver the ship.”



I do appreciate all the comments and this one is not csm, just me following though on the draw.  I am sending the Rkik a note to learn his in game name,.  If I don’t get it in due course the next draw will be two ships.

fly it like you won it



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  1. Rkik says:


    That is awesome. Thanks!

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