Direct Line

“Your friend is trying to move some illegal cargo, she needs your help.”

Mike leaned back.  “Illegal in what way?”

“Slaves.  A lot of them.  She hasn’t the resources to get them all the way out and she came to us, not wanting to interfere with your new position.”

Mike growled and leaned forward.  “I am a council member, not a nun.  I will still fly what I want where I want.  We aren’t talking the level of Arzad are we?”

Her eyes went cold and distant for a moment.  “For that there will be a reckoning.  I don’t know.  I will ask size of ship needed and get back to you.  You will be here?”

Mike tapped his comm.  “I have been flying a lot lately, hither and yon.  But you should have  a contact that will get to me directly, no matter where I am.  Get the details of what I need to be in and we will set a time.”



Same goes for you lot.  I watch this blog comments, I watch my evemail and the jita park threads.  You want to get in touch with your CSM8?  It is not hard to do.

Almost every fleet I have been in I have been asking ‘What would you like added to the game’  After I filter out the spam/troll ideas then I make notes.  Sooner or later the CSM is going to be discussing the winter expansion (pause for you to quote game of thrones, there, feel better?) and having ideas to set on the table is a good thing.


Out with it.   What would you like to see that isn’t totally unbalanced/impossible/just plain dumb?

fly it like you won it



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48 Responses to Direct Line

  1. Mara Rinn says:

    All refineries converted to activity lines with finite throughput and removal of the 75% cap on efficiency at POS refineries.

    All NPC activity lines to cost ISK or fuel equivalent to the same activity line running in a POS.

    POS activities that require ISK should be able to take ISK from personal wallets.

    POS activities that take or put items should be able to take/put from personal hangars.

    It’s not such a big wish list. Most important item on this list for the game in general is converting all refineries to activity lines (note that the largest POS refinery can currently handle less than 70km3 per hour, which is not even one Hulk). The list is in my own priority order.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I will admit that being only a casual industrialist. (I make what I need) some of that went right over my head. 1st point especially

      2nd one had me saying ‘They don’t?’
      As did the third and 4th, those are just common sense requests.


    • Deth Delkanara says:

      The first suggestion about making NPC resources (slots) the same is nice and all, but it is basically a nerf on high sec all the way around. While making POS’s competitive with NPC stations is a very good idea and I agree, should be done, doing it by the nerf bat is just wrong and short sighted. Right now, literally billions of m3 of ore (using mineral compression) comes into high sec from null and millions of m3 of goods flow out of high into null because of the manufacturing hardships there. Nerf high sec production capability and you will see the cost of goods rise like the cost of gas in the late 70’s and pretty much most of those pretty wars out in null will grind to a screeching halt. The financial meta game already quells wars now, imagine how few iwll fight if the cost of goods to fight them increases 30% or more with little or no income increase to follow. Keep in mind, tech is not going to pay the piper anymore. Consequence free PvP is going to die as SRPs can’t be paid and the cost of stuff rises.

      And don’t buy into the risk/reward mantra of null sec manipulators as it is simply flawed. It becomes a financial equation that is beyond what most PvP types ever understand despite the fact that it is the same equation someone makes to decide if/when they will engage someone in PvP. PvE peeps are just different in what excites their imagination and makes their adrenalin pump and large numbers of ISK do that, others like PvP, some like exploring, it is all about how you see and use your unique talents and abilities applied to gain a sense of accomplishment. Nothing that happens will fundamentally change the people involved and nothing the game does will force high sec’ers into null if they don’t want to go. All that will happen is that they will quit and move on. What null sec’ers don’t understand is that if you want to have people move into null, you have to stop treating them like crap and second class citizens. Simple core values and the consideration of differences is needed much like what is needed to maintain civil rights and end racism. This is a different kind of discrimination based on class, much like caste discrimination seen in many countries around the world today and for the same reasons. People want the Wild West of PvP while having the comforts of living in a downtown condo in the better parts of a large trade center. They are mutually exclusive, stop trying to make them happen and get on with life or you will end up with a nerf bat so large that Eve dies.

  2. Mara Rinn says:

    PS: that reference to personal hangars is only for stations which have activity lines and personal hangars. I’m not suggesting that manufacturing runs at a POS be able to magically suck materials from a nearby NPC station or player-run outpost.

