Town Hall

“The problem with being on a panel is getting any time to show that you are even there.  It is worse if the panel is audio only as even if you do speak ‘I’ requires that the listener recognizes your voice.”  Mike groaned into his cup off coffee.

“Not  problem for you or for Ali.  For the same reason only opposite.”  Scotty grinned

“She’s the only girl and I am the only guy?”  Mike lifted his head and grinned back.

“You know what I mean.  You have been out on enough ‘casts and such that your voice is beginning to be known to some.  And it does have a tendency to rumble a bit low.”  Scotty waved his hand.  “Others may be known to their fleets but . . . . beyond that they are just voices.”

“Yeah, I got that in local while the Townhall was broadcasting. ‘Who said that?  Who wants to nerf the strategic cruisers?”  Sounded like a mob was forming if only the could decide who to hang.”  Mike chuckled.  “Then there was the lady complaining that the election itself is a false indicator as elections are such a ‘Gallente conceit’.”

Scotty laughed and asked.  “Where the hell were you?”

“Haatomo, Heth watching.  If he sees his shadow when he pokes his head out of his hole then there is another 6 weeks of war in Fountain.”  Mike spoke with a mystic tone.  “Some of the questions were easy, some tougher.  The first was a softy, “How are we getting along?'”

“How are you getting along?”  Scotty asked.  “Can you answer that without sounding like a politician?”

“Probably not.  There is a lot of chatter, some of it productive and not all of it relevant to all of us.  As each has their own specialties then you kind of expect there to be quiet or noise in relation to the topic at hand.  I have actually only seen one exchange that might be considered angry and all the rest have been reasoned debate . . . . or shooting the breeze.”  Mike leaned back in the chair.  “More of that than you might expect but a lot of it is getting to know each other and the people we will have to deal with.  Corp speak for it would be ‘team building’.”

“I hate corp speak.  It negates the interplay dynamic of our synergistic approach to actuating communication through the mutitiered levels of our employment actualization.”

Mike paused and looked at Scotty to make sure he was finished.  “Um, yeah.  Anyhow, the questions were pulled from a few sources and most were answered fairly directly.  Problem is participation.”

“What?  I thought you were saying that this is an active group.”

‘THAT’S the problem.  If only five people showed up then there would be a chance for everybody to get a word in edgewise.  But when a majority of the council shows then you barely get more than the intro.  Commentators on the town-hall said they had trouble identifying who was who because there were so many voices.  But as to content it meant that you got answers from the people who had the most to say about it.  If we get that size turnout again I may ask Eve Radio to up our time slot to 2 hours.”

“Yeah, just pick up a comm and do that.”

Mike sighed.  “It is not that hard.  Everybody seems to think that other people are ensconced in their ivory towers and above the worries of the plebs below.  I cannot call to mind the last time I had trouble talking to someone I needed to ask questions of.  I KNOW we are working hard at being available and checking the usual channels for input.  Ali writes articles for the Mittani,  Ripard is occasionally syndicated in Evenews24.  Many of us work through the general forums and try to respond to questions there and I have not heard of us ignoring direct contact, yet.”

“You?”  Scotty asked.

“Forums, mail, I did a podcast called Declarations of War with Ripard and Ali (who is the new cohost).  I still do Podside and show up on a regular basis to DJ Wiggles talk-show on Wednesdays.  I also start discussions in any fleet I am in and add their comments to a book I keep handy.”

“Book, you mean like paper and pen?”  he asked in disbelief.

“Book.  They are more secure and last even if a power fluctuation wipes your drives.  I know I am a Luddite but I have good reasons for it.”



Who would ever have thought that too many of us showing up would be a bad thing.  We have the same issue with out comms with CCP where we almost overwhelm the video capacity.

Failheap summary

Nax did a great job of doing the summary.  In CSM meetings more than one of us takes notes and then we compare notes after to make the best set for the one or two who missed to use to catch up.  It works great as the overlap allows for full coverage.

Hope you are happy with who you voted for (if you voted)  we are about 10% through already!

fly it like you won it



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One Response to Town Hall

  1. Bleys says:

    Keep up the communication. An idea on how to clarify voice is to use format like in fleet coms or on radio:

    “This is Mike, I think _______”

    Another more creative way is to always use the name of the person before you, like T.V. reporters:

    “Thank you Ali, I agree completely. What do you think Trebor?” “Well Mike, I agree with Ali except that ______”

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