Shadows in the Cave

“I need a bit of time.”  He told her, almost apologetically.  “Security reasons and all that.”

Free smiled and left without argument not mentioning that his office space was now as secure as a trained professional could make it.  She had used it on and off and kept it very well swept.

Mike fiddled with the new comm set and tried to get the camera juuuuust right.  Finally he flicked the last switch and the room faded into a fog.  There were 13 shadows of chairs in a semicircle, facing him.  “Dis be like a cave made of Playdoh.  I gets ta see the shadows but not the reality.”

“That is Plato, you  . . . trollglodite.”  The voice came from his left as suddenly one of the chairs held a fellow member of the council.

“Don’t encourage him.  Let’s get to the business at hand.”  A file appeared before Mike, he tapped it to save it to his own comm as did the others.  “This first file is possible meeting times, please indicate when you expect you would be awake and able to meet.” Mike tapped a wide span of hours and saved the file back to the cloud.

“We need to choose officers.”  A new voice reminded the others.  They spent some time discussing the duties and whom was interested in what.

Another file appeared before Mike.  “This is a summary of the discussion, sorted so you know who is willing or interested in what tasks.”

Mike and others looked to the files originator.  “You are not on here at all.”

“I have other duties and am not sure that I could do a post justice.”

“There are going to be some folks mad about that.”  Mike grinned.  “Of course, no matter who we choose for what, somebodies head will explode.”

“We can always hope so.”  A third lighter voice laughed.

They got back to discussing both the officer positions but in the subtext of the conversations more important things were being done.  They were getting to know each other.  Respect does not come form an alliance tag or previous writings.  It comes from chatting with someone and finding he or she knows what is what.

When the fog cleared and Mike was back in hs own office he leaned back and smiled.  A lot of work, yes, but these were good people and he was looking forward to the year ahead.



Let’s see how long that optimism lasts.

This is how we have spent the last few days, rolled into one shadow play.  If official stuff needs to be released you will see CSM as part of the post title and I will be OOC (Out of Character)  For day to day stuff and general impressions?  Yer stuck with me and I yam what I yams.

This thread and a few other shave given us great amusement.  We honestly have discussed how people will react to whatever we choose but that has not influenced us, much.

People are already contacting whom they hope will be sympathetic ears on the council.  Good.  Just don’t expect us to Ban the Sale of Plexes  or make your fav ship uber beyond all belief.

We just got started.  We haven’t even been drenched by the firehose of information that is yet to come.

wish us luck

fly it like you won it


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4 Responses to Shadows in the Cave

  1. Druur Monakh says:

    RP-style CSM updates? That should be interesting!

    Good luck!

    • mikeazariah says:

      Not all of them, flavour ones, yes. If I have something important. You will know it and I will do a proper job of it.


  2. Xander Kross says:

    Congrats on your win. Only have access to one a account atm but used it to vote for you, hope you do great things for the game. Best wishes and good luck
    From deployment somewhere in Afghanistan.

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