  3. Uskaanax says:

    Probes not being required to find grav sites in a WH is bad. BAD. So very bad! Grav sites are on a time from the moment they spawn, and a new time once activated (warped to). If some arsehole comes in, does a scan, and then activates the WH looking for miners that aren’t there, then that WH has a finite time to mine it. Plus, in a WH with no security, we’re going to have to post people to actively watch the entrances and keep probing for new ones while miners are out. Ain’t nobody got time for that! The boon to HS mining for ice and grav sites may be great, but it’s a fuck-you-in-the-ass to miners in the WH.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Haven’t you always had to have an eye out for incoming visitors? That isn’t new. Or is it just that they can find you faster, now?

      What length timer are we talking about for initial spawn, non-activated? days or hours?

      If the site spawns and dies untouched what is the odds of a respawn?

      This is not a quiz, I just want to make sure I have facts straight.


      • In reverse order (I’m not the OP 🙂 ):

        Odds of a grav site “respawn” seem to be around 20% per week – or completley random. There’s no set number of sites that spawn in wormholes, instead it’s just a random chance. You’ll typically get 1-3 spawns of one type or another per day, but they can be mags, ladars, radars, or gravs. Anomalies (combat-only sites) work a bit differently, described below. Higher-end wormholes spawn more sites faster but the randomness still applies. You can get dry spells where hardly anything spawns for a week, or “runs” where you have 8 of some type show up within 24 hours. Spawns seem to happen more often at downtime but they can happen anytime throughout the day, so it’s possible to have things spawn midafternoon or in the middle of the night.

        Note on combat anomalies – these work on different logic – apparently the distribution on these is regional. So the more active your region is in clearing anomalies, the more often they’ll spawn in your wormhole. That means in a very active region you can get lots of anomaly spawns. In C5-C6, anomalies are where the money is because of capital escalations).

        Currently, if it is not completed within 72 hours (3 downtimes), a grav site will despawn. Completion is defined by the removal of all asteroids present. Sometimes you get asteroid respawns at a downtime, but not always.

        Biggest problem with the changes for wormhole miners. Wormhole security today relies on seeing the enemy coming. Since 99% of scanners/intruders will be cloaking, you see them coming by spotting their probes on directional. This gives you time to get the miners out before they show up and lock you. Sometimes you can spot the in-hole they’re coming in from but if someone deliberately scans down and activates a hole to go through it, by the time you see the signature, they’re already inside. This change means no probes required to get to that mining site, which means the cloaked t3 that wants to get a little miner ganking in is alreay on his way by the time that signature pops up on your screen. In fact, he’s already next to you…

        This change will make it very, very difficult (if not impossible) for smaller groups to mine especially in lower-end wormholes (C1s – C3s) that get connections from hi-sec. There are groups that roam around hi-sec looking for wormholes specifically to go in and try and kill the people inside – quite a few of them. This is a double penalty, since sleeper loot tends to be light inside lower-end wormholes, and ladar sites are tiny. So the grav sites are the thing that can make a low-end wormhole really profitable for a smaller corporation (or at least let them pay for their tower fuel and have something left over). So the main concern of wormholers here is: With the odds of getting ganked while mining going up, and POS prices going up, and nothing really changing to mitigate this, at what point does it stop being worth it to try to live in w-space unless you’re in a huge corp/alliance that has the people to run active security during a mining operation?

      • mikeazariah says:

        I have been talking about this with the wormhole CSM folks and they agree that there are a lot of ramifications for wh space in the Odyssey.

        Trust me when I say these two things. 1) We are watching and bugging CCP for stats to see the effects
        2) We don’t want to see a viable career path die out as a side effect of an expansion.


      • Uskaanax says:

        Yes. It is de rigeur to hit dscan every 5 scans or faster to keep an eye out for intruders. Currently, while mining in a WH, the sites must be scanned using probes. With the proper settings on dscan, you can see probes. That means that I have a chance to bug out of my grav site and get in to a battlecruiser or whatever, basically getting my guns on because I’ve seen those probes. I have a chance to fight back.

        Post Odyssey, with grav sites just ‘appearing’ and instantly warpable, an interloper can enter the WH, wait for the initial (and automatic, I may add) scan, and then immediately warp to the grav site. The only warning a WH miner will have is a dscan that a ship is on scan unless they’re using a cloaky Tengu or something similarly cloaky.

