Change of corp new things to learn

He looked very tired, Mike thought.

Bleys sighed and kicked back the table to rest his feet on it and then looked up nodding as Mike mutely offered a drink.  “There’s . . . .”

” . . . a woman.”  Mike grinned, “There is always a woman.”

“Idiot.  No, there is a point where you have to step back and re-prioritize.  To decide where you want to be, WHAT you want to be, and why.  I need to take that step back.”  He sipped his drink and sighed.  “But I have put a lot of work into the corp and I don’t want it to just pass away from neglect.”

“You could mothball it, it would still be there if and when you came back.”  Mike nodded.

“You know how I feel about isk standing still.  If it is not in motion it is not working.  Mothballing does NOT fit with that philosophy.  So  . . . ”  He tapped once on his comm and smiled.  “I want you to make it work.”

Mike looked up his own comms on the main screen.  His balance had not shifted.  “You do have the right name, don’t you?  Hate to think that you just sent some isk to Araziah.”

“Didn’t send isk, I told you  I like to make it work.  Contracted you some ships.  Sell them on six month highs, buy others on six month lows.  But that leaves the corp.  I need bills paid, payrolls met, that sort of thing.”

Mike did not bother examining the contract and just accepted it.  “I could probably babysit it for a while . . . ”

“How are you for doing invention?”

Mike frowned.  “I dabbled.  Would have to do some reading up again.  That what you been doing?”

“Along with trade, yes.  Any problem moving from GBA?”

Mike sighed.  “I never took back the reins, shouldn’t be an issue.  You KNOW I am going to be giving a lot of this stuff away, right?”

“Of course, if I hand the power to you I expect you to do what you usually do.  Thing is, will you take the responsibility?”  Bleys watched Mikes reaction.

Mike paused and looked at Bleys for a long time before nodding.  “I suppose learning some new skills will be good for me.”  He sighed and initiated the leaving of the corp.  “I am sure the GBA will survive without me for a while, they have a very competent manager in place, currently.”

A short while later Mike was in a new corporation and trying to remember how invention worked, again.  Bleys had left saying he would be about for a little while to ease the transition but it was now up to Mike to see to the bills and skills.  As he opened reference files and tried to remember how to invent things he sighed.  “I still bet it was a woman.”



So there is gonna be some stuff about inventing . . . as I learn it.  If you have your favourite links for info on this please feel free to make recommendations.

To be honest, I did ‘glance at the contract to see that I was giving nothing and getting something, that was it.  Later I started to appreciate the level of assets transfer.

So, just before I head to Iceland (the fates willing) I will give away three ships.  Comments since the last giveaway are entered in.

fly it like you were given it


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14 Responses to Change of corp new things to learn

  1. Bleys says:

    I can vouch he has plenty of excellent ships to hand out now. Lots of them.

    Thanks for all the help, Mike. Wish me luck out there.

  2. lightstar says:

    I recon it’d be the heights of irony if mikes selection process for ship winners turned up bleys.

    Tried invention once, don’t under estimate the value of throwing a ship into the mix. And get yer scanning kit out, data and relic sites just became your best mate.

    Be interesting to see if it’s changed much since I last tried it

  3. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Why are you getting interested in invention when you see with your own eyes the machinations within the CSM and CCP of the death of T2 manufacturing in high sec? Or are you moving out of high sec?

    • mikeazariah says:

      Well, Dins

      No, I am not moving out of highsec. At least that is not in the current plans. And I am going to try my hand at a bit of T2 manufacturing, to see how it really is. Lot of clicking so far.


  4. Kelleris says:

    Good luck with the new corp!

  5. It’s good to have a change of pace every now and then, helps keep from burning out.

  6. Araziah says:

    I wouldn’t turn away any money you might happen to (accidentally) throw my way.

  7. satyrwood says:

    It’s been a while since I rigged one of these contests. Challenge accepted!

    Invention has always been beyond me. I stick to T1 manufacturing and it works. T2 manufacturing makes my head hurt.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I have got the swing of the invention, though I need a cheat sheet at times. Now I am doing stuff with research . . . and manufacturing


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