The Cliff

“We have all seen this”  The image appeared and the class laughed.


“But I was talking to someone the other day and he suggested that perhaps it should be drawn in the opposite direction.  The problem is not things are hard to learn it is that you don’t know what to do with the knowledge you have.”  He looked out at thegroup of soon-to-be pod pilots and smiled.

“You will have the opportunity to learn the basics in a series of tutorials and the amount of information available to you on comms is nothing short of phenomenal.  IF you go looking you can find out the answer to damn near ANY question.”  He paused

“But . . . what questions do you ask?”  The displayed image changed

“Head full of thoughts and eyes on the sky . . . off the cliff you go.”  He paused and looked back at the image.  “The real learning curve is that step off  of the cliff.  Doesn’t have to be that way and it shouldn’t, really.  Oh there are fools who will rush in like lemmings . . . with the same results.  But YOU, I expect better of you.”  The image changed again.

“Know where you are going.  Know what is coming up.  Try to make decisions and be willing to change your mind but prepare.  I am not telling you to avoid the jump, just know what is on the bottom and why you are jumping in the first place.”



My thanks to Mr Crowe for starting me off on this post.  And curses to him for extending my reading list.

Think back to the first time you started Eve, did you have any idea of what you were going to do?  What you were going to be?  Are you still trying for that goal?  (Pssst, matt, this would make a decent Blog Banter)

fly it like you won it



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6 Responses to The Cliff

  1. Independence Marouder says:

    Tah dah.. I finally finished reading your blog from A-Z. Its taken me a few months but im still here, that should tell you something. Congrats on the election. You had my votes and im glad they werent waisted and now, as youre put it; the work begins. I look forward to following along, and keep keeping it real out there, Mike

    • mikeazariah says:

      Keeping it real?

      Nah, I prefer to keep it in my own form of science fiction. Unless you mean the CSM, I have yet to go ‘fantastic’ on them.
      All the way through? You deserve a medal or something.


  2. Deth Delkanara says:

    As I understand it, your a teacher and this is cool. I do hope that you can make a significant impact on the new customer experience. After all, there is no static state, only growing and dying and without knowing if it’s new alts or new players we can’t tell about Eve. I can tell CCP that the biggest stumbling block to getting players out of High Sec is that for the most part Low and Null groups treat noobs like garbage. There are a few exceptions, there need to be more. Anyways, you were on my ballots and I don’t know if I helped get you there or not so I am glad to see you made it. Give them a different perspective and remind them that not everyone is a crying nullbear parroting the flawed “risk vs reward” mantra, a pirate badass or a market wizard guru. Some of us are ordinary guys sinking a few hours here or there into Eve when we can between work and life and would like to stop being pooped on since we are, in fact, the somewhat silent majority.

    Don’t drink the koolaid, take the blue pill or anything else, just stand strong being a guy that plays the game.

  3. First, I want to say that it warms the cockles of my heart to read that you and Ali are tag-teaming CCP on the new player experience. That’s *exactly* what I hoped for when I voted for you.

    As for me, I use Dersen as a negative example for our newbies. He had ALL THE THINGS at 3 after my first 6 months here. It was such a disaster that I had to reinvent the personality I’d come up with for him to account for the fact that a laser-focused, go-go Gallente partisan would train anything that looked shiny, but not to the point where he was any good at it. Lesson learned: His training has been more focused in the last 10 months or so, and the effect has been noticeable.

    It is not coincidental that I started to effectively focus his training when I accidentally discovered certificates. They’re not perfect–I had to learn about some important skills from older players, and some from EVE University’s skill wiki–but just getting Core Competency to Standard made a world of difference. There are a lot of ways in which the certificate system is incomplete–for one thing, there are no links between them to tell you which certificates you want to be effective with which ships, or in which roles–but for me it was a good jumping-off point.

  4. My goal would be my own system or outpost. Still sort of a goal but now I know it’s not feasible for one person to keep control of an outpost or system 😦

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