        That’s bad enough and it’s already making me consider that I want to pull all of my industrial resources out of my WH since there’s less of a warning and more of an instant-gank without Concord intervening.

        Now, let’s also look at how those same gankers, who may or may not use dscan, have entered the WH when it’s empty. They can warp to the grav sites – starting the timer – and there’s no one there. So they leave after 5-10 minutes of no one showing up. As a miner, I don’t know that the site has been made active and the timer is running now. I only have 3 days to mine that site. Currently, the site spawns, it’s scanned, and until I warp in to it, I have 3-4 days to get around to doing it, and then 3 days to clear it.

        The odds of a respawn are based on nodes. Each WH lives on a node with other WHs. We all have 100 spawns between us (theoretical example). If I clear 2 sites, 2 more sites will spawn across the shared node. I have to wait until someone in the other WHs on my node clear sites to get a respawn. This may be hours or weeks and it may not be a grav site but a sleeper site or any number of a random set type.

        So that explorer/ganker just started the timer and I log in a day later and I don’t know about the timer so now I have 24 hours to clear about 3 million m3, clicking dscan every 5 seconds, and hoping I can warp out if I see a ship (if it’s not cloaked). It’s not going to happen.

        WH mining will be a thing of the past.

  4. satyrwood says:

    I’ll be honest: I’m not terribly good at being in a think tank. Implementing solutions, yes. Dreaming them up? Not so much.

  5. kkodachi says:

    Fix the Margin Trading scam loophole. There is no way for a player to tell it is setup to scam them until they try to fulfill the buy order and it fails because there is not enough ISK in the scammer’s alt’s wallet.

    • mikeazariah says:

      What would you suggest as a fix?


      • satyrwood says:

        I hate to say it, but nix the skill (the name eludes me at the moment). It’s a nifty idea to be able to put up buy orders with only a partial payment, but without enforcement on the payment when it’s filled, it’s just “Scam People IV”

      • Nige says:

        Not my suggestion originally, but here’s a possible fix…

        You fail an agent’s mission, your standings take a hit. So if you stiff your Broker by not having the funds to complete, making him look bad to his other client, your standing with him should suffer a big drop.

        OK, so we don’t have direct standings with individual Brokers. But they are networkers by profession — you have standing with them because they hear what you do for other Divisions in their Corp, you renege on a deal and they’ll make sure the rest of the Corp knows about it. Goodbye high-level Agents, hello increased buy and sell order costs…

        This isn’t a direct attack on Margin Trading scams, but a push against the biggest problem with the Margin Trading skill itself — it’s risk-free because there is no penalty when you mismanage your wallet. And risk-free seems contrary to the Eve ethos 🙂

  6. Lee says:

    Personally I think the PvE content (ie missions) needs a revamp and modernization.

    Even at the most basic level you could remove the agents and turn the missions system into a jobs board to allow players to just do the missions they enjoy or have time available for. Nothing kills off a EVE PvE session like rolling a faction mission or having a small group running crappy little missions for very little ISK.

    Remove the rep grind required for missions so that its available and accessible to everyone and remove the corp specific LP so that its all ‘concord’ or ‘faction’ LP instead rather than all the grinding you’ve done for one NPC corp is now useless when you move to another area without those corps.

    Other than that add more PvE content for small to medium sized gangs (L5s back in high sec?) who enjoy EVE but don’t like the pressure or time commitments required for PvP and so would prefer to have more constant casual content available.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I whole heartedly agree on PvE needing a revamp though we may differ on the details.

      Job Board would result in cherry picking and even worse grind as players did only the best one for isk/lp reward and ignored all the rest.

      I am of two minds on the rep grind. The granularity makes me feel that I am forming a relationship with a company and makes sense. I doubt all of the Minmatar are going to start admiring me and giving me big ticket jobs because I carry cargo. It is a grind, agreed. Just I think I like the alternative even less.

      What do size are you thinking when you say medium sized gangs? After a certain size you are getting into incursions for pve.


      • Piling on.

