Smugglers Blues

He was laughing when she came in.  “That was fun but fun I don’t want ta do too often.”

“What was?”

“A friend o mine, he thought he would have a laugh and make a donation to my campaign . . . of improved mindflood.  Stuff is valuable but he unloaded it on me in a 0.8 system”

“And illegal in all parts of hisec, even Gallente space.”  She observed dryly.

“And that was the joke.  I try to sell it and I look bad.  I keep it in a hanger and a whisper to some reporter could also make me look bad.  I get rid of it and I am out a few hundred million.”  He chuckled.

“So which option did you go for?  Is it still sitting in the hanger?”

“Nah.  That would mean that I was not making use of his gift.  And I prefer not to bend my brain too often with boosters, for a variety of reasons.  I took it to a 0.2 system for resale.  Maut, I tink.”

“What?!  If you had been caught with that . . . .”

“I did me homework.  The fines would have tapped me out or left me in debt, depending on  on what prices for the flood they used.  Not to mention they woulda had me on the naughty list for a year or three.”

“Not to mention you just got elected and that would not be the best way to start.  You are an idiot at times.  You could have asked me to move it for you.”

“Non.  I let you help wit da dishes if you ate da meal, that be fair.  I clean up me own messes otherwise.  Don’t worry, I did some homework before I made the run.  Learned a bit about smuggling and how it works at the same time.  Dis may come in handy iffen I needs ta move people sometime.”  He paused and nodded.  “Very handy.”

“So what did you learn before you pulled your run?”

“The customs officials do not catch everybody who walks past them but I did not want to leave it to chance.  Ting is there are more gates then there are customs officials.  So you watches and waits and when the run is clear you check it, twice them grab the load and move.”

“You didn’t use a scout?”

“My mess, my problem, my solution.  Got to admit my hands was shaking as much as dey do when I be shootin another podder but it is not something I want to make a career of.  But knowin how is always a good ting, no?”

“No.  You idiot, it is easy to find a scout to check each gate before you move.  Better is to have a mule carry the contraband for you and if they are burned your hands are clean.  If that stuff in Maut does not sell then this was all for nothing and you only proved that you are stupid and stubborn.”  She almost was yelling the last part and Mike realized having an assassin mad at him was not a recommended life choice.

“I know.  I get it.  But I cleans my own dishes, wash my own pots.  I made it and I learned someting.  Day I stop learnin is not today, not gonna be tomorrow either.  Now you gonna help zest these limes?  I wanna make a pie.”  His smile was infectious as he walked past her, handing over three green fruits.

“How. I. What.”  She was trying to calm down but she was trying to figure out why she had got so angry and none of the answers she came up with pleased her.




Illegal cargo.  I wonder how many smugglers there are and how often they tell how it is done.  Me I tested the benevolence of the customs agents with some small items to see who scanned and how often.  Lost some standing for it, too.

Do they use disposable mules and alts?  Do they run a socut ahead to find the safe path?  Or do they wait and watch till the guards head is turned and run?

25 units of improved Mindflood for sale, Maut.  It is for political expenses.

Any stuck up Amarr types who have issue with a Gallente making fun when he can, however he chooses are welcome to complain.  I won’t listen much but they are welcome to complain if it makes them feel better.

fly it like you think you won it in your deluded drug ridden fantasies


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4 Responses to Smugglers Blues

  1. Naoru Kozan says:

    The standings loss is pretty minor. I sometimes jump my combat ships through high with drugs in the hold. Best way to do it is with a cov ops frigate. If you get caught, DO NOT click yes or its bye bye drugs (I lost about 100 mil of Standard Blue pill from this lol).

  2. Sofia Wolf says:

    You should ask Hans Jagerblitzen, he is well known eve drag runner and manufacturer.

    S Wolf

  3. Bleys says:

    Good job. Also good luck on the sales. Enjoy the pie.

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