Summit Schedule: Friday

“Now dis last day, it be the most vague, which means it has the most potential.”  Mike was looking at the agenda of the summit he was to attend.


  • 9:00 – Sales and Marketing  “Bah, well I guess folks has to make a living.  I cannot begrudge them that.  It is not like I am some fool who thinks everyting should be free.”
  • 10:00 – Reasonable Things Review  “The people voted and we take it to the bosses.  I wish some things made it on that didn’t but there ya go.
  • 11:00 – PvE “What did my English teacher once say, way back?  All naratives come down to man vs man, man vs nature and man vs himself.  When we fights nature we have the biggest opponent but maybe not the smartest.”
  • LUNCH  “Last one, it better be good”
  • 12:30 – Review
  • 1:00 – Project 3 A tap opened the secret code for that project 3 was. “Okay, dat don’t tell me much more now do it?”
  • 2:00 – UI  “One hour for this?  Somebody is trying for optimist of the year award.”
  • 3:00 – Language Support and the CSM
  • 4:00 – FLEX  He read this and then posed in the mirror.  “I guess I am ready.”
  • 5:00 – FLEX  “Oh, I get it, extra time for any over runs.  Why didn’t they say so?  Bet I can predict what we will be talking about by this point.”

He closed the file and sighed.  “Now ta get my notes arranged and travel secured.  I got one extra day there, gonna have ta find some way to occupy my time.”



If I am too vague, blame the NDA

This is the third and last day of the agenda.  Some of you should be drooling at the 2:00 item.  If YOU could advise specifically about the UI, what would you suggest.  Please remember that all requests need to go through the filter of ‘is it possible with the resources (time/manpower) available.  It may be a good idea but beyond reasonable coding limits.

fly it like you won it


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34 Responses to Summit Schedule: Friday

  1. Malcolm Shinhwa says:

    For UI I’d like a full drone revamp… but I’d settle for some less stupid way to set the range on dscan.

  2. mark726 says:

    Can you remind Karkur that she promised me a drag and drog feature for skills from the char sheet to chat (and also that I ❤ her)

  3. mark726 says:

    Err, drag and DROP. Not sure what a drog is.

  4. UI suggestions you say? I would LOVE folders/divisions for personal hangers like we get for Corp hangers currently. Also, a better corp management UI. But I don’t know if either of those would make it through the “is it possible with the resources (time/manpower) available” filter. Hopefully the first one at least is something that can be done so I can stop buying shitty station containers to organize my hangers

    And Mark, Near the bottom of the first post should make you happy

    • mikeazariah says:

      my hardest thing with nda is waiting for one of ccp to say things like that. I know stuff is there or about to be there but have to play stupid, fortunately I am very good at stupid


  5. individualchic says:

    With regard to UI, more use of the radial menu in more spaces, like the inventory, mineral scanning results, etc. Also, radial menu drill down to orbit at different distances, in addition to the right click. And more work on drone UI. Would love to see the radial menu implemented there some how.

  6. Mara Rinn says:

    The radial menu doesn’t expose features such as the Orca’s Fleet Hangar and Ship Maintenance bay.

    And I can’t fit nano fibre to a Miasmos and still have it cap stable. This makes me sad.

  7. Ishto Myn says:

    With regards to the UI, I’d love to see the radial menu implemented in more places, like the inventory and the mineral scan results. I’d also love an option in the radial menu to drill down and choose an orbit distance, not just access it from the right click menu. Using the radial menu in the drones window would also be a huge step forward.

    Have fun in Iceland ^_^.

  8. Zzzzleepyhead says:

    I second improving the drone UI and would like something like the picture in picture target cam as described by seismic stan (

    Have fun in Iceland! 🙂 not sure what they were thinking with so early meetings if they plan on dragging you out to the pubs as they’ve done the past years iirc.

  9. Dee Carson says:


    How about the ability to have 2 levels of sort on the overview? (I.E. by Ship Type then by Distance, so all the battleships are together and the closest ones are at the top of the group.)

