Pick Up

The first thing is the disguise.  You know what you are and why you are here but others don’t.  It makes the blood race a bit.  Bombers Bar had made him used to being hidden but for this pickup he was flying a slightly bigger ship.  It LOOKED like an iteron.  But this one did not waddle.

The second thing is the path.  Know your route, know the people you will meet along the route.  Try to choose one that does not go through famous violent systems.  He looked at the map and cursed.  Hed.  Pulling up the stats did not make him feel any better as there had been more than a few ships destroyed and pods popped in the past hour.

The last thing is knowing who to trust and how much.  Kei, Mike trusted.  If she asked him to bring a big boat to move cargo then he would be there.  That, however did not make his route any safer unless he tried for a little diplomacy.  Ten jumps out he opened up the channel and started chatting with the pilots of Bombers Bar.  He was not so crude as to ask for safe passage, just getting a feel for where they were and what they were up to.  If anybody was going to make his passage difficult it would be them.

Ben was finishing off the day fleet in Jita.  The rest were spread all about.  If HED was occupied it was NOT by the professionals.  He set the route in and started practicing coordinated moves to spend the least amount of time in each system.  By the time he hit HED it was a smooth transition.  The only difference was the avoidance of a straight path.  Bounce down 300km, over to an overwatch of the next gate.  Clear, he did the short warp and jump.

The next two systems were quick and soon he was at the sun.

2013. prominences challenged his cloak as he opened comms.  “Here”

Local looked clear so he decloaked and Kei answered.  “You are late.”

“Traffic was murder and you just cannot get a decent gumbo in Amarr.”  Mike drawled.  “Jettison.”

“This is a big load.”

“Ayup.  Faster I have them the faster they will be moving.  I’ll have them in high in a few minutes and onto the railroad.”  Mike paused.  “I cannot promise anything, Kei, except that I will do my best.”

“No possibility of a sure thing.  Hopefully you are the next best thing to it.”  Kei hesitated then a single thought released the cargo.  “There they are.”

The Viator swooped in like a hawk striking, over a km/s and accelerating.  The can was picked up on the fly and then he was aligning to the gate.  “Love to stay and chat but you know how it goes.  One thing leads to another then we are singing old songs over a bottle of wine and there goes the night.”

Kei laughed.  “Go alread . . .”  local was empty.

++This is your captain speaking.  We are currently flashing towards a very violent system and trying to be in it for the shortest time reasonable.  Once past there we will have other issues but if you are religious now is a good time for prayer.  Hed, ahead.++

Three in local.  straight run or zig-zag?  Slow down to scan or move and hope?

Bubbles.  but not well set and he turned the ship on a dime to exit them.  Warp to the low mark on the gate, take a breath, jump.

++I would like to welcome you all to Amarr High-sec where none of you really want to be right now.  We will be making a few stops over the next two hours as you are put into the hands of experts.  We are running under the general assumption that a few of you are not what you claim to be.  No matter.  I will be giving neither an briefing nor guided tour.  You will be spread out, transported, helped.  Once you reach your  destinations you will be freed.  From there your life will be your own, to succeed or ruin as you see fit.  If the next three days are disorienting, and people are rude to you . . . think of it as a birthing process.  You may get slapped but in the end, you have a life.  If we accidentally separate family, do not worry, we will reunite you after all are free and clear.  Please be quick when requested to move as I have a schedule to keep and I still haven’t even had supper.++

There was a slight pause

++Oh, in case some of you are undercover agents.  Two things.  One, the people who will be moving you are very good at it and not afraid to kill an innocent to make sure they get the guilty.  You do anything out of turn and it will end badly for you.  Two, in your report make sure you pronounce my name correctly Az-arr-I-ah, not Az-Air-ee-ah.++

“Why the hell did you do that?”  Her voice held a vast amount of anger.

“Focus the attention towards Gallente.  I am right in that very few of our guests few will come out through Gallente space, right?”

“Need to know . . . ”  Free muttered.

“I’m right.  So right after this I am going on a Gallente tour of the jump gates and stops at damn near every station I can find.  Every asset they have tracing me is one less on your operation.”

“And if we want to repeat this operation?”

“Yeah, I would be an idiot to do this if we were ever going to do it again, wouldn’t I?”  Mike laughter rang out.

The first thing is the disguise.  You know what you are and why you are here but others don’t.  It makes the blood race a bit.



The view of the sun just captured me when I saw it, thought I would share although a still does not do it justice.

As I write this the server has just come down and the Odyssey is upon us.  I am so looking forward to some of the things I have seen on sisi to come to the main server.

I have been getting come great comments and eve mails as well as chats in game the occasional homing pigeon.  Keep it up, I love the input and my little notebook is filling up.

fly it like you won it




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2 Responses to Pick Up

  1. satyrwood says:

    You… you spelled my name the same way, like five times in a row! You’re slipping, man…

  2. mikeazariah says:

    I know, I know. But it has been so long since that running joke that I was afraid nobody except you and me would remember it.


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