He had a pile of things covering the couch and was frowning at them.  “Ah has to pack for the trip to a place I never been before . . . look at me, the brave explorer.”  He chuckled and tried to thin the pile.

“I do need a bathing suit.  I do need a towel ’cause you always gots to have a towel with ya.”  Those landed on the case to one side.  I guess I won’t need two changes o’ clothes for evry day.  That is juss puttin on airs.  But then again, I is trying to make a good impression on the powers that be.”  He tossed some casual clothes and some decent ones on the case and lofted the rest back towards his bedroom.

He took his books and piled them neatly to one side.  “Notes to bring to the meetings and this one is for notes to take away from the meetings.  Pens . . . ah.”  He carefully considered the silver tipped pen and the bottle of ink he dipped it in and shook his head.  “Nah, I go that old school and they might not let me talk about anything more modern than the wheel.”

He set his comms and other electronica to one side.  “Gonna be weird, not being the one pilotin, but I suppose they wants to keep where and what is done secret.”  He looked at the stacks of things about him and nodded.  “Should do for the material side.  But . . . ”

He opened the comms and send a message to those who would listen to him.  “Folks, 1 week and a day from now I will be ‘outa touch’.  To that end I want you to make effort to get ‘in touch’ with me in the time remaining.  I have my book but it is no where near full of ideas even after the list of 99.  So do what you do best.  Talk to me.”

He smiled and hit ‘Send’



Seriously.  I like to hear from you, not just on the town hall, which went well.  Download here or on Podside (I am not sure, aside from iTunes, where the download for this one is, these days)

The list of 99 is here

Oh, any recommendations for what to do in Iceland?  Remember, I am old and married so a lot of your first suggestions are null.

What else do you want?  Free ships?  Oh well, one anyways.

/me goes through the comments of the past while and draws a name . . . . aaand Araziah gets a Dominix

This is a short run till the next prize, comments here between now and Wednesday evening my time.

fly it like you won it, comment so you can


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18 Responses to Packing

  1. Araziah says:

    You shall have a noble life, new dominix — full of joy and explosions.

  2. Mara Rinn says:

    Ask about CCP Guard doing another teaser dev video about some development going into the ext expansion. We haven’t seen him for a while.

    How is CCP’s evaluation of “Sov Lite” going? Are they looking at a timeframe for Sov 3.0?

    Has CCP considered turning all refineries (NPC and POS alike) into activity lines? What movement on the front of putting the economy more into player hands rather than NPC hands?

    Will players be able to manufacture implants? Using something cross-world like my Resurrection Men scenario, or less interesting like salvaging corpses?

    How long until Dust Bunnies can shoot back at us? Linkage of DUST and EVE economies? Will we be able to send money? What about Aurum and PLEX? Will capsuleers be building suits, vehicles and modules for Dust Bunnies!

    But really, really do encourage CCP Guard to come put of hibernation!

  3. Araziah says:

    I’d like to hear about changes to the incentives in faction war. Right now, the incentives lead people to fly stabbed, cloaky alts and run plexes. There’s no downside. They can’t be disrupted. It turns into a single player game, basically. There’s nothing on the line for them, while they have much to gain. It goes against the grain that makes up the rest of Eve.

  4. Chanina says:

    I really hope there are some things in the pipe for winter expansion to decrease the click festival for invention. Clicking through 30 inventions every 1h 15m is pretty bad.

    POS Refining Arrays could use some love too, to balance them against stationary refining the refining process it self could be placed in processing queues so it is not done after a simple click.

    Is there any process on the cloak mechanics to allow some serious cloak-hunting? I think December summit meeting minutes mentions something about cloaking mechanics with some kind of u-boat hunting. Would be a nice addition to fighting afk activities or afk activity suppression.

    Are there plans to give us tools to steal our enemies (npc) bounties in 0.0? Sansha can compromise Concord payouts, I think it is about time that capsule pilots learn that too. Hacking an enemy I-Hub to compromise there bounty payout over X Hours. Maybe even transfer the money to the fleet members who hacked it.
    This way small groups could raid hole regions if they don’t get countered. The common renting structure in 0.0 could be useful for good game play if such a mechanic was in place.

    • mikeazariah says:

      If you read my blog you know I am aware of the invention click fest. Another piece in the mental hopper covers manufacture . . . so yeah, clicking is on my list of things to chat about.

      POS has a ton of supporters in the CSM, trust me if we see an opening we will be jamming the doorway rushing towards it.

      Cloaks . . . .sigh. That debate is strong and steady and I have YET to see a perfect solution, I just know that how things stand is not it.

      hacking as a farms and fields skill . . . .wow. That one has some out of the box wings on it. I like it.


  5. Merl says:

    As the dirty industrialist i am, I’d like to see changes to the clickfest of invention and manufacturing in general. I’d love to see a lowering on the time of Ice compression, but its not absurdly broken so i don’t expect it to ever see a change. Staring at 3000 blocks of ice and knowing that is almost 9 hours of compressing is ugly.

  6. RedDawn AdventPrime says:

    well traveling is a very personal thing, it can really allow you to find yourself, or even find the thnkgs about your self that you did not know.
    life expierecnes, choices, emmotions, so many things that you take for granted sitting behind your desk is steering you smack dab in your face.

    I love traveling because of culture, and the great unknown.

    People are afraid of what they dont, i say bepp fear and actually run at it, and jump into the deep end head first hahah

    culture is great, because if you are anywhere but where you are from, chances are it is older then youcould have ever imagine, and has so much to offer you.

    Even if it just a cup of coffee, eathing some choclate and cheese.

    actually i would say a nice black tea, earl gray, with nice almond milk.

    and go talk to someone, preferably older then you, and just go listen.

    yeah do that, and you will probably come home more fuller.


    PS get up early and watch the sun rise…. not just set.. you will find so much more can be done in the day 🙂

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