    If that’s too easy, then for extra credit let me add say 3 user defined range bands on top of that. (I.E. Band 1 = 0-10 km, Band 2 = 10.1-20 km, Band 3 = 20.1+ km. Sort by Band, By Ship Type, By Distance.)


    • mikeazariah says:

      2 levels totally makes sense. 3″ now you ra easking a lot. Especially with user defined ranges, though I could see the use as an FC calling targets for snipers and brawlers


  10. Silinde says:

    How about adding the little scan effect used for exploration to the Dscan window? that should be easy enough

  11. I would like to see a war declared on several inefficient archaisms in the EVE UI:

    1) Modal dialog boxes. If there is any way to be rid of them, be rid of them. This includes checking permissions and disabling options that are not available, instead of letting people choose them and then popping a modal dialog box that says “NO YUO” and forces them to dismiss it. Consider recent innovations like popover windows.

    2) Drag-and-drop: It’s not an occasional convenience, it’s a central UI metaphor. Make it work everywhere, on everything that makes sense.

    3) Redundant click-to-select when there is only one choice. This is particularly galling in the repair dialog, and in the industry window. If I have only one thing to repair, that’s probably the thing I want to repair! Furthermore, if I right-click a ship or an item and select “Repair,” that ship or item should be pre-selected in the repair window.

    These are not the only things I’d like fixed, and I realize that the most realistic way to ask for them is to say that these initiatives should be handled the way the art department handled the V3 project; I don’t want CCP karkur to hate me. 🙂 But these are the kinds of little things that could make the EVE interface so much less infuriating.

  12. Xmas says:

    For a Drone UI change, how about a warning tone for when you’re drones are taking damage. (For some reason, I have a cartoony dying fly sound in my head, but that’s not quiet right.) And myabe a warning tone for when people on your fleet watch list are taking damage.

    • mikeazariah says:

      So tempted to go with “eve has sound?”

      I am imagining the cacaphony resulting in a major fleet battle


  13. Jonny 5iVe says:

    Toggle — Auto. Add. Squad. Mates. To. Watch. List.

    Cannot express how annoying it is that every time I log in, get DC’d, or the client crashes, I have to manually right-click 15+ people in my fleet, and hit the little ‘Add to watchlist’ button.

    Even the ability to bulk select people in the fleet window and ‘Add selected pilots to watchlist’ would be better.

    While we’re at it, how about getting rid of the pretty irrelevent pilots name, and replacing it with something useful… Like, I dunno… What ship they’re flying? So I know whether to armor or shield rep them?


    • mikeazariah says:

      I know what you mean especially as a logi pilot.

      But isn’t squad to watch an option?


      • Jonny 5iVe says:

        I was unaware of this, as I use the standard “list” view, instead of the hierarchy view. It does indeed exist, at least for adding a squad.

        However, I normally have to play on my laptop, which runs at a small resolution, so space is at a premium. Thus the reason I use the much more compact “list” view for the fleet window.

        How about a little love for us low-res peeps?

        I really feel the ability to CTRL+Click to highlight several members (from any squad/wing/etc) and add them to your watchlist isn’t a huge task programming wise, and would also help out those of us not fortunate enough to have 27″ tri-monitor setups to play on. The ability already exists to highlight them and right-click them. Just the ‘Add to watchlist’ context menu button only does it for the one pilot you click on still.

        I also think the ability to show the ship type name instead of the pilots would be EXTREMELY useful to a lot of people out there, and again, not a lot of work to add an option in the watch lists option menu to toggle between it… All it’d have to do is change which field in the SQL table it’s looking at. It’s almost a negligible change to implement when thinking about the work involved..

  14. Deth Delkanara says:

    You asked for simple, quick things. That’s hard cause most of the things I would want are far from simple and quick so I overheated my implants and thought of one just before burnout.

    You bring up the launcher, you click on the account list and you can drop down through it, select one, then tab to put in your password, then tab to select “log in” and it logs in your account, great so far. Then you must mouse click to select “Play”. You can select auto play, I would like the ability to just hit enter again to activate the “Play” button. I would like the whole launcher to have a tab order but that would be secondary to just having the ability to click on account, type, tab, type password, tab, enter, enter again and bingo.

    Hope this makes sense.

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