        The difficulty with incursions is that many incursion-runners have figured out how to “game” the incursion sites to maximize isk/hour. So if you have a ten-man fleet and you try to go do Vanguards in battlecruisers, you’ll get lots of explosions, but a painfully low rate of return in the end because you’re adding LP to the pool at such a slow rate (comparitively). By contrast, if you follow the “doctrine” and go in with 4 super-expensive, officer-fitted battleships, and just run the sites as fast as possible, you’ll get far more when it’s done.

        The end result is that there’s sort of an invisible barrier to entry on incursions, or at least that was my corp’s experience when we tried them. They *could* be great fun, but because of some of the mechanics, they discourage more casual groups from attempting them.

        Personally where I think PvE in EVE should go is more epic arc content. I’d love to see level 2 and level 3 epic arcs that really help tell the backstory of the universe we’re playing in, and that can sort of define a progression path for the hi-sec PvE’er. I’d love to see “expeditions” iterated on so that they become more interesting as a hook to get people to move from hi-sec to low-sec space. Overall I’d love to see missions, anomalies, and complexes become less predictable, less gameable, and more conducive to being run with a small gang rather than a solo PvEer (small gang being 3-7 pilots on average). For DED complexes, I’d like to see the emphasis changed towards working with other pilots rather than “who can shoot the boss and get the loot box the fastest”. A good example of this is actually some of the mechanics used in certain incursion sites, like the one where you have to go hack the beacon every few minutes to keep more ships from showing up. (Oh god, how is *that* going to change with the hacking changes?)

        To put it another way, what EVE really doesn’t have very much of is cooperative PvE. The closest you get is actually in wormhole space where you need a small fleet to handle higher-end sleeper sites. More cooperative PvE, that actually is tough enough to require players to fleet up and work together. Not only will this help new players start to branch out and make friends, but it can train them how to work together and use the strengths of different ships to have a more effective fleet, instead of everyone just piling in Drakes together.

      • mikeazariah says:

        I agree that the politics of incursions almost makes it the nullsec of pve. Exclusion, drama, you name it you can find it. Right up to theft and betrayal.

        That being said i am still a great supporter of the general concept and would like to see iterations on it in the future. It is one of the group pve paths you can follow but it should not be considered the only one.

        The complaint against the epic arc was the number of jumps and travel time. I’d like to see an epic arc that, in the progress through, was also an advanced tutorial for various mechanics not covered. It may not travel as far across the stars but it DOES teach. Things that have been mentioned before, double click in space to move, the more advanced industry, fleet commands and following tags. So much could be taught in the seeting of an epic arc, buried in the story of lore.

        Cooperative pve, see the latest hacking scoot loot. Made to order.


      • Lee says:

        True but players grind the best missions anyway, they just don’t turn them in so they can continue to farm them after they respawn – at least you get a choice on which ones to do and if you want to farm and get bored then its your own fault.

        I mean these changes in context with small to medium sized ganks, maybe no more than say 5 to 7 players.

        Yes this is incursion area but I still find that incursions are either too hard to find a ‘casual’ mix or simply too random – like you can’t plan a corp incursion on a friday night because the nearest may be half way across the galaxy.

        As for the rep grind at the moment it works against new players and its accessability – either you can run missions – if your in a system and your running missions but you don’t have the rep then you can’t help get missions or you simply have to rely on others to get those missions for you.

        And why not let you have the ‘big ticket’ missions? Your essentially a merc and so if you take it on, fail and DIAF then they just pick someone else – no big deal?

        In gameplay terms again it simply acts as a barrier and if you don’t have the rep for the agents for the system then you have to start the grind all over again or can’t pick up missions for your corp and therefore can’t help much with mission events, which is more annoying when you roll a faction mission and the whole event is cancelled because no one else can use a decent agent.

        The missions themselves could do with a lick of paint, maybe something for groups but not too hard to allow for casual and new players to participate as more than say 1 BS in a L4 and they all becomes too easy and everyone else just sit around and watch the show.

      • Lee says:

        As for the grind I agree that it ‘feels’ about right to get some rep for a corp but I feel like it needs a ‘point’ other than giving access to better missions simply because LPs are not all the same for all corps, so you may grind up with one corp over another and then have to switch and not be able to transfer those LPs over or work for multiple different agents and not be able to have the LPs add up to anything because they are distributed across multiple corps. Plus the fact that all corps offer the SAME goods – so it makes no difference which corp you work for and so it makes it more of an forced mechanic to make people grind up the lower level missions to access the higher ones.

