They are still out there

The fleet had moved on but Mike just didn’t have the energy to give chase.  Incursions opened and shut like some demented carnival game of whack a mole and there were times when it was almost too much.  He realized a change of pace was called for and Jita was a short hop away.

Career.  That ship had not been out of the hanger in a long time and he needed to refit it a wee bit but it was perfect for simple flying and exploring for the fun of it.  Ishtar loaded and ready for some comfort he was back out and just . . .wandering.  Sure there were still Sansha ships in the region but it was not huge fleets, just the little outposts that he could go in and smack down with little care.


Warp in at 50 km and kick out the sentries.  Most of the enemy never even saw what hit them.  System flashed by in his wander and he took the time to relax and catch up on comms, chat with folks in the Gallente Hero channel.

The debate about linking of ‘questionable images’ came up.  Dante said it best . . . “Don’t most pilots have their own skills in searching for images they might like?  Why would I want what someone else thinks is sexy?”

As to reporting those spreading the images . . . Mike thought long and hard about that one (no pun intended).  So many sides to consider . . . loyalty to the fleet or people you were flying with.  But if that was justification for not reporting what about the people in the fleet who silently suffered through the discomfort of the images?  Fearing ridicule if they said anything and afraid there might be relevant information contained in a link.  (most times there was not but Mike had seen many fleets use an external image to help get new pilots up to speed on tags, comms, as well as scouting reports).  Did you have a loyalty to the fleet or the people within it.  Was one persons pornography anothers art?  He heard that one person just linked images of feet . . . where would be the harm?

Slippery slope arguments started to come up in the discussion and Mike stopped to consider them.  From nude women to nude teens to . . . he shook his head.  He had seen some links in fleets that NOBODY would be able to justify.  And nobody had said anything.

The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of great moral crises maintain their neutrality  (Not the same Dante)

Another site, more Centi ships and towers and then his comm crackled.  “You aren’t making a difference.”  It was a True Slave ship in the distance.

Mike called the drones in and observed it.  “I tend to disagree.”

“Disagree all you want . . . we are legion and your people have now all but given up on the low sec and null.  We take what we want from entire constellations.  We ARE winning.  In hisec your people have been lulled into not even bothering the mothership for days on end . . . do you think it just sits there?  Your kind are losing.”

“My kind?”

“Evolution moves on.  You were but a stepping stone on the path from human to posthumanity, us.  If you would just have the decency to step to the side this would go so much quicker.”

Mikes eyes narrowed and his hand hovered over the drone launch.  Long range sentries hummed at the bay doors.  “Ain’t gonna happen.”

‘Then we will move you out of the way by force.”

“You won’t.”  The drones spread out around him like a pack of wolves, eager for the kill.

“Nation is forever.  Nothing you do will . . .”

The ship vanished as he gave the command and the first volley erased the opponent.  In the wreckage afterwards he found an implant and eyed it suspiciously.  ‘I am not putting anything in my head labeled ‘slave'”

He was on his way home when another bit of rebellion came to the fore.

He sounded drunk and Mike knew that sometimes he was . . .  but he also sounded like he had had enough.

“Low sec is where I should be. I just can not take orders from wealthy white effers who make trillions per month and feed me replacement cost of some shit hull value. Hell, I can’t even bother to take orders anymore. I just can’t do it.
I don’t play this game to prove myself to someone that I am participating so my corp can have some shit moon all the while the alliance is getting money moons. This shit is more like a job. I have a job. I don’t need my relax/free time to be like a job.
I’m out this slave ass null sec bullshit. Low sec here I come!
But I feel SOOOO guilty wanting to leave corp”

Mike listened, becuse sometimes that is what you did.  He asked where his friend would go and was happy to hear that he would be hooking up with another friend (although a pirate just the same)  Rixx would get a new member to Stay Frosty and the null would lose.

