Still Flying

The ship drifted in space 100km from the glittering blue of the ephemeral ice field.  He had just been passing though when he heard the call go up that a field had been spotted.  Friends of his were already nestled in their mackinaws and hulks, beams blasting into the frozen remnants of the birth of a star.

One of them even offered the loan of a retriever if he wanted to get down and dirty but Mike declined, having already done some mining that day in one of his Ventures.  He was in explore mode, right now.  Checking out combat sites as he flew about and fitted the ship the way he wanted it.  For a joke, before he left, he warped right in amongst them but there was no scattering of vessels.  Either they had seen and evaluated his presence or they were not paying attention.  Mike wondered which.

A quick docking and the nanite paste was purchased and the ship was finished with fitting.  Mike looked out at it from the quarters they provided.


“Gallente Pride”  He whispered to himself as he headed down the to the pod and back out to the ship.  “Where will we go, today?”

A short stop to claim some materials from the Concord station and then over to Jita to sell them.  With any luck it would turn out for the best but the gate keepers looked haggard and the normally busy station felt a bit . . . off.  Mike shrugged and listed the three implants and then was back in space.

Word came from one of his contacts that there was a standoff forming a few systems over.  Tibus Heth and his forces were cornered by another force in Haatomo.  Changing ships to something slightly . . . sturdier, Mike pointed the ship for the new destination and activated warp.



Been bounced from Jita yet?  I almost wonder if I should have set the sale in one of the alternate market hubs.  Got all my isk tied in assets now, praying they sell soon.

Yes, I play, Yes I mine, rat, and wish I was in Fountain where the big fights are.

Sometimes, when there is a big Gaming Event going on there might be a live event to showcase the game.  Nothing like showing real players in action.  E3 is ongoing as I post this.  Maybe, juuuust maybe, I got to the right place at the right time.

Then again . . . .could be on a snipe hunt.

Oh and yes I undock and yes my bounty is now past 3.5 billion.  Thank you all for the support you have shown by adding to it.

fly it like you won it


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3 Responses to Still Flying

  1. Mara Rinn says:

    A single Talos is not going to stir up many feathers in a coop full of tanked Mackinaws. But it was good to see you actually in space.

  2. Bleys says:

    Keep up the good work.

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