        That mechanic in itself is quite exclusionary to the casual or industrial players who may have the ISK, ships and skills but not access to the missions as they’ve not grinded through the lower ones. Even uber PvP players may not have access to high level missions simply because they didn’t want to grind out missions with a NPC corp but are more than capable of running the missions themselves.

        Even at a RP / lore level it seems odd how you can work endlessly for ‘republic fleet’ and have 10 rep score and yet if you wanted to work for ‘republic security’ or any other corp with low rep they wouldn’t talk to you because you’re not ‘trusted’ by them? Surely a high security sec status is an indication that I’m a ‘good guy’ or the fact that I’ve worked with another NPC corp should be a sufficient reference if any was needed.

        I think if the grind is to stay it should mean something – like NPC corps can provide corp specific items or some reason to make you feel like your grind and loyalty to the NPC corp is rewarded; otherwise the grind only exists to give you more missions to grind or to give you better rates for processing ore at stations.

      • Debir says:

        Belated, but:

        (1) There is faction-wide standing (via storyline missions). I can access every single L4 and below agent in Amarr and Caldari space, but have only seriously run missions for a few Caldari corps.

        (2) Given a decent spread of Security mission agents, it’s not that hard to grind standings. It took me about 3 weeks (at 1-2 hours a night) to raise my Wyrkomi Peace Corps standings from 0.not much to 8.0. And this purely with mission and salvage income (flying Cormorant, then Caracal, then Drake – admittedly the Caracal only cost 6 mil and the Drake sub 30).

        That said, I’d love to see more “group” missions, targeted at (say) 3-5 ships. Bringing L5s back into hi-sec would be a good start, as would missions of difficulty comparable to L3 or L4 but with gates restricted to cruisers or BCs (tech 2 yes, tech 3 no). It’s entirely possible to run L4 missions with 10-15 tech 1 frigs, but it’s slow (the BS can’t touch you, but it takes you a long time to kill them) and the reward mechanics don’t really favour large fleets (more than 10 pilots and rewards start getting culled). (I used to do this back in E-Uni – poor ISK return, but was valuable in teaching basic defensive flying and tagging skills)

      • mikeazariah says:

        I have heard this proposal before but there are a couple of issues with it that need consideration.

        1) ISBoxer and one person sweeping the missions rather than the concept of being in a group. There is at least one player who is running Vanguard level incursions by himself, now.

        2) Incursions ARE the ‘get in a fleet’ version of pve


      • Debir says:


        – It’s gonna happen, yes. Heck, people currently multi-box L4s (eg tank ship, DPS ship). Given that it already happens, I don’t see that it hurts the game that much to add group-friendly content. Set the rewards sensibly – maybe max 20% over current single-player stuff – and it’s not a big issue. As long as risk-return isn’t too unbalanced, better to have group-level content and let some “solo” it than not have it at all.


        – Incursions are “in fleet”, but they require a highly co-ordinated fleet of 10+. I’m pushing for something where a “fleet” is 3-5.

  7. Noizy says:

    Here’s a few things…

    1) On Eve Gate, fix the Headline News feed. It is still showing info from Inferno 1.0.1.

    2) Since the collector’s edition shows that pods can be skinned gold, make it an option somehow to get red pods that flash. I think there may be a market for that.

    3) Make the test server more accessible. Sure, once you’ve done it the instructions are easy to follow, but you do have to go through some steps. Does that discourage people from participating in tests? Maybe. You don’t have to go as far as making it accessible from your Captain’s Quarters (although that would be really cool) but an option on the launcher would be nice.

    This last isn’t a feature, just something I’d like CSM to do. Listen to Stillman and Peligro. I heard that CSM 7 didn’t want to hear from the security team at the December summit. Think of all the security related stuff that happened in Q1 this year. It’s going to be important this year since the EULA/ToS is going to get reworked and a new one published by the time the winter expansion launches.

    • mikeazariah says:

      1) sending that up the line right now, it is dumb not to fix it. looks like a stalled feed of some sort.

