Looking for Help

She was waiting for him at the base of the ramp.  Her look of disapproval took in the dark colouration of the ship and all that it implied.  “A Blood Raider ship?  Where did you get that and why are you flying it?””

“Free,”  He decided to go with the classic response men since the dawn of time have tried, and failed in doing so.  “I can explain.”

She folded her arms and glared up at the Bhaalgorn dominating the hanger.  “I seriously doubt it.”

“I have been talking to incursion fleets, getting a feel for what they want.  Mainly one organization.  Chats were going well and I was making notes, here and there about changes that they would like to see.  There are a lot of smart folks out there fighting the Sansha.  Folks who never go south of hisec and others who have come up from the wars to replenish their own sense of fun . . .  and some isk, wars be expensive, dontcha know.”

She pointed at his chest.  “YOU fly shields and so do the people you fly with.  You’ve told me about Warp To Me fleets before.  THAT”  Her arm turned like a turret to point at the ship above them.  “That is most absolutely NOT a shield ship.”

Mike bit back a comment that would have called her ‘little miss battleclinic’ mainly because he liked the implants he currently had and had no wish to wake up without them.  “True enough.  But as I was saying, one of the pilots in the fleet I was with asked if I was talking to other fleets, other organizations.  Getting a broader perspective.”

“You have yet to explain that ship.”

“Getting there, getting there.  I told him I kind of have loyalties to those I fly with and he said there was no worry to be had on that front.  I needed to talk to others, even if the various organizations don’t get along all the time.”

“Talking, you are good at, get the the point.”

“Though they have diminished in the last year there are still armor fleets standing up to the Sansha.  The Ditanian Fleet . . .well some of the veterans there still remember me so I fit up this and took it out for a few battles.”  He grinned.  “I got it a few months ago in a bet, of sorts.  I fit it for sniping then later for short range.  Carry both choices in the hold, so to speak.”

She nodded.  “So what you are saying is to talk to people you decided you needed to be in an abomination of a ship from some of the most evil pilots in space.”

He grinned.  “I got into the fleet quite quickly.”

“I’ll bet you did.  Can we go someplace where I don’t have to look at that?”

“Of course.”  He lead her up to the station coffee shop because that was what he needed, right then.

They had barely sat down when she hit him with another question.  “Do you know anybody active in Faction Wars?  Specifically, the Gallente Caldari battlefront.”

“A few.  But I thought you would be more active on the Minmatar-Amarr.”

“Others work that region.  We are hearing rumours that some slavers are working the contested planets.  As the planet ‘flips’ there is a turbulent transition and a lot manages to slip past either authority.  Somebody is taking advantage of that fact.”

Mike looked down at his coffee.  “I have a friend on the Gallente side.  What will you need him for?”

“Information, how to read the indicators.  I need to be in one of the systems as it switches, maybe more than once . . . to zero in on the slavers.”  She smiled. “Then we can take action.”

“If action includes the need for ships.”  Mike looked hopeful.

She smiled.  “I will call.  The name of the contact?”

“Andre, Andre Grey”  Mike tapped his comm.  “He is probably in Vlillier but he moves about the battlefront, as you might expect.”

“I’ll find him.  How shall I identify myself . . . ”  She trailed of realizing that he and his friends might not know any tradecraft or methods of covert contacts.

“I suppose a letter of introduction and a basket of cookies is too obvious?”  Mike grinned.

“Cookies?”  Free seemed to be having trouble connecting the word to her vocabulary.

Mike grinned and winked.  “Back to my place and I will whip up a special batch of bacon-bourbon-chocolate cookies.  Bring a fresh batch of those and the Empress herself would trust you.”



Yes, I have made those cookies and yes they vanished very quickly

Do you guys want to see fits of some of the ships I fly?  I debated making a screenie or making an eft of the bhaal

Damn, flying a bhaal is fun

THIS THREAD  based on THIS DEVBLOG . . . if you have ideas for eve and I have not been in a fleet and taking notes then you need to go here and make suggestions.  CSM will be shortlisting them after they are collected and they will be ammo for the fall summit at the end of august

fly it like you won it



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5 Responses to Looking for Help

  1. Debir says:

    “Mike bit back a comment that would have called her ‘little miss battleclinic’ mainly because he liked the implants he currently had and had no wish to wake up without them.” – love it!

  2. SghnDubh says:

    Post that Bhaal on BC mate, we’d love to see it. And bring those cookies 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      I am always wary of posting fits of shinies, a) because they aren’t shiny on the inside and (b) because that makes them easier to gank, knowing exactly what they are packing


  3. Hello Mike I would very much like to be the winner of the Megathron 🙂

    Roland Advent Prime

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