OOC: White Knight

So This post appears on the forums.

And the reaction becomes a threadnaught almost instantly.  Even while it is being edited and the banhammer is out and swinging left right and center.  Wow.  If you defend her you are a proverbial ‘white knight’ . . .

And if you follow a lot of the links and accusations you will go deep into some questionable territory.  Especially if you take the hearsay evidence of people who you KNOW play a game and metagame based on propaganda and lies at face value.

Couple of salient points to consider.

1) She is working as a DUST community rep, not Eve, so she is not here to violence your boats.

2) So she said bad things about Eve . . . you telling me she is the only one?  Nobody else has said the community is vicious and the game has issues?  No alliance has called it a bad game?

3)  A community rep . . . well let’s look a a job ad for that from another company, Blizzard

The ideal community representative would be creative, self-motivated, conscientious, and detail-oriented, with superior spoken and written communication skills. This person would be able to consistently offer attentive, high-quality customer engagement in a fast-paced environment while working with multiple internal teams to complete high level projects. He or she would also be intimately familiar with game forum dynamics, social media platforms, and various online video game genres.

Extensive community management, forum moderation, or equivalent experience
Superior written and verbal communication skills
Strong customer service skills and a professional attitude
An exceptional understanding of major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter)
Knowledge of Blizzard Entertainment franchises
Diligence to consistently follow up on open subjects and customer concerns
Able to consistently execute superb independent judgment, organize thoughts, and make decisions under time constraints and a full workload
A passion for video gaming and video gaming communities
Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite
Able to work late shifts, weekends, and holidays  source

How much of that description do you figure she ticked?

4)  Judge not by the Eve reactions, we are not the ones she was hired to deal with.  Look at the same thread on the DUST forums, here.

Yeah, someone adept at social media.  Passion for gaming.  Maybe we are judging her for Eve when she is not meant for Eve.  She is a DUST Bunny.

They seem fine with it so far . . .

This post is disjointed and rambling, now you know why I write in character more often than not.

Rick Astley link

fly it like you won it





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12 Responses to OOC: White Knight

  1. Harrigan says:

    There’s very little on the job description, in my opinion, she actually meets. For sure she understands the gaming culture. She played to the stereo-typical perma-vigin nerd for real life gifts. Her Amazon wishlist is out there. It isn’t a myth.

    She used her gender to play upon internet white knights for real life gifts to benefit herself financially. Meanwhile, her video/social skills are shit. Her vids aren’t professional. The shifting eyes and the tone of her voice as if she is never sure of the info. that she is passing on. It’s because she isn’t. She regurgitates what others’ say. She’s a plagiarist of sorts.

    This is a horrid decision by CCP. Be it for Eve or for DUST 514,

    • mikeazariah says:

      /me chuckles

      passing on other peoples information IS what a community rep does.

      Be interesting to see what she can do with access to better equipment than a home webcam

      Gender use? Not gonna play into that one, one way or the other.


    • Pirate John says:

      poor inocent nerds getting “manipulated” by a woman
      oh the horror
      clearly the world would be a better place if they were, somehow, protected from such things

      im not a fan
      i solve this issue by not watching her videos
      accusing her of using her vile femaleness says a lot more about the watchers than it does about her
      just saying

    • Bleys says:

      Have you met her in a professional setting? Did you sit on the hiring board during her interview? Do you own Actual shares in CCP? Does CCP allow players to vote on who they hire/fire? Do you have better things to get worked up about?

      Apparently the answers to all these questions is, “No.”

  2. mikeazariah says:

    well said.


  3. DarkMagus says:

    The Amazon wish list complaints is silly. It is not different then any other fan site with a pay pal donation button. Also if CCP had an issue with it they would just ask her to take it down.

    • mikeazariah says:

      The other thing that occurred to me is that wish lists don’t show who bought it, just that it had been bought. I have a steam wish list. The items ticked off were all things I got later, for myself.


  4. Bleys says:

    Drama; its what Eve is really about.

  5. mikeazariah says:

    We are our own best content


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