“I wonder how many pilots are feeling the same, working for someone elses profit.?  It is all well and good to say that you are part of something larger . . . but that starts to sound like that Sansha Slave.  You have to have some measure of control, some reason to pop the pod in the hull.”  he docked and examined the implant again.  I wonder if being a slave is like being a GOON, or a Member of Test.  You have your mission and your strength is in your confidence that you are many, unstoppable, implacable.”  He bounced the implant on his palm and then sent it to the hold of another ship.  “Someone else can worry about it.  I want to fly.  My own time, my own way.”



How many out there are willing slaves?

Thanks to Pilots Dante and Harri for their input in this post

How many are being driven to flying in null or finding other games to do?  Is it the work that you do in game or the atmosphere of the fleets?

Going through the comments, there is a frigate coming to someone along with a low grade slave implant.  Announced on Monday.

fly it like the chip in your head says you are winning


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9 Responses to They are still out there

  1. Araziah says:

    A few years back, my mother and friend started up a bead jewelry business. They sold kits and supplies so that women could come up with their own, unique, personal design for bracelets, watches, necklaces, etc. Surprisingly, the most common response they received was something along the lines of, “I’m just not creative. Can’t you give me exact instructions or just make something for me to buy?”

    “I’m not creative.” Nonsense! Creativity — the ability to create — is part of the essence of humanity. It means going out on your own and making something of your own choosing that wasn’t there before. It’s also something we’ve unwittingly worked hard as a society to repress. When you put yourself out on a limb and someone’s criticism shoots you down, the next time, you tend to simply retreat back to the safety of following instructions — following orders. Maintain the status quo. Don’t rock the boat.

    Following is easier than leading. If nobody notices you, nobody can criticize you. And nobody’s in the spotlight more than a leader. Those who want to avoid being responsible for creating fun for their alliance, their fleet, or simply for themselves avoid that spotlight like the plague. But it’s only after sitting huddled under someone else’s fun blanket for so long realizing that it’s not actually all that fun, that reality strikes and you realize what a lamentable situation you’ve gotten yourself into.

  2. mikeazariah says:

    in spite of the resemblance of names once again Araziah manages to prove we are not the same by writing so well. I love the phrase ‘sitting huddled under someone else’s fun blanket for so long’ and am going to keep it to steal some time when Araziah isn’t looking


  3. Ben says:

    You’re not wrong. I left null to join stay frosty and it is fantastic and the best decision I ever made! I felt like I was doing nothing than shooting red crosses or finding the primary and hitting f1. Now I get excitement and disappointment should those evil plexers get away from me. Makes eve fun!

  4. Norbert says:

    I understand him. The last few weeks I am considering more and more to also come back to EVE…but it would be no more Nullsec for me. Stay Frosty also came to mind.

  5. The Odysse nullsec buff almost made me reconsider but I left my alliance last week because I am not interested in fighting another man’s war. Nullsec sov life is most like medieval serfdom and vassalage.

    Also, I want to create, not destroy. Please let me carebear it out building ships, rigs, modules and ammo for my corp mates so they can get blown up, or preferably, do unto others before they do unto you.

  6. Deth Delkanara says:

    Unless you are the top dog, they are all “another man’s war”. It’s nice to see a big war, it’s good for business and maybe will clean out a little of the cobwebs in the null alliances. Who knows, maybe goons bit off more than they can chew? All in all, at least they are honest about it only being for the ISK. Got to wonder how many peeps have how many trillions or worse yet, how much RMT income from the null sec blocks. After you can afford to blow up a titan a week, plex all your accounts long enough your grandkids won’t have to pay to play and can basically flush ISK, got to wonder if it is as satisfying as RL politics with the manipulations and so on? After all, it’s just a game.

    Have fun, hope null breaks up into more coalitions with less blues after the war so more stuff goes asplodin all the time. Makes for a better economy and a better game over all.

  7. Zzzzleepyhead says:

    Can’t really comment on the being a slave part, haven’t spent enough time in Null to see what that’s like. But from what I’ve heard it’s nothing I want to know what it’s like.
    I think I’ll just stay in WH/LS space and live the wild life, popping into Null to mess with the bears/get sec status/do some solo exploration.

    And on that note, where did you find that low grade slave implant? In high sec?


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