      2) did you notice what slot the pod is in? Geek out when you figure out why it is 79 (Me being a Bill and Ted fan thought 69 and Eve is +10) yeas I can be juvenile at times.

      3) The issue here is that we are talking different builds. after all that is what the test server is, a peek into the future from a snapshot in the past.

      last point, good idea.


      • Noizy says:

        For the test server, how about a little button on the launcher that leads to instructions on how to install the test server launcher? Just something to give Singularity more visibility so more people test.

  8. Helena Khan says:

    I still think a disable Jita local button would be awesome 🙂

    Being (slightly more) serious for the moment, Roc Wieler made some very good points in his recent post about dynamic content.

  9. Ishto Myn says:

    I’m fresh off planet (so to speak) but I’d love an option to recolour my ships (a-la Homeworld) and I’d be happy to pay for it.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Personalization of ships has been a goal for a long time for more than one player. Although it is a nice idea and I understand the desire for it the TTP issue is one reason why CCP is hesiatant to move too quickly. I am also given to understand that the art department is justly proud of the work that they have done and do not wish to see Hot Pink and Purple fleets.


  10. Deth Delkanara says:

    Now on to my wish list:

    The UI. OMG the UI, for real? This is supposed to provide to you all the info needed to fight a battle as if it was being poured straight into you head through a neural link. It contains a lot of info, that is true, however it is hard to read, you can’t uncouple certain information from other info and move it around or hide it completely when not needed. You can finally scale the UI, that is an improvement, but the text is linked to it so if you go to small, it’s unreadable, too large and you can’t see any of the real estate of space. The only solution is to close windows and limit your info or have a much larger screen/2 screens. IN addition, you can’t decouple the windows from the main display to put them elsewhere. While I know it would be too much to ask to allow private UI development cause heaven forbid that someone smarter on human interaction develop a super useful UI that works way better than what CCP uses would come along however there are some serious things they could do to improve things a lot.

    On every window, I would like a selector to allow me to show and not show all items in the window. For example, on drones, I don’t care how many drones are not in space and so on, I want the ones in space and the bars separating the two take up space. If I need more drones out, I can look, I would like more screen space back.

    I would like to be able to limit how many modules I show, not just active or passive and I would like to have a selector to have a couple of setups. I want the module slots able to be selected for activation buttons so that I could move them all into one row and have different activations and overloads for them. The unused ones I want to have click through unless activated in hud setup.

    I want to change the format of the HUD to make it more compact so it takes up less space. Again, partial or limited scaling would be nice since you scale down and the overload rack buttons along with others end up too small to be usable.

    Heck, could it be possible to just have multiple UI setups saved where you could change between them while in game? For instance a combat UI and exploration UI where you could swap between them with the click of a button? Have saved windows, positions, sizes and so on all so you could go from one to the other like you can the tabs in windows or by loading overview settings?

    There is a game out there I used to play a long time ago, Gemstone IV, it has a game UI where all the windows for everything can be uncoupled/docked so you can put them out onto another screen or otherwise, this would be a nice feature to have, after all, 2 screens going with one being chats, and other info and the other being space and targeting list or some such would be nice. And with the new Dradis/scanner setup, screen real-estate will be even more important.

    Speaking of scan, since you can have the system scanner set to auto-repeat why don’t we have proximity alarms in Eve? You know, any ship not in your corp/alliance/whatever based on your standings list settings sets off an alarm when coming into range or showing on the scanner. Heck, could even limit it to on grid for that matter. Cars have proximity alarms for backing up so it isn’t like a high tech item, really.

    Ok, enough complaining about the UI. Next, how about better done mechanics, PvE, PvP, you use drones, you have a large handicap, not to mention how many more skills you have to train to be competitive. Add to that the pain in the rear for using them and they seriously need work.

    Rails suck and really need a balance pass like now.

    How about a short range ammo that improves tracking and decreases damage? Scatter-shot for projectiles and hybrids, large area proximity warheads for missiles and scatter crystals for lasers. Half the damage or so for much improved chance to hit at very close range. Obviously for anti frig/fighter/drone work but at the trade off of a reload cycle and next to no damage of value against larger targets.

