A Ship to Hide In

The fog cleared and Mike left the quiet zone to find Free standing there watching him, expectantly.  “You are allowed to say no.”  She said, by way of conversation opener.  “But I have a favor to ask.”

Mike smiled and opened his arms wide.  “I be in a good mood, good time to be askin for tings.  Whatchoo need?”

She eyed him and then nodded.  “I want a pair of hidey holes that are off the books, in case I need to bolt.  The missions I am getting are more and more high profile and harder to extract from.”

“I don’t want to pry, Free, but don’t your folks . . . ”

“Safety involves knowing who knows what and knowing who needs to know, you know?”  She smiled at him and then glanced over his shoulder.

Mike looked back at the private comm center and nodded.  “I gets it.  How fancy ya want the hidey holes and where?”

“Amarr space would be good but if you have trouble with that . . . ”  She trailed off, hopefully.

Mike paused, looking at the ceiling.  “There IS another way ta do this . . . how do you feel about sleepin on mothballed ships?”

Her eyes narrowed.  “You are being clever again, aren’t you?”

“I has ships all over da place.  A friend showed me how ta call up a list o dem so iffen I gives you the list and enter you as a contracted ship inspector ‘cleared for entry’ . . . ”  He opened his comms to ‘Assets’ and entered in ‘category:ship’  The list was sortable by name of system or distance from his current location.  A sweep of his hand sent the file to a removable memory which he handed to her.

She set the memory to her own comm and opened the file.  “You . . . how many ships are there?”

“Enough that the list can change and you will still have someplace to go.  Speaking of which . . . ”  He tapped out a pair of messages, one to Merl and one to Bleys.  “I have two ships to give away, Merl gets a frigate and Bleys gits a BC”


Mike chuckled and shrugged.  “They support the GBA with input, sometimes they gets the output.”

“Just like that?  You like the symmetry, don’t you?”

“When it works, certainement.  But world don’t always spin dat way.  Lots o folks they giving me input for the CSM.”  He gestured back at the privacy screen.  “But I cannot give dem anyting back.  Not even tell them iffen stuff done been discussed properly.  The rules forbid it.  So I listens and I tries and I hopes they trust me on that . . . but  . . .you know, politics is made o lies.”

Free looked at him for a long beat and then shook her head.  “Yes, yes politics is all lies but you aren’t one of them, not yet, anyways.”


Merl, Bleys, comment below for your chosen frigate and t3 bc repectively

I do hear what people ask, I cannot tell you what the answer is most times without crossing the NDA  line.  Not gonna do that if I can help it.

Oh and try the search trick.  Open assets to search and type category:ship and see what happens.  If you wish to suggest other categories you find useful, let me know


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4 Responses to A Ship to Hide In

    • Mara Rinn says:

      I actually use those, yes I do!

      I know I put that meta-3 rail gun shipment somewhere in Sinq Laison … but where?

      region: sinq category:railgun meta:3


      • mikeazariah says:

        I also found group:Frigate to be helpful to look for a specific class of ship


  1. Bleys says:

    Something Gallente.

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