Isk Poor but Still Rich

He walked into the outer office and looked sadly at the empty chair.  “What’s on second?”

The door to the inner office was open so he stepped in to find Mike chatting in at least three conversations at the same time.  When he saw Dee enter he closed all of them down with a sweep of his hand.  “Mr. Carson.  I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Thought you might want a bit of a break.”  Dee fished out a bottle and passed it across.

Mike smiled and reached into a drawer to pull out two proper glasses.  “I can always use a bit of a break.”

“I didn’t get a chance to congratulate you, or should I be offering condolences?”  Dee accepted the glass Mike offered, now properly filled.

‘The election?  Or the choice of officers?  If you mean the election, condolences may be the best bet but I had a good idea of what I was getting into when I started this, years ago.  As for the Officer positions I think I managed to dodge the bullet.  It wasn’t so much an election as it was a reaching of consensus.  A good start, I would say.”

“Agreement?  But what about the Bloc Voters dominance of the council?  What about making sure Null is front and center in all things?”  Dee smiled.

Mike shrugged.  “We have a job to do and we are getting to it, most of us, anyways.  Some chose not to run because they had other obligations and that is fine.  Some just didn’t want the added responsibility.  That is ok as well.  Not being an officer does not mean you cannot make things happen.  Just means folks have more trouble blaming you for it.  Inside I am not the best at fitting advice, there are others a lot better than that than I am.  But I do know what needs doing and I am willing to ‘remind’ folks that it isn’t done, yet.”

“They couldn’t make a position called ‘Nag’?”

“Back in local planetary politics there was a position that they called Whip.  His function was to keep the party in line and make sure they made the important votes.  I don’t need a label for that sort of job.  I’ve been in that sort of position before . . . move the meeting along.  Get the job done.”  Mike sipped the drink and smiled, closing his eyes.  “You have got to connect me with your supplier.”

“Nope.  A man protects his sources.  Speaking of which.”

Mike looked at Dee in disbelief.  “What?”

“I was going to say if YOU need some folks to give you input I CAN put you in touch with them.”

Mike slumped back.  “Apologies.  I keep waiting for someone to ask for an inside scoop on something and I think I am getting a bit tense about all this NDA stuff.”

Nodding Dee answered.  ‘Apology accepted.  Hell, I voted for you, last thing I want to see happen now is for you to get tossed out.  But seriously, if you need support, you know you have people you can come to and depend on to give you straight answers.”

“A man with isk and no friends is poor.  I am rich.”  Mike took another sip.  “I am trying to set up lines of communication with the ground pounders as well, the immortal ones, at least.”




It was not so much an election as a consensus, pure and simple.

If you don’t think you need someone to move along a group of intelligent folks discussing something then you are sitting with the wrong people.

One more week and I hand out some ships, just because

fly it like you won it


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4 Responses to Isk Poor but Still Rich

  1. Helena Khan says:

    The IQ/waffle on curve is darned near logarithmic ain’t it 😛

    • mikeazariah says:

      Yup. Try attending a teachers union meeting sometime.


      • Helena Khan says:

        Oh dear lord. That plus rabidly held ideologies.and total intransigence toward change of any kind.. oO


        Actually. that kind of reminds me of a certain subset of humanity… known as capsuleers… 🙂

  2. Dee Carson says:

    Nicely done, sir… 😉

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