Skipped steps: Inventing

Mike was back in Cat.  The one place he felt was actually his Home.  Scotty found him at the usual place, a coffee shop that was again serving Gallente baking.  Mike had a pie quarte and a large cup of coffee to one side as he went over notes he was writing in a small bound journal.

“Top secret stuff?”

Mike grimaced.  “Most seem to think so.  There are a lot of bloody steps in inventing and I have to do them in just the right order.  First is gathering the materials.  Ya need . . . well a helpful source says  . . .

What you must have to engage in invention:

  • A single blueprint copy of the Tech I item
  • Two types of specific datacores
  • One data interface of a particular type
  • The required skills to invent
  • An available invention slot

Optional Additions:

  • An actual named Tech I item of the type being researched

  • A decryptor of a particular type

“Seems simple enough.  But how do you decide what to invent?”  Scotty leaned over to look at a list Mike turned to.

“Well, a guy I know did some data harvesting.”

“What were his fields?”  Scotty ran his finger down the list.

“Low and null battles, as best as he could find.  Then he found 154 common lost things in those battles.  If you are building something it is nice to know there will be a market for them.  Battles expend a lot of material and it is the smart manufacturers job to fill that need.  From that list you could settle on an item that you wanted to try to supply, knowing full well someone else is already doing so.”  Mike shrugged.  “Unless of course you wait for some new thing to be invented and try to get in on the ground floor.”

“Not a common event.  What are datacores?”

“Them you can buy or make if you have research agents working for you.  Which ones you go for depend on which item you decide to work on.  Easiest way is to get an informational data sheet on an item . . . say the first on this list, the 10mn AB . . .”

abII“So you see all the things that it says will help with having a chance of inventing the proper tech 2 version, skills, materials, all that stuff.  Of course, the better the original the better the copy.”

Scotty frowned.  “By better original I assume you mean researching the ME and PE before actually making copies and inventing.”

“Exactly.  There are place you can find that will include a calculator to see what advantage there is.  So you . . . ”  Mike started ticking things off on his fingers, ” . . . choose your product, get the BPO, research it to there you want it, gather the invention list, make copies of the original to invent off of, then finally find a place you can do your inventioning.”

“I don’t think that is a word.  Inventing, you mean.”

“Whatever.  Then you have to decide if you want to get into manufacturing to boot.  But that is a whole other ball of string.”



And so much clicking.  I counted ten clicks to invent one time and had to repeat for each invention job I wanted started.

The image, by the way, was taken off of an alt.  Thus all the skills I seem not to have.

Did I miss anything?  Does this help at all?

fly it like you won it


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12 Responses to Skipped steps: Inventing

  1. ‘A single blueprint copy of the Tech I item’

    If you’re inventing Ammo, Modules or drones, you want this to be a max run copy.

    If you’re inventing Ships or rigs, you may as well just use a single run copy, as the extra runs have no effect on the results.

    Oh, and the ME and PL of the blueprint have no effect on the results either. The only reason to research them is so that when you make the T1 module for the component, you don’t lose so much.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Oh, and the ME and PL of the blueprint have no effect on the results either. The only reason to research them is so that when you make the T1 module for the component, you don’t lose so much.

      Aha, so that is why I do a touch of research along the way. Thank you


  2. Bluewolf says:

    Bpo quality has no effect on copy quality.

    Market investigation should be carried out to establish progotability first, then you can try and speculate on whats going to sell well due to x reason.

    99% story with the last paragrah summing up inventing quickly, cheers bit pretty pointless.

    • mikeazariah says:

      99% to 1% is about my standard

      Though I do appreciate the correction and steves note about there still being a reason in manufacturing for doing the me’pe research


  3. Bluewolf says:

    *copy quality with respect to inventing I mean ofcourse

  4. Helena Khan says:

    Yep – 10 clicks sounds about right. You haven’t mentioned POSes, permissions, which items need to be at the POS and which can remain in station (corp hangar)….

    ME and PE of the copy don’t actually matter for invention. A successful invention run will produce a -4/-4 T2 bpc irrespective of the starting ME/PE. Its the the decryptors used in the invention process that modify them….

    An industrial expansion up next, Mike…? Not that I’m hinting or anything 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      Totally missed that, think I should go back and edit the original to reflect the correction or let the comments cover it?


      Thank you btw


  5. Mara Rinn says:

    As Helena sad, the invented BPC is not better if you spend time doing ME/PE research.

    What does alter the invented BPC is the number of runs on the input BPC. See your helpful link for assistance, but the rule of thumb is always a max runs BPC except for rig and ship invention runs if you are using a decryptor that modifies the number of runs.

  6. Helena Khan says:

    We all play on the learning curve. I fall off from time to time 🙂

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