Summit Schedule: Wednesday

The comm chimed and Mike opened it with a grin.  “Finally I get ta see what we are talking about.”  He shoved the packing to one side and sat down to read it.

Wednesday 28th

9  Introductions and Development Theory  “I guess this be where they tell us things ain’t as simple to change as we wish they were.”

10  Review of Stakeholder Process  “And this be where we be told we aren’t as powerful as we wish we were.”

11  Security Session  “Wonder if we will be issued blankets.”

12 Lunch  “I wonder if we will be issued food.”

12:30 Review  “To see if the food comes back on us?”

1  Eve Economy  “Ah, Mynnna’s chance to take over and complete the total destruction of hisec.”

2  PLEX Market  “Now this one . . . I wonder what we need an hour to talk about.”

3  Future Plans  “Well, I was thinking of getting a haircut . . . nah, this one will be one of the big ones.  Where distant years are at least sketched and pencilled in.”

4  State of Balance  “I suppose this depends on how much we have had to drink during lunch.  But maybe it is more along the lines of ship and weapons designs . . . who knows?”

5  Art  “Ah, this is where I can chat with the people who keep making my ships look like they do.”



So, this spark any more comments?  Any more things specific to this day?

I will put the other two days up shortly but I wanted to break it down so the comments can be more focused.

The Review sessions are padding for meetings that go over or new ideas that pop up during.  I LIKE agendas with wiggle room as no plan survives contact with the enemy.

fly it like you won it


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7 Responses to Summit Schedule: Wednesday

  1. Helena Khan says:

    Hi Mike. Just a reminder about the comments I made previously about exploration…. and what it could lead to… likely falls under category 3. Oh and POS 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      Of course there is the agenda we show you and one we are shown, both provided by CCP. I cannot even give a nod or a headshake to suggestions, just let you know I will try to be good for the game.


      • Helena Khan says:

        Appreciate the sentiment about good for the game as a whole. I didn’t vote for some of the one plank, my space at all costs – the rest can burn candidates for exactly that reason.

        And I suspect that anyone who doesn’t understand that you’re one voice amongst the CSM as well as the limitations of power the CSM has, especially as far as what CCP does next, hasn’t read any of the metric tonnage of text on the subject.

        You’re a good man Mike. That’s absolutely apparent in the various podcasts, interviews and postings. We know it. So no second guessing yourself. Right? Awesome.

        Now go on with you 🙂

  2. Noizy says:

    If you don’t get a blanket from CCP Stillman, ask for a copy of his talk to the Nordic Security conference. That would probably give you a lot of background too.

  3. Zand Vor says:

    4 State of Balance – Missile Ships…would like to see if there is any Dev ideas on adjusting the current bias against missile ships in pretty much any PvE fleet?
    5 Art – Ontop of the “99 things” list of corp badging being visible, what other ideas are coming down the pipe for replacing or updating some of the more dated graphics? Is there anything likely for ships in general or modules that are similar in scope to the turrent and launcher changes? Shield/Armor style-effects,

    • mikeazariah says:

      you know I cannot answer those directly but I do look forward to meeting the art guys.

      for a bunch of reasons


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