    Why don’t capital ships or large ships for that matter have a secondary battery? In real life, warships have a multi-layered defense/attack profile. Main guns reach father, can’t target as quickly as smaller air defense guns. Dreads can carry 2-3 massive turrets that fire massive ammo yet can’t find the space/resources to include point defense guns? Nor can they carry as much in the way of drones and control them any more than a cruiser can? I know it all comes down to the great god Game Balance it just comes across as kinda dumb to me.

    Industry UI, click fest, PI UI click fest, new player experience better but still poor, available official resources for in game info, poor, PvE experience needs work. I could go on, this has become much to much of a book anyway.

  11. Xian Dahr says:

    A UI change that I would appreciate would be the ability to un-clutter my Eve window by detaching the various chat or inventory windows and moving them to a different monitor. I have one monitor for Eve, and another for out of game comms / maps / google. I would like to be able to move whatever I consider extraneous at the moment to that other screen (or even a third screen someday). It may be that the widget library used by Eve supports this and the window create call simply needs a minor change.

  12. Independence Marouder says:

    Some good ideas here.. Im a PvE’er and as such, the missions… We need at least more missions, how about a tool for player created ones, that had predefined Max dps or something, would need screening i guess, so maybe a hard to do feature. But something should be done for the lonesome missioners out there.. And for the love of god, fix the drone UI, it is terrible and is in dire need of a overhaul.

    On a sidenote, ive been doing some COSMOS missions lately and my og my what a farm-fest.. How many taes, rifles, machineparts and Specialist launchers can you fram into ONE complex, Making it impossible to even seperate the NPC’s you need to kill (many, many times over, i might add)

    Rant over, glad to see you posting again, Mike 🙂

  13. mikeazariah says:

    out of curiousity, which cosmos. I used to hang in Devils dig and yes it was an impressive target range


  14. Independence Marouder says:

    On the Caldari COSMOS set of missions, the one i speak of is the ‘contested headquarters’ in Airmia. There must be 10 missions gathering tags or loot from there. I have moped on and am trying to suppress the memory 😀

  15. Aeon Feenix says:

    -Neocom organisation skill: custom presets for the layout of your Neocom windows. (ex: Marketing layout, quick swap to your pvp window layout) One preset per level.

    -Directional Scanner skill: custom presets for your d-scanning needs. (ex: [5*, max range] to [360*, 150,000k]) or whatever you desire. Tired of retyping these.

    These don’t necessarily have to be a skill. It would be great if they were just built into the UI. Either way it would be nice to see them in the game, and make for better quality of life.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I like both of these and they have gone into my book of doom.

      I keep paper notes (yeah, still drag my knuckles when I walk, too) and refer to it when talking to devs etc


  16. Quin Redd says:

    I’d like a combat version of the orca… Kind of a CEO lead ship maybe with a scales down Titan beam? But so that it can lead a flight of drugs.. In a BSG style fight while still travel through gates!

  17. Sofia Wolf says:

    Three words: nerf power projection!

  18. Corblime says:

    I’ve just started dabbling in making Eve videos, so improved camera controls for video makers would be a delight. Gun cams and the ability to move the camera more freely around the ship/station models would be a great start. A tool that would allow me to program different camera shots like long tracking shots with pans and zooms would be delicious. I know these kind of requests tend to get lost in the fray as they don’t directly add to or improve the content of the game but my view is better, more exciting videos of Eve would only serve to promote the game and hopefully bring in more players.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Excellent proposal, justified and detailed.

      It goes in my book. (Again, book means I take it up the ladder, not I promise to Make It So)


  19. Helena Khan says:

    This is more of a general comment from a long time explorer – need to leverage the new mechanics and sooner rather than later for a serious holy #$% feature or set thereof.

    Odyssey has done a fantastic job of increasing numbers and hopefully subs – but a new mini game and shifting some things so they’re immediately locatable by anyone in system does not an exploration expansion make. It’s lowered the entry bar for sure and lessened competition (T3s) – but the anomalies etc have not essentially changed at all.

    In other words, we have a shiny new interface or two and some new tools, but otherwise could just be seen as something of an overlay on existing systems as far as exploration goes. Yes, I have to acknowledge my view is probably in the minority.

    On the plus side – massive kudos to CCP and the team on the ship rebalancing. That was a particularly sensitive and potentially riot worthy subject. To have made so many changes with comparatively little raging? That was extremely well done imho 🙂

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