His hands moved with the smooth confidence that comes of practice.  Knife moving in measured increments chopped the vegetables into exact sizes and then they were swept into the frying pan.  A dash of oil flamed for a moment as he flicked them to and fro, trying to spread the heat evenly.

“Flying.”  He said to her.  “Well different pilots kinda be like different chefs.  Take a cook trained in the Amarr style.  You do it wrong and they will have you do it properly or refuse to have anyting to do wif you.  There be one true way and dat is dat.”

Free let him ramble on and tried not to look at her comm to check the time.

“Now a Caldari chef, he be one for measurements.  Exactly enough spice ta give the flavour but heaven forbid y’all waste extra on it.  Do it wrong an he will spend the meal telling you how wrong it was and how much ya coulda saved doin it the right way.”

“And Minmatar?”  She prompted as the meat he hat cooked earlier was tossed in and the flick-swoosh of the food increased in rhythm.

“Truth ta tell, not a lot o big time Minmatar chefs yet.  Nobody wants to apprentice to another and call him master.  Not that I kin blame them but a whole mass of traditional cooking is being lost.  But they don’t like being told how ta do anything.  As a result each is coming up with having to reinvent the wheel over and over agin.  That don’t progress the cuisine none.”

“I suppose Gallente do it best.”  she drawled in imitation of his accent.

“Won’t say that.  We tend to let a new chef make mistakes, find his own way within recipes that get passed down by word o mouth.”  One hand squeezed a lime over the mix and then reached for the basil leaves.  “So you have the right way or start over, the efficient way or its wrong, the follow your own path and answer to no man, or make your mistakes but here be some advice.”  He scooped her plate close and served the food onto it then onto his own.

“Thanks”  she said poking at the food then spearing a bit carefully and tasting it.  It was not as heavily spiced as some of the things he had served but she made sure water was close, just the same.

He served himself and continued.  “So pilots be the same way.  I run into wayyy too many who think that their way is the only way to fly and that anybody who mines or works for quiet little agents are ‘doing it wrong’ and need to be re-educated.  I talked with one or two of those this morning.”

“Get in an argument?”  she asked, taking a larger forkful.

“I am Gallente, who am I to argue what is right and wrong?  Then there are the ones who feel you must min-max every last little ting.  Fleet doctrine and all that stuff.  I sees them in incursions and in null fleets.  They be like the Caldari chef,  their way or the highway.  Lot of them also wind up running missions like clokwork or mining ops that go according to schedule and god help ya iffen you miss a cue.  Pirates, on the other hand.  More like Minmatar chefs.  Each finidng their own way and experimenting, doing oddball fits just to see what if and each seeming to have to make his own way and come up with his own cuisine.”

“I suppose Gallente do it the best?”  she repeated herself.

“Naw, we just let each find their own cuisine, their own flavour.  Ting is we listen ta all the others and try to learn a bit but not take anybody or anyting serious like.  As a result we often does tings halfassed and backwards and ‘wrong’ by every other types definitions.  They all agree we is the worst.”  He laughed and waved at the plate.  “But we still cooks and folks still eat so we cannot be all wrong, eh?”

She looked down at her own plate in surprise, seeing it now empty.  “Suppose not.  But how do you deal with the folks saying theirs is the only way?”

“I talk to them iffen they will listen.  I block them iffen they try to force their ways on others.  Have an ideal you hold true, dat be one ting.  Forcing your values on others?  I be seeing a lot o pilots trying to do that, these days.  They say that Concord gotta go and that hisec is too safe, too rich, but mainly they say it be wrong because it is not the way THEY fly.”

“Amarr chefs.”  She growled

“Now yer gettin it.  Seconds?”



No, I will not support closing down hisec because it is not the way you play.  Why should you care if someone else plays different than you?

No I will not support making hisec totally safe or having an on/off pvp flag.  That isn’t what this game is.

No I will not force you to play my way (but that would be funny)

Free ship time. . . . last couple of week comments and any on this one.  your choice of tier 3 BC

fly it like you won it




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8 Responses to Chefs

  1. Deth Delkanara says:

    I sure do hope that people get the point. It’s all jealousy and fear. X is jealous of the ISK/SOV/moon/whatever of Y so let’s nerf Y or X is scared to do or of Y so let’s nerf Y. High sec needs low and null sec, null and low need high, it’s just the circle of life kind of thing. I am pretty sure that my actions don’t much impact null sec SOV and I am pretty sure that Joe common null pilot guy doesn’t impact me a whole lot either. The game is big enough for all of us, even if I despise some of what others do and I know they despise what I do. Kind of like life really. Cept spaceships splodin is a lot less permanent than wars and so on in real life.

  2. eugen onegin says:

    Of course Gallente cuisine is the tastiest and healthiest of them all, wouldn’t change it for anything but those Ammar do make some mighty sexy battlecr..errr..cakes, i mean, very sexy chocollate cakes. Anyway,agree 100% with what you’re saying. Some things may be unbalanced this way or the other but the basic idea behind the system is solid.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Me, I fly Amarr when I cannot be bothered reloading. Less thought required . . . .hmmm


      • eugen onegin says:

        I’ve got a nice potato for that:) or.. a retriever..that’s almost like ammar only the enemies have a lot less dps and quite a lot more hp

  3. Independence Marouder says:

    Being the carebear i am, i cant hjelp but get frustrated when somebody kicks over my sandbox, but i accept thats the way it is. What i have a problem with sometimes is ‘why’, and i have difficulty understanding the joy anybody gets from just being a jerk, but Hey, to each his own. I patch up, buy a new ship (since i usually draw the short stick in those ‘battles’, if you can call them that) and move on.
    I agree everybody should have a right to play how they want to play, but frequently feel that rule only applies to pvp’ers and if you dont enjoy pvp(as in THEIR way of playing) youre just doing it wrong, dont deserve to play, should just die to pew-pew or should do something else with your time.. Hehe. There’s alot of “eve is a sandbox, do what you like as long as i agree” mentality out there.

    Bah, just my 2 cents. Glad to see you posting again, Mike


  4. What cracks me up is that, as far as I can tell, a lot of the cries from null sec to nerf high sec are based on the null sec dwellers’ own risk/reward calculations: they wish they lived in null sec completely, but no, their ISK making/industry/logistics alts are in high sec, because the risk/reward balance looks favorable relative to null sec. The people they talk about “forcing” into null are their own alts. (Although, some of the older players are convinced that there’s some sort of natural progression that ends in sov null sec, and anyone who’s not following that progression is somehow stunted and needs to be nudged along. That’s just funny, although in fairness to them it’s at least derived from CCP’s own vision for the game in the beginning.)

    As for the high-sec gankers, I don’t understand why they enjoy what they do (if anything, I’m most sympathetic to the ones who do it for ISK), but since they make things interesting that would otherwise be completely trivial and routine, I’m glad that they do.

  5. Merl says:

    As the saying goes, It takes all kinds to make the world go round. I’m an industrialist at heart, but i do enjoy watching things blow up as well. I can’t imagine telling anyone that they have to be at home in a Rorqual crushing rock, or god forbid trying to decloak someone to watch them explode. My time is my time, and yours is well… yours. You work in an office 60 hours a week and just like to drown out the world with mining lasers, good on you. Want to make a billion on the market, if it makes you feel rich inside, go for it. Do what makes you happy. Arguing over pixels is just a hilarious thought to me. It is a game afterall.

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